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Namibia Safaris, Namibia Safari Tours, African Vacations to Namibia Tours

Namibia safaris/Namibia safari tours are among the most charming African safari tours in Southern Africa. During your African Vacations to Namibia tours, you’ll get a golden opportunity to visit unique amazing Namibia safari destinations.

Among these include the mighty great River Canyon, Skeleton Coast, lovely parks, Quiver Tree Forest, Seal Colonies, and the Ghost Town, Namib Naukluft National Park.

Adventures in Namibia Windhoek are memorable! They offer great game viewing tours as well as memorable impressive sights of unique landscapes plus cultural heritage.

This beloved land (nation) holds the Namib Desert- the oldest desert in the world boasting scenic landscapes. It’s worth exploring for nature lovers.

On your tour in Namibia, this generally dry scenic wilderness (Namibian desert) is best explored by hiking the scenic sand mounds in Namib Naukluft park. Sandboarding and skydiving are also possible for adventurous travelers.

Other notable things to do in Namibia Windhoek include self drive tours, birding watching, and visiting the picturesque Skeleton Coast. Also, among others, you can go ahead and adventure the Himba Village for outstanding cultural encounters!

You can travel to Namibia all year round, but dry months offer the best experience for game-viewing trips in Etosha National Park. Namib accommodation is ideal for every traveler. It includes camping facilities, lodges, and hotels.


Best Things to Do in Namibia | Adventurous Things to Do in Namibia

Namibia ranks top among countries offering the most fascinating and unique adventurous activities worth exploring on your African tours.

Here are the amazing, unusual things to do in Namibia Windhoek:

  1. Climbing Sossusvlei Dunes in Namib Naukluft Park

This is among the most captivating things to do in Namibia! Deep in the Namib Desert (the oldest desert in the world) are huge red dunes, including some with over 400m high, thus making them one of the tallest dunes in the world.

On this memorable adventure in this park, you’ll adventure Sossusvlei dunes however, Deadvlei- a white massive salt pan with ancient acacia trees is worth visiting!

For remarkable Namibia trips, it’s ideal you to hike one of the higher sand ridges. As experts, we suggest Big Mama, Big Daddy, or Dune 45.

You can spend a night at one of the accommodation within the park. This is intended to allow you to enjoy the great scenery of sunrise from Big Daddy Dune.

  1. Game Viewing at Etosha National Park

For wildlife lovers undertaking Namibia vacations, Etosha National Park awaits you. Etosha National Park boasts thousands of wildlife counting most wild animals tourists are interested in.

Some of the animals to look for in Etosha National Park include Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Buffalos, Black Rhino, Giraffes, Zebras, Gemsbok, Hyenas, Springboks, etc. Usually, the dry season offers the most fascinating wildlife viewing tours in Etosha National Park.

Also, on your Namibia trips in Etosha National Park, expect to spot some of the 340 bird species and numerous mammal species. During your game viewing tour in Etosha National Park, night game drives allows you spot Lion, Leopards as well as Hyenas hunting.

While in Etosha National Park, there’re numerous camps for your accommodation.

  1. Bird Watching in Walvis Bay

For bird lovers, Walvis Bay and salt pans wetlands are worth visiting on your Namibia safari holidays.

Globally, Walvis Bay is known to hold one of the big colonies of wild Flamingoes. During this adventure, expect to see thousands of Flamingos feeding, Pelicans as well as other bird species.

For a rewarding tour, you can book a Walvis Bay boat cruise to encounter Dolphins plus other sea life.

  1. Exploring Fish River Canyon

The great Fish River Canyon is one of the top places to visit in Namibia Windhoek! This picturesque gorge is one of the biggest canyons in the world.

For stunning scenery, tourists on Namibia safaris normally adventure this mighty canyon early or late in the day when it’s covered by thick fog. It’s wonderful taking a photo of this canyon from the main viewing point however, avid hikers can adventure this canyon better by undertaking a hike.

This scenic multi-day hike is about 90km and it’s one of the most popular hiking trails in southern African land. If you’re an adventure traveler, this is a must not miss experience. There is lovely accommodation for you here!

  1. Searching For Desert Elephants in Damaraland Nature Reserve

Damaraland Nature Reserve is just situated about 200km away from the Skeleton Coast. It‘s among the best places to visit in Namibia Windhoek, especially for adventure lovers. This nature reserve also boasts scenic desolate mountains worth exploring.

On this adventure journey in Namibia Windhoek, don’t expect to see any wildlife except a reliable population of these Elephants. Seeing these amazing and enormous nomads walking amid breathtaking landscapes is a remarkable experience worth undertaking.

