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Nature Walks In Kibale National Park-Forest Walks In Kibale Forest

Nature walks in Kibale National Park/Forest Walks In Kibale Forest are among the amazing Uganda safari activities visitors can enjoy in Kibale Forest.

Undertaking guided forest walks in Kibale park is one of the ideal ways of exploring the great biodiversity and scenic beauty of Kibale park.

While on a forest hike in Kibale, you’ll have a golden chance of spotting the 13 primate species in Kibale counting Chimpanzees. Others include Olive Baboons, Uganda Mangabeys, Uganda-red Colobus, Red-tailed Monkeys, L’Hoest’s, Vervets, Black-and-white Colobus, and Blue Monkeys etc.

A nature walk in Kibale is so ideal for bird lovers on Uganda birding safaris! This adventure will give you a chance to spot some of the 370 species of birds in Kibale Forest. Among these include the Great-blue Turaco, Double-toothed Barbet, Red-fronted Tinkerbird, and, Blue-breasted Kingfishers.

Normally, the 2-5 hours Kibale rainforest hikes begin at 8 am setting off from Kanyanchu Visitors Centre. The forest hikes in Kibale Uganda on a 12km extensive trail are limited to 6 visitors on the hike.

These walks are categorised into day and night forest walks. Night forest walks in Uganda Kibale offer a great experience of spotting nocturnal species. Some of these include Bushbabies and Pottos. You’ll also enjoy the quiet jungle amid the amazing night forest calls of Crickets plus, other unique night creatures!

Other not to miss nature walks around Kibale National Park include the Bigodi swamp walk and a hike to Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves. The other incredible encounter is a hike to the top of the world!

For memorable Uganda tours, don’t miss out on nature walks in Kibale forest national park.


Nature walks (forest walks) in Kibale National Park are of two categories and these include:

  • Day Nature Walks In Kibale Forest National Park

Usually, day forest walks in Kibale park start at 8 am with a briefing from a professional ranger guide. Usually, these walks are carried out by visitors on Uganda safaris who wish to explore the rich bio-diversity of Kibale Forest.

On nature walks in Kibale National Park, you’ll encounter most of the 13 primate species of the park counting Chimpanzees. Also, visitors will spot some of the 370 birds in Kibale, numerous animals, and some of the 200 butterfly species here, etc.

These walks are only limited to 6 people per group and normally take about 2-5 hours.

Below are examples of day forest walks in Kibale:

  1. Kibale Forest Hike

The Kibale Forest hike begins from Kanyanchu or Sebitoli sector.

This thrilling 12km forest hike in Kibale National Park will take you through several vegetation zones of Kibale including riverine forests, swamps, grasslands and lush tropical forests.  

Your professional ranger guide in fauna and flora will explain to you all the amazing wildlife you’ll encounter on the trail. You’ll enjoy the experience of walking under the closed canopy of the evergreen forest!

Along this forest walk in Kibale park, you’ll spot various adorable primates in Kibale counting Chimpanzees, Baboons, Uganda Mangabeys, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, Red-tailed, Black-and-white Colobus, and Blue Monkeys, etc.

Red Colobus and De Brazza’s Monkeys are also spotted on this nature walk in Kibale forest national park. Forest Elephants, Buffaloes, and Leopards are rarely spotted.

Furthermore, along this forest hike in Kibale, numerous birds of Kibale park can be spotted and among these include Blue-breasted Kingfishers, and Western Bronze-napped Pigeon. Double-toothed Barbet, Great blue Turaco, Black-billed Barbet, Red-fronted Tinkerbird, and White-naped pigeon, among others, can be spotted.

More so, during forest walks in Kibale can visit the elephant wallow, a place where Forest Elephants are usually spotted around 2 pm.


This nature walk in Kibale National Park can transverse you through the villages surrounding the forest like Nyakalongo, Nyaibanda and Kikoni.

As you hike through these villages, you get an opportunity of interacting with the culture and the local people namely Bakiga and Batooro.

Cost For Nature Walks In Kibale National Park

Day Forest Walks In Kibale:

  • Non-Foreign Resident: 30US dollars
  • Foreign Residents: 15 US dollars
  • East African Residents; 10,000 Ug shillings

Other Must Not Miss Walks And Hikes Around Kibale National Park

Most of the visitors undertaking Uganda tours in Kibale park usually take nature walks in the scenic sites around Kibale Forest.

The common nature walks around Kibale Uganda include:

  1. Bigodi Swamp Walk

Bigodi swamp walk ranks among the most exciting nature walk often done by visitors on top of their Uganda Chimpanzee safaris in Kibale.

These guided walks are done in Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary a scenic wetland of Uganda rich in biodiversity. It’s situated about 4km from Kibale National Park, so accessible!

Normally, the walks begin at 7:30 am and also at 3 pm, all beginning with a briefing.

