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Uganda Cultural Tours Around Kibale National Park- Cultural Experiences

Uganda cultural tours around Kibale National Park/community cultural experiences in Uganda are among the thrilling encounters a must not miss by all visitors undertaking Uganda Chimpanzee safaris in Kibale Forest.

Generally, Kibale park is enclosed by two amazing tribes counting the indigenous Batoro and Bakiga immigrants.

Therefore, undertaking cultural encounters around Kibale is a thrilling way to experience the culture of these people. Their communities hold amazing traditions, and cultural practices ideal to explore on top of your Uganda Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale.

Most of the Cultural safaris in Uganda around Kibale take place within the Bigodi community– a highly rich cultural village! Usually, visitors undertake Bigodi village walks where they visit a traditional healer, schools, churches, and homes of elderly men and women.

More so, a visit to Bigodi Women’s Group is a must not miss a Ugandan cultural experience on your Uganda safari in Kibale National Park. All these encounters will allow you experience the local culture around Kibale Uganda.

For remarkable cultural tours in Uganda Kibale park, you should endeavor to visit the nearby Amabere cave area, a rich heritage site of the Batoro people.

Simply, undertaking a cultural experience around Kibale Forest is one of the most exciting encounters a must not miss!

People Around Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest National Park is predominantly surrounded by two tribes of Uganda. These tribes include the indigenous Batoro and a few Bakiga immigrants from the Kigezi region, Kabale district.

Batoro have a rich amazing cultural heritage of their Kingdom, a section of the ancient kingdoms of Africa’s Great Lakes region.

The Omukama (Toro king) and the kingdom symbolize the traditions and cultural values of Batoro.

Bakiga immigrants have continued to preserve their amazing traditions and culture through vibrant dances, folktales, and language.


Visitors on Uganda safaris in Kibale National Park must undertake cultural tours in the area for a memorable experience!

Examples Of Cultural Encounters Around Kibale Forest | Cultural Experience Examples Around Kibale National Park

Kibale ranks among the top Ugandan parks offering amazing cultural experiences in Uganda for tourists.

Therefore, visitors undertaking Chimpanzee safaris always have a golden opportunity of undertaking a cultural encounter around Kibale NP. On this thrilling adventure, you’ll explore the unique culture of the people surrounding the park.

The Following are Some of the Amazing Uganda Cultural Tours/ Uganda Community Cultural Experiences Around Kibale National Park:

  • Visiting Bigodi Village

Visiting Bigodi Village is one of the amazing Uganda cultural tours around Kibale National Park. Normally, it takes place in the afternoon after your morning session of Chimpanzee trekking.

Bigodi is a lovely village situated nearly 9km from the Kanyanchu Visitor’s Center of Kibale National Park.

KAFRED offers village walks in Bigodi, allowing you to experience the culture and explore the unique daily life of Batoro and Bakiga. You’ll get a memorable time interacting with these people!

This wonderful cultural tour around Kibale normally goes for 3-4 hours.

Basing on your interests! With a company of an experienced local guide, you’ll visit a traditional healer who will share with you his knowledge regarding herbs, local medicines, and spirits.

This cultural encounter around Kibale Forest will also allow you to visit the homes of the elderly men and women in the Bigodi Community. They’ll share with you fascinating stories about their birth, marriage, ceremonies, and their traditional life.

During your cultural experience in Bigodi, you’ll get a chance to see how schools operate in Uganda and also visit a nearby church.

Finally, you’ll stop at Bigodi’s Trading Center, a bustling center of rural business.

This cultural trip around Kibale park will make you learn more about the history and problems faced in developing communities of Uganda.

Fees For Bigodi Village Walk

  • Non-Residents of Uganda: UGX 40,000 or $20
  • Foreign Residents: UGX 30,000 or $15
  • Ugandans: UGX 10,000 or $5


  • The rate is per person
  • US dollars must be from the year 2006 or later

A Visit To Bigodi Women’s Group

Visiting Bigodi Women’s Group is one of the amazing Uganda cultural safaris around Kibale Forest National Park you shouldn’t miss out!

Bigodi Women’s Group consists of about 150 weavers, chaired by Betty Tinka, and have worked cooperatively for more than 15 years. They make adorable baskets, mats, bags, jewelry, and other crafts.

These women sell their crafts at KAFRED-office in the Bigodi trading center, at the Kanyanchu Visitor’s Centre of Kibale NP, and globally through exporting.