There’re different accommodations for your stay in Damaraland Nature Reserve.

  1. Skydiving Over the Namib Desert

This ranks top among the most memorable adrenaline adventure tours in Namibia Windhoek.

On this adventure, you’ll enjoy your face getting full of dry air as you fall over 100 mph from the plane towards the Namibian Desert. It’s one of the most adventurous things to do in Namibia.

While skydiving, you’ll enjoy stunning scenery and sand dunes along with an adrenaline rush. This adventure is normally one of the optional activities on most Namib trip itineraries.

  1. Explore The World’s Largest Seal Colonies At Cape Cross

The Cape Cross is one of the most amazing attractions in Namibia worth visiting! This captivating reserve boasts over 200,000 Seals.

While at the Cape Cross Seal Reserve, you’ll amazingly enjoy watching big bulls fighting for territories, mothers reuniting with their offspring after fishing expeditions, etc.

On this Namibia holiday adventure, you’ll watch hundreds and thousands of Seals in wide open spaces. The sights are just incredible, they go as far as your eyes can see!  There’s a wooden walkway that provides travelers the opportunity to get amidst it all.

  1. Enjoying A Desert Bush Walk

Namibia safari

This is one of the most amazing and thrilling safari tours in Namibia. Among safari destinations in Southern Africa like Botswana and Zimbabwe, this remarkable adventure is only possible in Namibia.

During this guided picturesque bush walk in the wilderness expect to spot no Africa’s big game! It will only allow you to experience Africa’s incredible beauty up close. You’ll learn about insects, plants, and reptiles found in this area. It’s one of the must not miss experiences on your Namib itinerary.

  1. Try Out Sand Boarding

Have you ever tried out snowboarding? If yes, for a rewarding experience on your adventure in Namibia you should try out sand boarding.

Sandboarding is one of the most prominent things to do in Namibia Swakopmund. It’s done on 6 different faces of sand ridges towering about a height of 100m high.

  1. Exploring The Skeleton Coast

If you’re an adventure lover undertaking Namibia safari vacations, this is a must not miss adventure! Although it’s being a fairly remote area, the Skeleton Coast along the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean coast is worth exploring.

This weird name comes from the amazingly large number of shipwrecks that have taken place over the years here. Its beach is a graveyard for whales and desert wildlife, whose blenched bones litter the golden sand.

The Skeleton Coast is almost uninhabited and untamed. It’s one of the wildest parts found on the African continent. However, predatory animals like Lions as well as Hyenas can be spotted here searching for maritime victims.

  1. Visiting The Picturesque Quiver Tree Forest

Quiver Tree Forest is an ideal en-route stop while driving through Southern Namibia. This forest is one of the Namibia beautiful places.

The quiver tree is a peculiar something between a flower and a tree, however, making some nice photos. Traditionally, Bushmen used to use branches of these aloe trees to make quivers, and thus their name- Quiver tree.

For a remarkable experience on your Namibia tour adventure in the Quiver Tree Forest, you can reach the nearby Giant’s Play Ground.

There’re some hotels around this Quiver Tree Forest!

  1. Explore Where the Desert Meets the Sea

Travelers undertaking Namibia tours will have a golden chance to explore a site where the desert meets the ocean.

Please note that, on earth, there’re few areas where the giant sand mounds touch sea shoes! However, Namibia’s western coast holds dunes of the Namib Desert that spread all over the west to the wild and rarely charted section of the Atlantic Sea.

This part of the coast is best explored by taking a 4×4 self-drive tour over the dunes to the coast across Ephemeral Rivers.

  1. Explore Windhoek City

Windhoek is Namibia’s capital city! Normally, most international flights in Namibia arrive at Windhoek and therefore most trips in Namibia start and end here.

During the Windhoek city tour, travelers often visit the National Museum of Namibia which offers amazing historical and zoological displays, counting ancient San rock paintings.

Also, on your Windhoek city tour, you’ll explore the Independence Memorial Museum and several drawings plus dioramas that recite the country’s history and its struggle for freedom.

Tourists interested in getting the breathtaking scenery of Windhoek should head to the museum’s top floor, on the “Balcony of Love”.

This exciting adventure journey rarely misses on most trip itineraries in Namib.

  1. Visiting The Himba Village in Kaokoland

On top of your Namibia expedition journey, this is one of the most memorable experiences!

The Himba Village, in northern Namibia Windhoek, is a fascinating inhospitable beautiful area with minimal human footprint. These lovely unique locals, the Himba people live in a traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle that is still untouched and worth exploring.