After, you embark on a 3 hours (4.5km) interpretive tour with a knowledgeable sanctuary guide through the lush vegetation. Forest paths and boardwalks are used to explore this picturesque swamp.

While on the hike, you’ll spot most of the 200 species of birds in Bigodi wetlands, most being papyrus endemics. Therefore, this is a must not miss haven for birders on Uganda birding safaris in Kibale.

On the trail, you’ll spot the Great-blue Turaco, Papyrus Gonolek, Kingfishers, Yellow-billed Barbet, Grey Crowned Cranes, Double-toothed Barbet, and White-spotted Flufftail.

Also, you’ll get a chance of spotting some of the beautiful 8 primate species in Bigodi like the Red-tailed Monkeys, Black-and-white Colobus, Baboons, Blue Monkeys, and Vervets Monkeys. If lucky on guided nature walks in Bigodi wetland, you can spot Bushbucks, Sitatungas and also the Wild Pigs.


All visitors on Uganda birding tours are encouraged to supplement a Bigodi swamp walk on Kibale birdwatching safari for a memorable experience. This swamp is truly a birder’s paradise you shouldn’t miss out!

Fees For Bigodi Swamp Walk

Visitor category                             Cost

  • Non-Residents of Uganda: UGX 50,000 or $23
  • Foreign Residents:                UGX 40,000 or $20
  • Ugandans:   UGX 10,000 or $5

US dollars must be from the year 2006 or later.

  1. A Hike To The Top Of The World

A hike to the top of the world ranks among the best nature walks around Kibale park you shouldn’t miss out.

It’s a scenic guided nature walk giving you a golden opportunity of exploring the picturesque Ndali Kasenda Craters of Kibale. This crate lake area comprises over 60 amazing explosion craters counting Lake Nkuruba, Lake Nyabikere and Lake Nyinambuga, etc.

This 3 hours electrifying hike will take you to the stunning Mahoma Falls and also to the “Top of the World”, the highest point in the area of Ndali Kasenda Crater.

While here, you’ll truly feel that you’re at the top of the world!

You’ll enjoy the dramatic views of the surrounding area for example Kibale Forest and numerous craters below.

Also, this thrilling hike will offer you intense views of Rwenzori Mountain ranges and also Queen Elizabeth National Parkthe most famous national park of Uganda.

  • A Hike To Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru

On top of your Uganda Chimpanzee tour in Kibale Forest, you shouldn’t miss a hike to Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru cave– a rich cultural heritage site among the Batoro.

Amabere caves area is situated about 32km from Kibale forest national park, west of Fort Portal town.

This nature walk around Kibale will expose you to Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru which translates as “the breasts of Nyinamwiru”.

While in this area, a local expert guide will lead you on the hike of the unique Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru cave.

You’ll see amazing stalactites and stalagmites which locals believe to be the breasts of Nyina Mwiru– a beautiful girl whose breasts were cut off and thrown here!

The stalactites indeed look like to twin breasts of a woman and drip a white substance which looks like real milk! In this area, you will enjoy photo shoots standing on the moss-covered rocks behind a beautiful waterfall.

From Amabere cave, you’ll also enjoy the amazing hike to Nyakasura Crater Lakes. These attractive crater lakes include Lake Kigere, Saka and Lake Wabikele. On Nyakasura hilltop, you’ll have dramatic views of the Rwenzori Mountains.

  • Kihingani Wetland Walk

For a memorable experience, visitors undertaking nature walks around Kibale National Park, are encouraged to include Kihingani wetland, home to over

This gorgeous wetland covers about 13km2, approximately 15km from Fort Port just before Sebitoli Forest. It’s home to over 230 bird species therefore, a perfect destination for bird watching on top of your Uganda birding tour in Kibale.

During the nature walk in Kihingani Wetland, you’ll spot birds like White-spotted Fluff tail, Jameson’s wattle-eye, etc. Other animals which can be seen include the Red Colobus Monkeys and Spotted-necked Otters.

  1. Night Forest Walks In Kibale

Taking a night forest walk in Kibale park is a unique way of exploring the Kibale Forest- the Primate Capita of Africa!

Usually, Kibale Forest hikes start at around 7:30 pm from the park headquarters with a briefing from a professional UWA ranger. After, you’ll embark on the trail into the jungle with the rangers. The walks normally take about 2-3 hours.

Exploring Kibale NP at night will give you an inspiring memorable encounter of spotting the rare nocturnal animals in Kibale National Park and birds moving.

You’ll also enjoy the incredible adventure of moving in the quiet jungle amid the amazing night forest calls of Crickets and other night creatures!

While on night forest hikes in Kibale, commonly spotted animals include Bushbabies, Pottos, Tree Hyrax, Civets, and Serval Cats among others.

Night jars are hardly missed.

