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5 Days Uganda Safari- Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale & Wildlife Uganda Tour in Queen

5 Days Uganda Safari – Overview

This 5 days Uganda safari is a 4-night or 5 days safari in Uganda featuring Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale park and Kyambura gorge along with wildlife viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Starting and finishing in Kampala, our charming 5 days Uganda safari trip takes you for a chimpanzee trekking adventure in Kibale forest national park.

Kibale is home to over 1500 chimpanzees and other 12 primate species such as Olive Baboons, and L’Hoest’s Monkeys. It’s also home to over 370 bird species counting the elusive Green-breasted Pitta.

From Kibale Forest, this amazing 5 days Uganda trip will take you to explore Queen Elizabeth NP– Uganda’s most visited park home to the rare tree climbing Lions. While here, you’ll undertake a scenic game drive and a boat cruise on Kazinga.

This will give you a golden opportunity of exploring most of the 95 mammal species counting 4 of the Big Five except Rhinos. Also, it will allow you to encounter various bird species of Queen that total over 600 birds.

Note also that, this short 5 days Uganda safari will take you to explore Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, the unique Amabere Cave Area as well as a scenic hike to Fort Portal Crater Field.

Furthermore, this 5 days tour in Uganda will allow you to undertake chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge- a breathtaking rain forest canyon amidst the dry Savannah of Queen Elizabeth park.

An amazing stopover at Uganda Equator Kayabwe crossing point for memorable photo shoots marks the end of this exciting safari Uganda tour.

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5 Days Uganda Safari – Activities

  • Trekking Chimpanzee in Kibale National Park
  • Game viewing safari in Queen Elizabeth park
  • Kazinga channel launch trip
  • Chimpanzee trekking in the eye-catching Kyambura gorge
  • Searching for tree-climbing Lions in the Ishasha sector
  • Enjoying the scenic countryside of Uganda during road transfers

5 Days Uganda Safari – Featured Safari Parks

Day 1 & 2: Kibale National Park

Day 3 & 4: Queen Elizabeth National Park

Day 5: Transferring to Kampala

5 Days Uganda Safari – Highlights

Day 1: Transferring to Kibale National Park. Visit Amabere Caves and hike the Fort Portal Crater Field

Day 2: Undertake the Chimpanzee trekking adventure in the morning and the Bigodi swamp walk in the afternoon.

Day 3: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park, do a game drive, afternoon Kazinga channel boat cruise, and evening game drive.

Day 4: Undertake a game drive in the Ishasha sector to look for tree-climbing Lions

Day 5: Do Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge and transfer to Kampala

5 Days Uganda Safari – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transferring To Kibale National Park. Visit Amabere Caves And Hike The Fort Portal Crater Field

After a leisurely breakfast at 7 am, your guide will pick you up from your Kampala hotel and embark on a 300km (5-6 hours drive) to Fort Portal.

During this lovely drive, you’ll enjoy distant scenic views of Lake Wamala, and the Mubende inselbergs, as well as the lush green swamps of Kyegegwa and Kyenjojo as you enter Fort Portal city.

You’ll settle for lunch in Fort Portal- Uganda’s most beautiful town and later transfer to Amabere (breasts) Cave area for a memorable cultural experience.

While in this amazing area, you’ll learn about the fascinating local beliefs that go back to prehistoric times. It’s believed that these wonderful breast-like features belonged to Nyinamwiru, the mother of Ndahura, a legendary Muchwezi ruler who enlarged the Chwezi Empire.

After exploring Amabere, retreat and embark on a picturesque hike to Fort Portal Crater Lake field to experience the area’s explosive volcanic activity there.

This scenic region has many hollows, including stunning crater lakes such as:

  • Lake Kigere (shaped like a person’s foot)
  • Lake Saaka and Lake Nyabikere (the lake of frogs).

On a clear day, hiking to the summit of this dazzling hill (Kyeganywa hill) offers beautiful views of the Rwenzori Mountains. This mountain is also referred to as the “Mountains of the Moon” because of its astonishing snow-capped whiteness.

Retire from this exciting adventure and transfer to your lodge in Kibale forest national park where you’ll spend an overnight as well as your dinner.

