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Zanzibar Tours, Zanzibar Island Tours, Zanzibar Safaris & Holidays – Beach Vacations/Trips

Are you looking for memorable Zanzibar tours/Zanzibar safaris & vacations? Zanzibar Island Tours are the best African beach holiday trips for your relaxation and recreation.

Before we delve deeper, note that the Zanzibar archipelago is in the Indian Ocean and consists of numerous amazing islands (isles) with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Zanzibar archipelago is part of the United Republic of Tanzania, an East African country. It neighbors Kenya & Uganda in the north, Rwanda, Burundi & DRC in the west as well as Mozambique, Malawi, & Zambia, in the south.

Though part of the United Republic of Tanzania, it’s independent and its residents prefer calling themselves Zanzibaris. Islam introduced by Arab traders in the 19th century is the main region and Kiswahili Language is mostly used although English is used too.

What’s unique about Zanzibar trips?

On your Zanzibar tours, expect an amazing trip experience that includes visiting amazing attractions and numerous fascinating things to do. And among these include lovely beach tours.

Usually, travelers visit Nungwi and Nakupenda Beach. While at Nakupenda Beach, you’ll enjoy world-class sunbathing, go scuba diving, snorkeling, or windsurfing, or undertake a horseback ride.

Also, on your Zanzibar tour, undertaking the Stone Town tour is a must not miss experience! It gives you a golden opportunity to explore Zanzibar Stone Town, an ancient city (a UNESCO world heritage site) of the United Republic of Tanzania. Normally, travelers visit the House of Wonders, the Old Fort, and historical religious sites counting antique mosques as well as Cathedrals.

More so, during your Zanzibar trip Stone Town tour, you’ll visit charming art and craft galleries, and explore Zanzibar vibrant local markets for example, the Darajani Market.

On your Zanzibar tours, endeavor to undertake a spice tour in Stone Town. During this authentic tour, you’ll get to know why Zanzibar, the main island is called Spice Island! You’ll tour numerous spice plantations like vanilla, coconut, black paper, and cardamom.

Other thrilling experiences worth undertaking on your Zanzibar Island tour include visiting amazing unique attractions like Prison Island, Cheetah’s Rock, and Jozani Forest tour. Adventurous travelers shouldn’t miss swimming with turtles at Baraka National Aquarium!

Please note that tours to Zanzibar archipelago can be done all year round however, the best time is during the dry season. There’re numerous modern resorts and hotels in Zanzibar, it is ideal for all classes of travelers, therefore, don’t worry about your stay.

Honeymooners and couples undertaking tours in the United Republic of Tanzania, endeavor to visit Zanzibar Island for a lifetime vacation tour.

For the best tours on your Zanzibar trips, don’t hesitate to book with us a trip. We also give out special offers on your Zanzibar vacation tours.

Below, let’s learn much about Zanzibar tours!

What to Do in Zanzibar Island? | What Things to Do on Zanzibar Island?

Zanzibar Tours

On your visit to Zanzibar Island, expect to have a life story to tell! For best tours, travelers normally top up Zanzibar trip adventure tours on their wildlife safaris in Tanzania.

The isle is mostly visited for relaxation, however, travelers can always have remarkable encounters while on this legendary isle.

Here are the best things to do in Zanzibar Island:

1. Relaxation on Beautiful Beaches

Frequently, travelers that undertake a vacation in Zanzibar are interested in having beach tours. Zanzibar Island boasts one of the best beaches in East Africa as well as in the world.

These scenic beaches are the key attractions in Zanzibar Island. They’re amazingly dotted with palm trees and lovely snow-white sands plus turquoise waters, idyllic for a shore life holiday.

On the coast,  travelers can enjoy sensational sunbathing, beach walks as well as watching traditional dhow boats as they come and go.

On beach call tours in Zanzibar Island, there are numerous water sports ideal for travelers so many fun adventurous activities like:

  1. Windsurfing
  2. Scuba diving
  3. Snorkeling and swimming with Dolphins
  4. Horseback riding and,
  5. Quad biking to rural populations (rural areas) to explore their daily life.