These charming locals have settled in this area for over 300 years ago.

On this adventure journey in Namib, You’ll enjoy spending your free time in the Kaokoland. Expect to reach Himba homesteads and learn about their fascinating culture.

  1. Visit the Tropical of Capricorn

During your trip in Namibia, there’s no much to see around the Tropical of Capricorn, except a sign.

Regardless of the above factor, crossing the Tropical of Capricorn- (the great southernmost Latitude) is a notable experience worth undertaking.

This point is ideal for travelers interested in exploring the geography of the Earth. It can be included on your Namib itinerary.

  1. Visit the Lovely Wild Horses of Aus

Can horses survive in the wilderness? On your Namibia tour, you’ll get a clear answer to this query!

These horses in the wild can be spotted near the southern city of Aus. On this tour, you’ll encounter a herd of mysterious horses prominently known as the Namib Desert Horse.

They’re thought to be some of the last remaining herds of horses in the African wilderness.

On this tour, there are various accommodations (camping options) around where you can spend a night.

  1. Exploring Classic Cars Left in the Desert

Another remarkable thing to do in Namibia is going on a classic car tour. On this amazing journey, you’ll encounter a collection of incredible old classic cars parked.

It’s said that the dry air in the area keeps these cars in good shape and is quite a sight to see within the dry barren landscapes of Namibia Windhoek.

Few places counting the Canyon Roadhouse hold a small collection of classic and vintage cars parked forever. While at the roadhouse, you can spend a night camping or get a hotel room with a restaurant plus a bar.

For notable tours in Namib, endeavor to miss this experience on your itinerary.

  1. Explore the Ghost Town of Kolmanskop

The Ghost Town is also one of the top attractions in Namibia worth exploring!

Around the 1900s, a German railway work found a diamond lying on the ground in the Namib Desert. Later, the town of Kolmanskop was quickly set up in the area. It grew up in size and diamond mining boomed in Namibia Windhoek.

However, this ancient town got abandoned completely in the late 1950s, and thus, referred to as the Ghost Town.

Around the 1980s, DeBeer turned this historical area into a museum and now it’s one of the great most photographed spots in Namibia.

Do People Go on Vacation to Namibia?

Among South African countries like Botswana and Zambia, destination Namibia ranks top among the most visited destinations by tourists.

This country holds several amazing adventure tours including game viewing tours as well as skydiving diving in the wilderness, etc.

What is Namibia Famous For? | What Makes Namibia So Special?

Although there are numerous amazing attractions in Namibia, this nation is much known for its Etosha National Park, home to thousands of classic game animals. Also, it’s famous for its great canyon as well as the great Namib Desert.

Is There Hunting in Namibia?

Can you hunt in Namibia?  Yes, you can enjoy a hunting adventure in Namibia! Normally, most game-hunting adventures take place in private game ranches and conservancies found throughout the country.

Within northern Namibia, you’ll find the only government concession areas for game hunting.

What Wildlife Is in Namibia?

Namibia holds rich wildlife counting viable bird life and game animals.

Some of the prominent game animals in Namibia to see include Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Hippos, Zebras, Giraffes, Rhino, Blue wildebeest, Hyenas, Antelopes, Seals, etc.

Where Can I See Lions in Namibia? | Where Do You Find Lions in Namibia?

Although there’re several national parks and game reserves in Namibia, Etosha National Park is the prominent area for spotting Lion.

Other areas to encounter Lions in this country include the Kaudom Game Reserve, parts of the Tsumkwe Districts, the Kunene Region, as well as the Caprivi Region.

Attractions in Namibia- What Attractions Are Found in Namibia?

Namibia Safari

Among countries on the African continent, destination Namibia holds one of the most charming tourist attractions.

Below are the major tourist attractions in Namibia:

  1. Etosha National Park– ideal for wildlife tours
  2. A great canyon- one of the largest canyons in the world.
  3. Namibian Desert, self-drive tours are possible here.
  4. Namib Naukluft Park holds Sossusvlei sand dunes.
  5. Seal Colonies
  6. Quiver Tree Forest can be visited on a self-drive voyage.
  7. Windhoek city– Namibia’s capital city and,
  8. The Kalahari Desert, otherworldly landscapes in Namib.

Packing List for Namibia Trips- What to Pack for Your Namibia Safari Holidays?

While planning an expedition in Namibia Windhoek, it’s wise you set yourself fully with some essentials.