Accommodation Includes: Budget, Mid-range, and Luxury

Drive Distance And Time:

  • 300km journey (5-6 hours drive)

This Day’s Activities Include:

  • Transferring to Kibale National Park Uganda
  • Visiting Amabere Cave Area
  • A memorable hike to Fort Portal Crater Lake Field

Optional Activities For You:

  • Night forest walks in Kibale National Park to spot nocturnal animals counting Bush-babies.
  • Undertaking a cycling tour in Mpanga Tea Estate

Day 2: Undertake Chimpanzee Trekking Adventure In Morning And Bigodi Swamp Walk In Afternoon

Rise early and have a lovely breakfast from your lodge around 6:30 am. And then, your driver guide will transfer you to Kibale park headquarters to catch up with the chimp trekking briefing at 8 am.

During the briefing, a professional ranger will share with you all the information about Kibale National Park as well as take you through chimp trekking rules and regulations.

After, you’ll embark into the jungle on a 2-5 hours trek in search of the wonderful close cousins of man.

Please note that chimps share over 98-99% of their DNA similar to that of man therefore, there are the closest genetic relatives of man among apes!

Kibale Forest- Africa’s primate capital holds over 13 primate species including over 1500 chimps. Olive Baboons, Red-tailed, Monkeys, Black-and-white Colobus, Vervets, Grey-checked Manga-beys as well Blue Monkeys are some of the other common primate species here. These are beautiful primates are common along the trail.

For bird lovers also, during the chimp trek, keep watching for some of the 370 bird species of Kibale Forest. Among these include the Great-blue Turaco, Blue-breasted Kingfisher, Tropical Boubou, Western Nicator, African- Grey Parrot, etc.

Finally, on encountering chimps, you’ll have one magical hour observing them feeding, swinging in trees, hugging, grooming, patrolling the area, as well breastfeeding if any. It’s undeniably a remarkable experience worth undertaking!

Unquestionably, this ounce in lifetime thrilling encounter will make you ratify that, indeed chimps are humans though in the wild! For example, when you’ll get to see the great love a mother Chimpanzee gives to her baby, it’s the same way that humans do to their babies.

After the experience, move back to the briefing point to get a Chimpanzee tracking certificate as well as enjoy your packed picnic lunch.


Later, you’ll transfer for a picturesque swamp walk in Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary- an Eco-tourism site. Undertaking a guided swamp walk is the best way of exploring this bi-diverse and stunning wetland.

Bigodi swamp is home to about 200 birds counting a viable population of the spectacular Great-blue Turaco. Also, during the hike, you’ll encounter numerous spectacular birds of Uganda such as the Papyrus Gonolek, Double-toothed Barbets, Yellow-billed Barbets, etc.

Also, you’ll encounter numerous wonderful primates as well as the swamp-dwelling Sitatunga antelope. After your amazing nature walk, head back to your lodge to relax, and have dinner as well as an overnight stay.

Accommodation Includes: Budget, Mid-range, and Luxury

This Day’s Activities Include:

  • Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park
  • A scenic nature walk in Bigodi wetland Sanctuary

Optional Activities For You:

  • A nocturnal walk in Kibale Forest
  • Undertaking a village walk in the Bigodi community

Day 3: Transfer To Queen Elizabeth National Park, Do Game Drive, Afternoon Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise, And Evening Game Drive

Following an early breakfast at 6:00 am, you’ll set off on a 157km (2-3 hours drive) drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a tranquil boat cruise on Kazinga channel and wildlife viewing.

During the drive, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains- the 3rd tallest mountains in Africa rising 5109m high.

On arrival, undertake a drive through the picturesque landscapes of Queen Elizabeth park.  You’ll look out for Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, Uganda Kobs, Water-bucks, Spotted Hyenas, and other 95 mammal species of Queen.

Expect also to spot some of the 600 amazing bird species of Queen Elizabeth park such as Palm-nut Vultures, African Fish Eagles, Martial Eagles, Black-chested Snake Eagles, Banded-snake Eagles, etc.

After this thrilling game drive, you’ll move to your lodge for lunch.

Then at 2 pm, you’ll undertake a relaxing 2-hour boat cruise on Kazinga channel where you’ll enjoy a remarkable close encounter with hundreds of Hippos submerged in water.

Also, on this tranquil launch trip along the 32km long natural channel, expect to encounter countless Crocodiles basking as well as Elephants, Buffaloes, and Antelopes that always come for a drink along the channel banks.


The Kazinga channel banks also boast the highest concentration of the birds found in Queen Elizabeth NP. It’s home to over 100 water birds such as the Pink-backed Pelicans, African skimmers, Cormorants, African darters, and Herons, etc.