Below are the top beaches worth visiting on your trip to the Zanzibar archipelago:

  1. Nungwi Beach- is one of the most prominent beaches in the world, and one of the key attractions in Zanzibar Island.
  2. Nakupenda Beach- (Love Beach) is the ultimate site for swimming and snorkeling. This scenic Beach, Nakupenda Beach is just off the coast of Stone Town. It’s also among the top attractions on Zanzibar Island.
  3. Paje Beach- Ideal site for kiting tours and trips as it holds a high tide.
  4. Kizimkazi Beach (Coast) – Best known for Dolphin tours/trips.

While looking for relaxation tours in Zanzibar on Zanzibar beaches, book always with tour operators having almost free cancellation booking policies.

2. Undertaking Stone Town Tour

On your Zanzibar trips, taking the Stone Town tour is one of the best tours and a must not miss experience! This authentic tour allows you to explore Stone Town, a great ancient town in Zanzibar City as well as the East African coast. Stone Town is also one of the key tourist attractions in Zanzibar Island.

Initially, Stone Town was a booming center for the spice trade and slave trade routes in the 19th century. Currently, this historic town for slave trade routes features architecture that commemorates the ancient period of Arabs, Persians, Indians, and Europeans on the East African coast.

Undertaking a Stone Town tour on top of your trips to Zanzibar archipelago allows you to explore Zanzibar’s history!

You’re advised to book this tour with a dependable tour operator having favorable or almost free cancellation booking policies!

Top activities (things to do) in Zanzibar’s Stone Town include:


The House of Wonders is probably one of the most prominent attractions in Zanzibar Island. It’s located along the Stone Town seafront on Mizingani Road. This building was constructed in 1883 and renovated after the Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896- the shortest war in the world.

This great landmark is the first building to have electricity on the Spice Island. Also, it’s the 1st structure in East Africa to have a lift!

Currently, it holds a museum on Swahili culture.


The Old Fort is also one of the ancient tourist attractions in Zanzibar Island commonly visited on Stone Town tours. It’s a heavy stone fortress, built in the 17th century by the Omanis.

This incredible fort was built by early rulers to protect the Zanzibar archipelago from European invasions. However, currently, the Old Fort is a cultural center with workshops and a small arena where dramatic dance shows are held.

On this tour, you’ll explore Zanzibar’s history before the coming of foreigners.


Though Islam dominates the Zanzibar archipelago, it holds Christianity and Hindu religion! On your Stone Town tour, you’ll visit Hindu temples, Christian cathedrals, and several mosques. These’re one of the must-see attractions in the Zanzibar archipelago!

Usually, travelers undertaking trips to Zanzibar Island, visit the Shakti Temple which holds amazing unique architecture. The other prominent mosque is Malindi Mosque, the oldest on Spice Island.

This tour allows you to explore the religious life of people and it’s one of the best tours on Zanzibar Island.

Christians can visit the Anglican cathedral that was built in the 19th century. It was constructed at the very center of the slave trade market. And its altar is set at the very place where the slaves could get whipped.

A slave monument and a museum are set beside this mighty church. These features commemorate the history of the slave trade on Zanzibar Island- Indian Ocean coast.


Visiting the beautiful art galleries in Stone Town is a must does not miss experience on your call tours to the Zanzibar archipelago. Art galleries are among the most prominent and amazing attractions on Zanzibar Island.

For the best tours, there’re professional local tour guides who will take you to the best artisan shops down the streets of Zanzibar City to buy yourself a souvenir! Art galleries are among the charming attractions in Stone Town.

They sell lovely crafts including baskets, bags, key holders, jewelry, and sculptures made out of amazing wooden carvings.

Most of the prominent art galleries are found along Kenyatta Road, Ginzenga Street as well as Changa Bazaar Street.


This is one of the most thrilling things to do at Zanzibar Island!

While undertaking Stone Town tours, travelers visit the Darajani Market. On this fascinating tour, you’ll enjoy shopping in Stone Town- one of the historical attractions or towns in East Africa.

In Darajani Market Stone Town, you’ll shop delicious fruits, food, vegetables, giant sea fish, and meat as well as interact with local people as they run their daily life activities.