Below is the packing list for your safari holidays in Namibia:

  • Sun protection gears are so idyllic in the dry season especially, in Etosha National Park.
  • Insect repellents, ideal in Etosha National Park
  • Holiday gadgets such as cell a phone, cameras, binoculars, etc.
  • A pack bag is ideal while in Etosha National Park or even on self-drive tours.
  • Personal toiletries
  • Travel documents, for example, a passport, Yellow Fever Vaccination Card, and travel insurance.
  • A rain jacket in case rain gets you in a jungle in Etosha National Park
  • Comfortable walking shoes are ideal on nature walks even in Etosha National Park.

Namibia Souvenirs – What to Buy in Namibia?

For a memorable adventure in Namibia, you’re advised to buy yourself a souvenir of your excursion in this country.

Below are the best souvenirs to buy on your vacation to Namibia Windhoek:

  • Namibian wine
  • Beautiful fabrics
  • Lovely, wooded masks
  • Products made with Macalani seeds.
  • Wonderful wooden bowls
  • Dry meat- It can be beef, Ostrich meat, or of Antelopes.
  • Decorated wooden and rag dolls.
  • Bottle top magnets.

Accommodation in Namibia- Where to Stay on Your Namibia Trip?

Namibia is one of the budget-friendly destinations to travel to on the African continent. Its accommodation ranges from lodges to hotels, as well as camping options. These are classified into budget, midrange, and budget accommodation.

Below are the:

Ideal luxury lodges in Namibia

  • Shipwreck Lodge
  • Onguma The Fort
  • Hoanib Valley Camp- an ideal site for camping in Namib

Best midrange Namibia safari lodges

  • Doro Nawas Lodge
  • Damaraland Camp- an ideal site for camping
  • Nkasa Lupala- also, it’s ideal for a camping experience.

Top Namibia budget lodges

  • Canyon Lodge
  • Kalahari Anib Lodge
  • Canyon Roadhouse
  • Kalahari Farmhouse

When Should I Go on Safari in Namibia? | What Is the Best Time to Visit Namibia?

The best time to travel to Namibia Windhoek is during the dry season in June to October, however, tours remain possible all year round. Usually, in the dry months, wildlife viewing in national parks counting Etosha National Park is at its best.

But note that, the dry season is the peak season for tourism in Namibia and tourism products tend to be expensive in this country including accommodation. This is due to the high number of tourists coming to this country.

What Is the Best Month to Visit Namibia? | Which Month Is Best to Hunt in Namibia?

The best month to travel to Namibia is from June-October. In these months, the weather is pleasant and wildlife watching is at its best as animals tend to coagulate around water points.

November-May are wet months in Namibia. This is the low season and tourism products tend to be cheaper counting accommodation.

Which Hunting Safari Is Best in Namibia?

Ozondjahe hunting adventures offers the best experience for game hunting adventures in Namibia Windhoek.

Traveling to Namibia- How to Travel to Namibia?

Commonly, most visitors to Namibia arrive by air, and the majority fly via Johannesburg in South Africa Cape Town.

Please note that there’re no direct flights to Namibia. The only direct flight from Europe is from Frankfurt, Germany, and there’re no direct flights from either North America or Australia (Australasia).

From Johannesburg, you’ll fly to Namib’s main airport Hosea Kutako International Airport, found 40km east of Windhoek.

Onward travel can be by small aircraft or car. Normally, most visitors chose self-drive tours due to safety and excellent roads in Namibia. Your local tour company will arrange your airport pick-up and further transportation for example, to Etosha National Park.

What Is the Best Way to Tour Namibia?

The most memorable way of touring Namibia is undertaking a self-drive in a private vehicle. This beloved country boasts a good network of paved arterial roads as well as well-maintained gravel roads in rural areas.

However, note that traveling with a local travel agent offers the best experience in Namibia.

Namibia Travel Guide- What Do I Need to Know Before Traveling to Namibia?

Normally, while traveling to most African safari destinations, there’re some travel documents you must have, and this applies to Namibia.

Here are the required travel documents to Namibia:

  1. Tourist visa: Nationals from destinations like Australia, Canada, USA, etc. can enter without a visa.
  2. A passport: Must be valid for 6 months from your arrival date. This is a must-have whether you’re from Canada, the USA, or Australia.
  3. Your passport should have 3 blank pages
  4. Yellow Fever Vaccination Card: If coming from a yellow fever endemic state.
  5. A round-trip ticket

Is Namibia Good for Safaris? | Is Namibia Good for Tourists? | Is it worth it to go to Namibia?

Though there’re numerous destinations in Southern Africa counting Botswana and Cape Town, Namib ranks among the top-visited destinations by tourists.