Cost For Night Walks In Kibale Forest:

  • Non-Foreign Resident: 40US dollars
  • Foreign Residents: 20 US dollars
  • East African Residents; 15,000 Ug shillings

Best Time For Nature Walks And Hikes In Kibale National Park

Visitors on Uganda tours can do nature walks in Kibale National Park all time of the year. But, the best time is during the dry season in June- August and December- February.

In these months, minimum rainfall is expected and the trails are usually dry. Thus, incredible forest walks in Kibale!

During September-November and March-May, rainfall is usually much. Therefore, trails tend to get muddy and slippery sometimes.


For travellers interested in Uganda Chimpanzee safaris in Kibale National Park, a rainy season is a blessing in disguise for them!

Normally, during this time there’s a lot of food in the forest. Therefore, chimps don’t move further searching for food. Thus, Chimpanzee trekking gets easier as they are easily spotted unlike in the dry season!

For adventure lovers, nature walks in Kibale Forest are a must not miss experience on your safari Uganda tours in Kibale National Park.

Forest walks in Kibale park will give you a unique experience of exploring the great biodiversity of Kibale Forest including birds, animals and unique plant species.

Night forest hikes in Kibale will help you spot the unique nocturnal species in Kibale Forest including Bushbabies and Pottos.

Also, nature walks around Kibale park are possible. For example hikes to the top of the world, Bigodi swamp walks, and hikes to Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru.

It’s just a unique encounter you shouldn’t miss on your safari in Uganda.

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FAQs About Nature Walks In Kibale National Park

  1. What To Pack For Nature Walks And Hikes In Kibale National Park?

Visitors planning to have guided nature walks in Kibale National Park are encouraged to have the following:

  • A camera: This helps you to capture various wildlife and scenic views you’ll encounter along the trail.
  • Binoculars: These will help you sight birds which might be in tree tops. Also, they can aid in viewing features sighted from a far distance.
  • Insect repellents: Since Kibale National Park is a rainforest, it can be prone to Mosquitoes, etc. Therefore, an insect repellent will safeguard from biting insects.
  • Sunglasses and sunhats: These will protect you from sunlight. For example, sunglasses will keep your eyes from strong light rays. The sunhats protect you from direct sunlight.
  • Long-sleeved shirts and trousers: Such an outfit will help to keep all your lovely body covered and free from vegetation cuts and insect bites.
  • Comfortable hiking shoes: This kind of shoe is the only one recommendable on nature walks in Kibale Forest. They have to be waterproof, and also sturdy.
  • A rain jacket: As a result, Kibale Forest is a rainforest, so it might rain at any time. Therefore, on the trail, you’re encouraged to have your umbrella.
  • Backpack: This will help to keep your gadgets safe. For example, cameras, binoculars, packed lunch, and extra clothes.
  1. What To Wear On Guided Nature Walks Forest Hikes

Travellers on forest walks in Kibale are encouraged to put on comfortable and eco-friendly clothes. Among the highly favoured include Khaki, grey, and brown.


  • Light colours like white are not ideal. They show up easily the dirt and dust!
  • Blue normally attracts Tsetse flies!
  • Black absorbs heat, therefore is not good.
  1. What Is The Best Time Of The Day For Kibale Forest Hikes?

Kibale Forest national park walks are possible all day long. However, for specific activities, a morning session is recommended.

For example while bird watching and Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale, experts recommend a morning adventure for a memorable encounter!

In the morning, chimps are so active the same as birds!

  1. What Are Nature Walk Benefits In Kibale National Park?

Several visitors on Uganda safaris are always inquisitive about nature walk benefits in Kibale National Park.

Well, the benefits of walking in nature look to be endless! Every year, researchers come up with more findings showing that nature and walking have significant importance on humans.

Here are the walk-in nature benefits:

  • Walking In Nature Kills Stress And Anxiety
  • Research (mind.org) has it that moving in nature reduces mental health issues counting depression, anxiety, and SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Scientists believe that simply observing scenes of the natural world triggers positive emotions!
  • More so, researchers say that spending some time in nature eases stress hormones. Thus, helping to lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

Nature Walks Inspire Creative Thinking

Psychologists believe that when a person opens themselves to new experiences, it stimulates new philosophies which share a relation to creative thinking and output!

Natural environments promote awe, wonder and a connection to our instinct.

Walk In Nature Benefits In Burning Body Fats And Strengthens Muscles

Nature walks in Kibale National Park benefit you burn more calories than you eat every day thus, helping you lose weight.

  • Walking In Nature Helps To Boost Your Mood

Researchers have found that there is a strong relationship between spending time in nature and positive moods.

According to research, spending 2 hours in nature helps to reduce negative emotions and also high levels of stress.

  • Nature Walks Strengthen Your Immune System

Researchers believe that regular walks in nature help to reduce the risks of developing a variety of body complaints. Among these include asthma, heart disease, diabetes type two, and some cancers.

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