For a memorable experience in Stone Town Darajani Market, always exercise your bargaining skills or have a seafood lunch (food) from here! Most of the seafood lunch (food) here is spiced with local aromatic spices.

During your visit in Darajani Market or other markets in Stone Town, you’ll witness that the local people on Zanzibar Island are friendly and down to earth! These lovely people of Stone Town can speak good English and you can crack some conversations with them.

Note that, Darajani Market is one of the key attractions a must not miss on your Stone Town tour.

3. Visiting Amazing Spice Plantations

Do you ever wonder why Zanzibar Island is called Spice Island? Undertaking a spice tour in Stone Town is the best answer!

Note that globally, Zanzibar is one of the leading producers of spices such as black pepper, nutmeg, lemongrass, vanilla, coconuts, chili, cloves, and cardamom.

On your spice tour in Zanzibar Island, you’ll visit amazing spice plantations including botanic gardens, farms of exotic spices, tropical fruits plus vegetables.

As you visit the spice plantations on your Zanzibar Island tour, your knowledgeable tour guide will show you medicinal spices that locals use to treat some malaises. Others are used as ornaments and decorations.

While on the spice plantations tour, you’ll learn about how different fruits together with spices are cultivated, harvested, and used in cooking food (seafood lunch). Kidichi and Jambo Spice Farm are commonly visited.

Normally, this charming trip finishes at a spice-selling stall where you can buy spices to act as souvenirs for your Zanzibar tours.

4. Visiting the Prison Island

Prison Island is one of the fascinating attractions or places to visit in Zanzibar! The Prison Island is situated off the coast of Unguja Island. This great historic isle, Prison Island is also called Quarantine Island. It’s an incredible hidden oasis holding fascinating Zanzibar’s history.

Prison Island is one of the small islands found in the Indian Ocean, commonly visited by travelers undertaking tours on this isle.

Regardless of the beautiful sights of Prison Island, it’s prominently known by travelers for its charming history! In the dark chapter of Zanzibar’s history, Prison Island used to be a place where slaves could be kept before being sold abroad.

Currently, the holiday tour highlight on this ancient Island (Prison Island) is sunbathing as well as snorkeling in the blue waters.  Travelers on Prison Island can also enjoy petting with giant Aldabra Tortoises introduced from Seychelles, over a century ago.

5. Undertaking Jozani Forest Tour

Undertaking the Jozani Forest trip on your vacation gives you a golden opportunity to explore Zanzibar Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. Jozani Forest is among the amazing attractions on Zanzibar Island. It’s the only park on the Spice Island!

Jozani Forest visit is a remarkable experience offering you a fascinating golden encounter with Zanzibar’s endemic Red Colobus in their natural habitat. These total over 1000 individuals.

While undertaking nature walks Jozani Forest, a scenic forest, expect to encounter Sykes Monkeys, Bushbabies, over 50 species of butterflies, and 40 bird species in their charming natural habitat.

This lush forest (Jozani Forest) is also home to 2 endemic Antelope species, Zanzibar Leopard, Blue Monkeys, Chameleons, Mongoose, Bush pigs, & Civets, etc.

Jozani Forest has a great environmental impact on this islet.

6. Enjoy Sailing on A Dhow

Note that, a dhow is an ancient sailing vessel that has been used on the Indian Ocean as well as the Red Sea for centuries. Therefore, undertaking a ride on it is a notable experience and a must not miss on Zanzibar safaris tours.

According to history, dhow countries included countries of Arabs and Indians but, mostly Arabs. These dhow countries could use dhows to carry merchandise like Ivory, Spices, as well as slaves to Europe, Egypt, and the Middle East from the East African coast.

On your tours, you’ll have an opportunity to watch these ancient boats (dhows). And undertaking a ride on them is the best way of exploring the vast Indian Ocean coast.

For a rewarding experience, a private cruise that takes you to numerous isles with wine and delicious food (seafood lunch) can be arranged. A sunset cruise is ideal for partners!