Below are the reasons why is Namibia a good place to travel:

  1. Namibia is among the ideal destinations on the African continent for game viewing trips for example, in the mighty Etosha National Park.
  2. Also, it’s one of the few destinations on the African continent to spot the most big game animals in Africa.  Its great Etosha National Park waits for you.
  3. Among safari destinations in South of Africa, Namib holds unique national parks worth exploring. For instance, its Etosha National Park holds a unique scenic white clay pan, worth visiting.
  4. There’re various jaw-dropping attractions in Namib worth exploring.
  5. It’s one of the few destinations on Earth to enjoy Sand boarding and skydiving adventures in its Namib Desert, almost one of the natural wonders on the African continent.

Is Namibia Safe to Travel To? | Is Namibia Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Namib is considered safe among the safari destinations on the African continent to travel to! But, you should note that petty crimes such as pickpocketing and bag-snatching have been registered in Windhoek plus some other larger towns.

Therefore, you should be vigilant while traveling in Namibia!

Below are the guidelines to follow on your holiday adventure in Namibia:

  1. Avoid leaving your valuables unattended.
  2. Always keep vehicle doors locked, and windows up, even while moving.
  3. Avoid moving with expensive gadgets and jewelry on busy roads in Windhoek.
  4. Flashing money in public is not good.
  5. Buying street food is not good for your health! Avoiding it is one way of keeping your health safe.
  6. It’s good you purchase travel insurance.
  7. Is tipping customary in Namibia? It’s not a must to give out a tip but, it’s one way of showing your gratefulness.

How Much Does Namibia Safari Cost? | How Much Is Namibian Safari?

Please note that there’s no fixed price for trips in Namibia as this price is always influenced by several factors.

Below are the factors influencing the Namibia safari prices:

  • Activities you wish to undertake
  • Number of people on your holiday
  • The duration of your tour in Namibia
  • Accommodation class you wish to have
  • The type of vehicle you wish to use

How Much Does the Average Safari Hunt Cost?

Hunting adventures in Africa cost about $250 to $1250 a day per person, however, this depends on the country and the type of hunt you’re interested in.

Is Namibia Expensive or Cheap? | How Expensive Is Namibia?

Is it expensive to go to Namibia? Among destinations in Southern of Africa like Zimbabwe and Cape Town, Namibia is among the most budget-friendly destinations to visit.

On average, expect to spend about N$1,393 ($77) per day on your vacation. This includes transportation and accommodation.

Is Namibia More Expensive Than South Africa?

The average cost of living in Namibia ($795) is 4% less expensive than in South Africa Cape Town ($832). Cape Town ranks in the 104th position among the world’s list of most expensive destinations while Namib is in 109th position.

How Many Days Is Enough in Namibia? | How Many Days Do You Need in Namibia? | How Many Days Do You Need to See Namibia?

There are no fixed days set to spend on a holiday in Namibia however, this depends on your budget and interests. For a notable experience, 14 days are enough to discover most attractions in this country like national parks (Etosha National Park).

Best Namibia Tour Operators to Travel with on Your Vacation-

While booking your safari in Namibia, you’re advised to book with a dependable tour company for a great experience.

Here are some of the best tour companies to book with:

  1. Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd
  1. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  1. Africa Safaris Tours

Best Namibia Safari Packages | Namibia Tour Packages

6 Days Namib Desert $ Etosha National Park Tour- This breathtaking adventure takes you to 2 of Namibia’s most prominent attractions. These include Etosha National Park to search for the Big Five and Namibia Desert. Expect to adventure also the mighty Windhoek City.

8 Days Namibia Trip- Allows you to explore the Namibian desert, Swakopmund city, Brandberg Mountain, and the mighty Etosha National Park. Allows you to explore most of the Namib must-see natural wonders! There are some optional activities.

11 Days Namibia Trip- Takes you to Bwabwata and Etosha National Parks, Mahango Reserve, Chobe River & Victoria Falls. It also allows you to adventure Windhoek city and experience lovely unique cultural encounters.

12 days Namibia Holiday Trip- This is a popular tour allowing you to explore the most charming attractions in Namibia. Among these include the Namibian Desert, the world’s oldest desert and Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Etosha National Park, and the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

14 Days trip in Namibia- This 14 days self-drive adventure allows you to visit Namibia’s main highlights. These include Windhoek City, Sossusvlei (Sand Dunes), Damaraland, and Etosha National Park, etc.  There are some optional activities.

On this adventure, expect comfortable midrange accommodation.

In conclusion, for memorable trips in Southern Africa, Namibia tours should be given the priority. This beloved country boasts several unique enchanting adventures counting game-viewing trips.  Skydiving, and hiking scenic sand mounds among others awaits you.