After the boat cruise, you’ll have a quick game drive along the channel track as you drive to your lodge for relaxation, dinner, and an overnight stay.

Accommodation Includes: Budget, Mid-range, and Luxury

Drive Distance And Time:

  • 152km journey (3- 4 hours drive)

This Day’s Activities Include:

  • Transferring to Queen Elizabeth park
  • Undertaking a morning game drive
  • An afternoon Kazinga channel boat cruise
  • Enjoy an evening game drive

Optional Activities For You:

  • Lion tracking in the Kasenyi area
  • Undertake a night game drive

Day 4: Undertake a Game Drive In Ishasha Sector To Look For Tree Climbing Lions

After having an early breakfast at 7:30 am from your lodge, you’ll transfer 76km from the northern section of Queen Elizabeth park to the Ishasha area.

This drive will take you through the impressive undulating Savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth NP. On getting there, you’ll undertake a game drive in quest of the elusive and amazing tree climbing Lions.

Normally, these mysterious creatures are spotted resting high in Fig tree branches in the hotter hours of the day.

Also, during this drive, you can see Buffaloes, Elephants, Topis, Water-bucks, Uganda Kobs, and a variety of bird species in this area.

Numerous travelers wonder why Lions in the Ishasha sector climb trees! It’s alleged that these lions climb trees to:

  • Have great views of their Prey- the Uganda kobs feeding in the plains.
  • Run from biting insects on the ground.
  • Escape from the great heat on the ground.

After this memorable encounter, you’ll drive back to your lodge.

Accommodation Includes: Budget, Mid-range, and Luxury

This Day’s Activities Include:

  • Game drive in Ishasha sector in search of tree-climbing Lions

Day 5: Do Chimpanzee Trekking In Kyambura Gorge And Transfer To Kampala

You rise early and enjoy your breakfast at your lodge around 7 am. Then, meet your driver guide and transfer to undertake a 2-3 hours chimpanzee trekking adventure in the scenic Kyambura gorge that starts at 8 am.

Please note that Kyambura gorge is an eye-catching 100m deep strip of rain-forest canyon spanning 11km amidst the dry Savannah of Queen Elizabeth park.

This gorge is prominently known for Chimpanzee trekking in Queen but it also boasts several Uganda birds such as the beautiful African Fin-foot.

Chimp tracking in Kyambura is fairly challenging however, this experience is worth undertaking.

You’ll enjoy walking on the cool attractive floor of this gorge and during the hike, expect to spot several beautiful primates such as Black-and-white Colobus, Vervets, Olive Baboons, and Red-tailed Monkeys.

Also, several gorgeous birds will be spotted counting the Great-blue Turaco, Black-and-white Casqued Horn-bills, Black Bee-eaters, and Blue Breasted Kingfishers.

Upon spotting these intelligent cousins of man (Chimpanzees), you’ll enjoy watching them playing, eating, socializing, swinging in trees amazingly, etc. This lifetime experience is worth undertaking on your Uganda tour!

After Chimpanzee tracking, you’ll embark on a 420km (7-8 hours) drive to Kampala making an en-route stop at Uganda Equator crossing Kayabwe for photo shoots.

While here, you can also buy a souvenir from craft shops around to always remind you of this lovely Uganda trip.

Accommodation Includes: Budget, Mid-range, and Luxury

This Day’s Activities Include:

  • Trekking Chimpanzee in Kyambura gorge
  • Transferring back to Kampala

Drive Distance And Time:

  • 420km journey (7-8 hours)

End Of Our 5 Days Uganda Safari

Safari Inclusions

  • A full-time experienced English-speaking safari driver guide
  • 4×4 safari van or 4×4 safari Land Cruiser all having a pop-up roof for game viewing plus a functioning A/C
  • Full board accommodation on a safari
  • Chimpanzee trekking permit fees
  • Entrance fees to all tourist places mentioned
  • Fees for the boat cruise
  • Activity fees for all tourist activities mentioned
  • Wi-Fi Internet on board in the safari vehicle
  • Bottled water

Safari Exclusions

  • Fees for international and domestic flights
  • Fees for Uganda Visa
  • Laundry services
  • Items of personal nature
  • Gratuities and tips while on the safari
  • Extra beverages (drinks) for example alcohol
  • Other expenses not included in the itinerary

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