7. Visiting the Cheetah’s Rock

For wildlife lovers on the Zanzibar trip, visiting Cheetah’s Rock gives you a notable encounter with most of the wildlife on the African mainland- the United Republic of Tanzania. Cheetah’s Rock is also among the charming attractions in Zanzibar Island.

This facility is located in the north of the great Stone Town in Zanzibar Island, home to most of the wildlife in Tanzania. And among these include Cheetahs, Zebras, Bushbabies, Pumas, and Otters.

During the visit, you’ll have a memorable close encounter with incredible game animals of Africa counting Cheetahs and Zebras. Travelers can always go ahead to feed some!

This lovely facility opens on Tuesday, and Thursday as well as Sunday from 2- 6 pm.

8. Undertake A Swim with Turtles in Their Aquarium

For adventure lovers on Zanzibar tours, endeavor to undertake this unique rewarding experience! On your vacation, this experience is best done at Baraka National Aquarium.

Please note that most of these Turtles in this aquarium are brought while still young, after being caught in fish nets.

Others come to this center while still young and injured. However, they’re cared for and released back to the ocean with time.

For a memorable experience, endeavor to undertake photos!

Is There Any Safari in Zanzibar Island?

On the African continent, Zanzibar Island is one of the idyllic places for beach tours, relaxation as well as honeymoon tours.

Normally, travelers undertake trips to Zanzibar Island to top up wildlife safaris in Tanzania.

While on your call tours in Zanzibar Island, you’ll enjoy beach tours, and explore Stone Town- an ancient town in East Africa. For adventurous travelers, you’ll enjoy snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba diving, as well as swimming with turtles, etc.

On booking your tours to this amazing Islet, always look for tour operators with almost free cancellation booking policies.

Is There Wildlife in Zanzibar Island? | What Animals Are in Zanzibar Safari?

There’re no large wild animals on Zanzibar Island however, this doesn’t mean that you won’t see anything! This isle holds some land as well as marine animals found on land as well as marine natural habitat like Mangrove and Indian Ocean coast forests.

Zanzibar Island wildlife includes over 700 fish species, 200 birds, and 53 mammals counting Red Colobus Monkeys, Aders’s Duiker, Blue Monkeys, Suni Antelope, Turtles, etc.

Zanzibar Tour Packing List- What to Pack For Your Zanzibar Tours?

Zanzibar Tours

What should I pack while traveling to Zanzibar Island? While planning to have Zanzibar tours, you’re advised to be well-equipped for a remarkable vacation.

Below is the packing list for the Zanzibar Island trip:

  1. Sun protection gears like sunglasses, sunscreens, as well as a sunhat, are so helpful on your tour. Always carry these on your Kenya safari trips, Uganda safari tours, or Tanzania safari trips.
  2. Insect repellents are of great importance in the case of biting bugs. This is so vital even on Kenya trips or safari tours in Uganda or Rwanda trips.
  3. Holiday tour gadgets such as a camera, binoculars, and a 3-pin UK-style adapter.
  4. A day pack bag is so ideal to keep all your trip daily essentials including a camera, binoculars, and sunscreens safe.
  5. A mobile phone is a must-have on Zanzibar trips! Keeps you connected with your life friends at home. For social media fans, it keeps you in touch with your daily life.
  6. A swimming suit, in case you’re an aficionado! You should have this suit even on Kenya trips.
  7. Individual toiletries for instance, toothpaste, toothbrushes as well as tampons for women.
  8. Trip travel documents and other miscellaneous items: Among these include your passport, travel insurance, tickets, plus a Yellow fever vaccination, etc.
  9. Comfortable shoes are ideal however, don’t forget sandals. This applies even on Kenya holiday tours.
  10. A rain jacket: Just in case rain finds you for example, in Stone Town during walking tours/trips.
  11. Bottled water– during your Zanzibar Island tour bottled water is so crucial.
  12. Beach clothes are recommended for convenience. Also on your Kenya safari tours or trips, these are vital

Zanzibar Hotels (Resorts) – Where to Stay in Zanzibar Island?

On your Zanzibar tour, don’t get worried about where to stay! There’s a range of modern Zanzibar resorts and hotels, ideal for all classes of travelers. These range from luxury to midrange as well as budget facilities. Most have ideal free cancellation booking policies.