Their gorgeous crafts are made from local materials including, raffia, millet straw, and banana fibers. Also, Phoenix palm leaves and natural dyes are used. These women grow most of these plants in their homes.

While on your visit to Bigodi Women’s Group, you can actively participate in weaving or buy yourself a souvenir of your Uganda tour.

The price of these crafts on-site is preferably good! But, it depends on the size, materials, shape, and dyes used.

Cost For Hand Craft Demonstration

  • Non-Residents of Uganda: UGX 10,000
  • Foreign Residents: UGX 10,000
  • Ugandans: UGX 5,000


  1. 10% of the revenue from craft sales is invested in community development. Over years, this income has been funding Bigodi Pre-Primary School, orphans, widows, and disabled people in the community.

As a result, buying a craft indirectly means saving a life of a vulnerable       African fellow!

  1. The group also funds conservation by producing songs and plays that carry conservation messages. This is aimed at creating awareness among the community.
  • Having A Traditional Meal

Testing out a traditional meal in the Bigodi community is one of the amazing examples of cultural experiences around Kibale park a must not miss.

This thrilling experience is ideal for adventure lovers on top of their Uganda Chimpanzee safaris in Kibale. It offers you an opportunity of tasting the delicious traditional Kitooro lunch– prepared by the lovely Tinka family.

Visitors undertaking this cultural experience will enjoy fresh organic foods under a thatched roof house. They’ll also enjoy the warm company and bird melodies around.

During the meal, visitors will learn different ways of preparation, and Batoro food traditions and get to hear about fascinating local stories.

Fees For Traditional Meal

  • Non-Residents of Uganda: UGX 25,000
  • Foreign Residents: UGX 25,000
  • Ugandans: UGX 20,000
  • Visiting Bigodi Cultural Centre

Visiting Bigodi Cultural Center is a thrilling cultural encounter around Kibale park a must not miss.

This site is situated just opposite the Bigodi swamp walk office. Generally, it’s a small museum displaying unique traditional clothes, grinding stones, musical instruments, and numerous artifacts.

You can purchase a souvenir from here to remind you of your African safari in Uganda.

This center is a private venture, an innovation of an experienced and eloquent national park guide!

  • Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves Tour

Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves ranks among the amazing cultural sites in Uganda that you shouldn’t leave out while undertaking cultural encounters around Kibale park.

This unique site is about 32km from Kibale Forest, west of Fort Portal city. Amazingly, Amabere cave is a respectable birthplace of the founding King of the mythical Bachwezi people, called Ndahura.

Amabere cave was named after the live stalactite formation which excitingly drips a white substance. These are believed to be Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru “the breasts of Nyinamwiru”.

Incredibly, these attractive features look like the twin breasts of a woman. ……. Sounds false!! A legend has it!!

On your Uganda cultural trip to the Amabere cave area, a hike to Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru cave is a popular hike of the day.

You’ll be accompanied by a local knowledgeable guide to this lovely cave full of numerous pillar-like formations of connected stalactites and stalagmites.

While here, your lovely guide will share with you a fascinating legend about Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru. A beautiful princess whose breasts were cut off and thrown within!

Alongside the caves, you can stand on the moss-covered rocks behind a beautiful small waterfall for incredible photoshoots. You’ll amazingly watch ice-cold water plunging right in front of you.

More so, you’ll enjoy the riparian forest environment around the waterfall which is rattling with birds and supports Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys.

Amazing Attractions Around Amabere Cave Area

These include:

  • Nyakasura Crater Lakes

Visitors undertaking Uganda cultural trips around Kibale National Park in the Amabere cave area hardly miss visiting Nyakasura Crater Lakes. These 3 scenic crater lakes are about a 10-20 minutes hike from Amabere.

This cultural encounter around Kibale will make you explore Lake Kigere. This lake physically resembles a foot!

A legend has it that, it formed in a giant footprint of a demi-god called Nyinamwiru. This lake is encircled by dense stands of plantains and palms and it’s safe for swimming.

Other beautiful crater lakes to see on your Uganda cultural safari in the Nyakasura area include Lake Wabikele, meaning a lake of Frogs. The other is Lake Saaka where locals fish from.


A hike to Nyakasura hilltop will offer you dramatic views of the surrounding area. Among the prominent features include the Rwenzori Mountains– popularly known as the “Mountains of the Moon”. This is due to its snow-capped whiteness!