Also, most of the resorts prepare a range of food (seafood lunch) suiting all travelers from all corners of the globe.

Here are the:

Best Luxury Resorts in Zanzibar Island

  1. Matemwe Retreat
  2. Zawadi Hotel
  3. Baraza Resort & Spa

Recommended Midrange Hotels on Zanzibar Island

  1. Nungwi Beach Resort by Turaco
  2. Next Paradise Resort
  3. Zanzibar Gold Hotel
  4. Nungwi Dreams Hotel

Ideal Budget Resorts in Zanzibar Island

  1. Zanzibar Retreat Hotel
  2. Malaika Beach Resort
  3. Funguni Palace Hotel and,
  4. The Swahili House, etc.

Please, you’re advised to book with a facility having favorable free cancellation booking policies.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Zanzibar? | What Is the Best Time of the Year to Go to Zanzibar?

Are you wondering about what is the best month to visit Zanzibar Island or what is the best time of year to visit Zanzibar Island? All time of year, you can make a trip to Zanzibar Island however, the best time is always in the dry season in June-October & January-February!

During these months, you can undertake beach tours, Stone Town tours, snorkeling, and Scuba diving without rainfall inconveniences.

March-May and November-December (short rains) are wet months on Zanzibar Island. Rain can always inconvenience your daily activities.

Always book your vacation with a tour operator having free cancellation booking policies in case of any misfortune.

You’re advised to book your Zanzibar tours with a tour operator having friendly or almost free cancellation booking policies. This is so in case of any mishap in weather.

What Is the Best Month to Safari in Tanzania? | What Is the Best Month to Visit Tanzania?

All time of year, you can have safaris in Tanzania but, the best time to visit is during the dry season. In this season (June-October & January- February), game viewing is always at its best and there’re always minimal rainfall inconveniences.

If interested in the great Wildebeest migration event, June-July is the best time to go to Tanzania.

It’s also ideal here you book your safari with a tour company with free cancellation booking policies.

Where Is Zanzibar Located? | Is Zanzibar an African Country?

Have you been wondering about which country Zanzibar belongs to or is Zanzibar African or Indian? Here is a clear answer for you!

Zanzibar Island in the Indian Ocean is found in the country of the United Republic of Tanzania. It lies about 35km off the shoes of East Africa

In 1964 Zanzibar (main island), together with Pemba Island as well as other smaller islands, joined with Tanganyika on the mainland thus, forming the United Republic of Tanzania.

Please note that: The Zanzibar archipelago is a semi-autonomous province of the United Republic of Tanzania. It comprises Zanzibar Island, Pemba Island plus other small islands.

Traveling to Zanzibar Island- How to Get to Zanzibar from Tanzania?

How to get to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam is a common query to most of our travelers planning to travel from the country of the United Republic of Tanzania to Zanzibar Island! Please note while visiting this isle, most departures and arrivals from Dar es Salaam take place at Stone Town.

For your Zanzibar trip, you can arrive by ferry, boat, or plane from Dar es SalaamTanzania’s largest city.

  • Planes from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania’s largest city) are expensive despite their being fast. It’s a short flight. This short flight takes about 20 minutes.
  • Speed boats from Dar es Salaam take about 2 hours although considered slow! However, the experience of using a ferry from Dar es Salaam is worth undertaking. It will help you appreciate the scenic sights of the mighty Indian Ocean!

Is Zanzibar Different from Tanzania? | What Is the Difference Between Tanzania and Zanzibar?

Zanzibar (main island) is an archipelago (group of islands) in the Indian Ocean and is part of the country of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Around 1964, Zanzibar Island and Pemba Island as well as other smaller islands joined Tanganyika on the mainland and formed the United Republic of Tanzania. The island has its parliament as well as a president.

Zanzibar’s capital (largest city) is Zanzibar City, located on Unguja Island. Its historical center, Stone Town, is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The capital of the Republic of Tanzania is Dodoma, situated about 480km west of the Indian Ocean.

What Language Is Spoken in Zanzibar Africa?

Swahili is widely spoken in Zanzibar City; however, many people can speak Arabic as well as English. Other European languages on Zanzibar Island that are relatively or widely spoken include Italian and French.

Therefore, on your Zanzibar trips, don’t worry about the language barrier!

Please note that Swahili is widely spoken in East Africa for example while on Kenya safari tours, Uganda trips, or DRC tours, you’ll find people using it.

Zanzibar Travel Requirements | Zanzibar Entry Requirements

Since Zanzibar Island is found in the United Republic of Tanzania, undertaking tours to this lovely islet just needs you to have all of Tanzania’s entry requirements.

Here are the entry requirements to the United Republic of Tanzania/ Zanzibar Island:

  1. A valid passport: Your passport should be valid for 6 months from the date of your arrival in the United Republic of Tanzania. This is also a key travel document on Kenya safari tours as well as Uganda trips.
  2. Tanzania visa: This is a must-have except for nationals from visa-free countries to the United Republic of Tanzania. Travelers can only apply for Tanzania Visa online at https://visa.immigration.go.tz/.
  3. Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate: This is needed if you’re coming from a country with a high risk of Yellow Fever virus transmission. It can be crucial also in a safari country like Uganda, Kenya as well as South Africa.
  4. A round-trip ticket

Please note that the United Republic of Tanzania doesn’t issue visas on arrival! But, nationals from Iraq have this privilege.

Is Zanzibar Worth Visiting? – Is Zanzibar Good for Tourists?

Are you wondering whether is Zanzibar worth going to or is it worth it to go to Zanzibar City?

Yes, Zanzibar City is a remarkable paradise a must not miss on top of your Tanzania wildlife safaris!

Here are the reasons why you should undertake a trip to Zanzibar Island:

a. Zanzibar Island Offers the Best Beach Tours in Africa

Although they’re beautiful beaches in East African countries like Kenya, Zanzibar Tanzania holds the best! This isle holds one of the best beaches in the world for example Nungwi Beach.

You’re advised to book your tours with a tour operator having friendly or almost free cancellation booking policies.

b. On Africa Continent, Zanzibar Island Offers Best Beach Water Sports

During your Zanzibar Island tours, you have a great opportunity of undertaking amazing remarkable water sports such as world-class snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, swimming with Dolphins, etc. Just expect a thrilling lifetime encounter!

c.  Zanzibar Island Boasts A Rich History Worth Exploring

This famous islet boasts a rich history on the East African coast worth exploring in its ancient town (Stone Town)- inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site. This town holds Zanziabars history of the 19th century about the influence of Arabs, Europeans, Indians plus Persians on the coast of East Africa.

The best way to explore Zanzibar City fascinating history is by undertaking a Stone Town tour. With one of the best local tour guides, you’ll enjoy walks on ancient trade routes and visit other charming historical places like ancient mosques, Old Fort, etc.

d. Best Place for Honeymoon in Africa

Apart from Zanzibar offering the best relaxation tours in Africa, it also boasts the most beautiful lodges in the world. A combination of these factors makes Zanzibar Island fantastic for a honeymoon tour.

Imagine, how can an archipelago not be a perfect place for romance? You’re advised to book your holiday tours in Zanzibar with a safari company having friendly or free cancellation booking policies.

e.  Best Place to Explore Incredible Spices of Africa

Zanzibar City is renowned as the Spice Island, undertaking Zanzibar call tours on top of your visit to the United Republic of Tanzania gives you a chance to explore one of the best spices in the world.

Among these aromatic spices includes cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, cloves, turmeric, and lemongrass. You’ll have a chance to visit spice plantations and buy some to act as your trip souvenirs.

Please note:

Always check for your tour operator’s booking rules. He must be having favorable free cancellation booking policies.

Why Is Zanzibar So Famous? | What Is So Special About Zanzibar City?

Zanzibar Island, also known as the Spice Island, is globally known for its sweet-smelling spices! And among these include nutmeg, black pepper, turmeric, cloves, and cinnamon.

Travelers undertaking spice tours in Zanzibar Island can always visit a spice plantation for a rewarding experience. As you visit the spice plantation you can get yourself a souvenir.