  • Nyakasura School

On your cultural experience around Kibale Forest, Nyakasura School shouldn’t be left out! It’s an amazing academy founded by an eccentric Scotsman in 1926.

This college is about 2km from the Amabere area.

The most astonishing feature of this college is its uniform! The male students still wear kilts “a garment resembling a knee-length skirt”.

  • A Tour To Toro King’s Palace

A tour to Toro King’s palace is one of the thrilling cultural encounters around Kibale Forest National Park a must not miss on your itinerary!

The beautiful palace of Toro is about 27km from Kibale National Park.

It’s set on a hilltop overlooking Fort Portal City. Therefore, it’s worth a visit due to its great panoramic views over Fort Portal town– the cleanest town in Uganda!

The palace is the official home of Toro kingdom king “King Oyo” who ascended the throne in 1995 while 3 years old. In Uganda, this kingdom is the youngest among the traditional kingdoms. It’s also ruled by the world’s most youthful monarch!

Toro palace is a circular structure, built in 1963, but fell into ruin after the abolition of the royal kingdoms by Milton Obote. However, it was renovated in 2001 after Colonel Gadaffi meeting the king and donated the money for repairs.

On your Uganda cultural tours here, you’ll get an opportunity of learning about the captivating history of Toro Kingdom and the ceremonies that take place here.

You can’t enter the palace!

Undertaking cultural tours around Kibale park on top of your Uganda Chimpanzee safari is a great experience you shouldn’t miss out on!

The cultural encounter around Kibale Forest will give you a golden opportunity of exploring the amazing culture of Uganda. For example, you’ll explore Bigodi village, visit a traditional healer, Bigodi Women’s Group, and homes of elderly women and men.

Also, a cultural tour around Kibale Forest will offer an opportunity to explore Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru cave- a unique cultural heritage site of Batoro!

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FAQs About Uganda Cultural Tours Around Kibale National Park- Ugandan Community Cultural Experiences

  1. What Is A Cultural Experience Around Kibale National Park?

Numerous visitors on Uganda safaris always wonder what is a cultural experience. Well, a cultural experience definition is simply an amazing adventure undertaken to explore the beliefs, customs, values, attitudes, goals, and practices of people in a given place.

Cultural encounters around Kibale Forest will enable you to explore a bit of the culture of Uganda. For example, you’ll visit Bigodi Community, visit Bigodi Women’s Group, and also taste a delicious traditional meal, etc.

During a thrilling walk in Bigodi village, you’ll visit a traditional healer, homes of elderly men and women plus a trading center. This encounter will enable you to experience the amazing culture of people around Kibale national park!

  1. What Is The Best Time To Undertake A Cultural Experience Around Kibale National Park?

Cultural encounters around Kibale National Park can take place all year round. But, the best for this remarkable encounter is during the dry season in the months of June-August and December-February.

During these months, little rainfall is expected and the trails are drier thus, minimal inconveniences of rainfall.

In September-November and March-May rain is expected most hours of the day! Therefore, it can limit your adventuring time.

However, for visitors interested in Kibale Chimpanzee trekking, this time is a blessing in disguise!

During this time, encountering chimps is easier as they don’t move deep into the jungle in search of food. Food is in abundance in the forest. Just be ready for the mud!

  1. What Precautions To Follow During Cultural Encounters Around Kibale Forest National Park?

Visitors undertaking Uganda cultural tours around Kibale forest national park are encouraged to respect the culture in Uganda.

Above all, travelers must mind their dress code for example:

  • Short skirts and dresses, tight shorts, and shorts are not ideal for the cultural experience around Kibale park. Make sure you put on at least a knee-length cloth.


  1. In Uganda culturally, women aren’t supposed to wear mini-skirts and tight shorts. In fact, men and women are highly respected not wearing shorts!
  2. Women in Uganda are cautioned never to display their thighs in public. Therefore even if she puts on a short skirt, she will always cover herself with a showel (Leesu). Unless going to a bar or a nightclub!
  3. Also, a visitor who dresses improperly in Uganda is looked at as an irresponsible person. Usually, less attention is given to them.
  4. What Time Of The Day Is Ideal For Cultural Experience Around Kibale National Park?

Cultural encounters around Kibale National Park can take place all time of the day.

Note that, most visitors usually undertake cultural experiences around Kibale after their Chimpanzee trekking. For example, the Bigodi village walk usually takes place in the afternoon after a morning chimp trek.

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