Other amazing things to do on the Zanzibar trip include undertaking beach tours where you’ll enjoy sunbathing on the best beaches in the world. This isle also offers world-class snorkeling and scuba diving.

Zanzibar City is also an ideal place in East Africa to have delicious food (seafood lunch) especially, for honeymooners and couples.

Which Is Better Zanzibar or Maldives?

Which is better for the honeymoon Zanzibar or Maldives? This is a common query we normally get from our clients who would wish to have honeymoon tours!

Please note that both islands rank as the most beautiful islands in the world.

Both of these islands are havens for beach tours and honeymoons. They hold scenic white sand beaches, and turquoise waters as well as numerous amazing 5-star hotels ideal for all kinds of travelers

However, note that Zanzibar tours offer the best experience! This is because it offers you a golden chance to visit Tanzania- the best area for wildlife safaris in Africa.

Zanzibar Souvenirs- What to Buy in Zanzibar Island?

There’re various amazing items you can buy on your tours in Zanzibar Island for a notable experience of your vacation in Africa.

Here are the best things to buy on your Zanzibar trip:

  1. Lovely spices such as vanilla, cloves, chili, black pepper, nutmeg, lemongrass, and coconuts. These can be got from Darajani Market
  2. Amazing woven products like baskets, hats, mats, etc.
  3. Beautiful handmade bags
  4. Craft shoes for both men and women
  5. Wonderful jewelry and bracelets
  6. Traditional clothes (fabrics) as well as beachwear – can be bought in Stone Town.
  7. Wonderful art Paintings- These can be amazing drawings of wildlife, African village paintings, Kilimanjaro Mountain (Africa’s highest point) as well as Arabian Dhow paintings.
  8. Lovely sculptures of animals and local people.

As you plan things to buy in Zanzibar Island, avoid items with animal products however much they can be pretty! You’ll be heavily fined if found with such a product.

What to Wear in Zanzibar Island?

Since time immemorial, Zanzibar Island has been a strong Muslim community regardless of its highly developing tourism industry which has not changed the people’s dress code.

Therefore, you should mind about culture. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from taking tours to this incredible isle as there’re no dressing restrictions in place.

Here is the dressing code guide:

  1. Avoid tiny bikinis while visiting rural areas or on Stone Town tours. However, they’re fine while at the beach.
  2. Women should wear shoulder and knee-covering clothes, especially while on a Stone Town tour or a visit to rural areas.
  3. Is it ok to wear shorts in Zanzibar Island? Men can put on shorts however, they shouldn’t move shirtless, except on beaches.
  4. Since this islet is relatively hot and humid most of the time, light clothes are ideal. (Jeans can go a bit hot).
  5. During Ramadan, we strongly recommend men and women put on clothes that fully cover their legs and shoulders.
  6. See-through clothes should be avoided while on the Stone Town tour. No one wants to see your underwear! This should be the case for other safari destinations like Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa.

Is Zanzibar Safe? | Is it Safe to Travel to Zanzibar Island?

Usually, travelers intending to take a Zanzibar trip inquire whether is Zanzibar safe for tourists and some are like whether is Zanzibar tourist friendly.

Unquestionably, Zanzibar Island is safe! Every year, thousands of travelers visit this islet for relaxation and most of them leave without any mishap!

Regardless of the above fact, you’re advised to be vigilant of your properties while on tour. Some travelers have registered petty crimes.

Here are the safety guidelines during your Zanzibar tours:

  1. Don’t move with luxurious jewelry and gadgets. This attracts bad characters. This applies even in other safari destinations like Kenya, Rwanda Uganda, and South Africa.
  2. Never leave your valuables including food unattended! It’s not wise. It also applies to safari destinations like Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa.
  3. Always avoid flashing money while in public like bars or hotels as you eat food. Also, this can call for unnecessary attention. Do this on Kenya trips, South Africa tours as well as on Uganda safari tours, etc.
  4. Don’t move with huge money. Also, this can attract the attention of criminals. Only move with little for transport, buying souvenirs, tipping, and food in a resort. This applies while on Kenya trips, South Africa tours, etc.
  5. Avoid moving in the night especially, on lonely streets. Most crimes happen at night. Follow this on your Kenya safari trips, South Africa tours, or Uganda holiday tours.
  6. Try to avoid street food if you have a sensitive stomach. This food might not be well prepared for you!
  7. Respect the indigenous Muslim culture. Make sure, you’re modestly dressed especially in public places. This applies to other safari destinations like South Africa.

Is Zanzibar Affordable? | Is Zanzibar Cheap or Expensive?

Tanzania Zanzibar Island is one of the relatively cheap holiday destinations to travel to on your African vacation compared to destinations like South Africa, and Namibia.

On average, you can spend 45$ on your vacation in Zanzibar City. This includes 15$ for meals (food) and 10$ for local transport.

Your tour operator will always advise you on the possible ways to be economical.

Zanzibar Trip Cost (Zanzibar Vacation Cost)- How Much Is a Trip to Zanzibar?

Normally, many travelers planning to undertake trips to Zanzibar Island are always inquisitive about how much is a safari in Tanzania Zanzibar. Some even ask, “Why are Tanzania safaris so expensive?”

But, you should note that there’s no fixed price for a trip to Zanzibar Island or any other safari destination like South Africa inclusive.

The safari cost is always affected by several factors including accommodation, transport means as well as the food you take on vacation.

Here are some of the determinants of how much a trip to Zanzibar cost would:

  1. Number of Days You Wish to Spend on the Zanzibar Tour

Each day on your trip comes with an expense. These costs include accommodation as well as transportation and thus, long tours are relatively more expensive than short trips.

  1. The Activities in Zanzibar You Wish to Undertake

Note that, most top activities on your Zanzibar Island holiday tours come with a fee attached. Therefore, the more activities, the higher your trip cost rises.

  1. Accommodation Class You Use on Your Zanzibar Tour

Also, this affects greatly your cost for the Zanzibar vacation. Let’s say, opting to go budget instead of using luxury facilities minimizes your Zanzibar trip cost.

  1. The Kind of A Vehicle You Decide to Use on Your Tour

As you undertake Zanzibar trips, the type of vehicle you opt to use also greatly affects your holiday cost. For instance, opting for a Land Cruiser instead of a Van while traveling on this isle rises your holiday cost.

This is because a land cruiser consumes more fuel than a van.

  1. Number of People on Your Zanzibar Tours

Generally, the more people you travel with on your tours, the higher will be your holiday cost. This is because each person comes with expenses like accommodation.

However, traveling as a group is considered cheaper as it allows partaking costs like accommodation and transport.

Please note:

You should always check the booking policies of your tour operator. These have to be favoring you! That’s to say, he should have ideal free cancellation booking policies.

How Many Days Do You Need to See Zanzibar? | How Many Days in Zanzibar Is Enough?

How long do you suggest staying in Zanzibar? Although this is a common query among travelers intending to have holiday tours in Zanzibar Island, there’s no clear answer to this!

Note that, the duration of your tour on this islet is determined by your travel budget and interests.

However, as experienced tour operators, we suggest a minimum of 3-5 days. This will allow you to enjoy the sandy beaches, scuba diving, and snorkeling in the great Indian Ocean. You’ll also undertake a spice tour as well as explore Zanzibar Stone Town- an ancient town!

Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd is available to organize your Zanzibar holiday tours based on your travel demands.

Can You Do a Safari from Zanzibar Island? | Can You Do a Day Safari from Zanzibar?

Yes, you can have a one-day tour from Zanzibar.

However, this is only possible by flight! Park options include Mikumi National Park Mkomazi National Park as well as Saadani National Park.  Selous Game Reserve can also be visited for incredible wildlife tours in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Still from this isle, you can have tours to Tanzania’s most prominent parks like Serengeti, Ruaha, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, as well as Lake Manyara National Park.

How Much Is a Safari from Zanzibar Island

The price of a safari from Zanzibar to the United Republic of Tanzania varies as it’s determined by numerous factors including:

  1. Means of transport used
  2. Number of people you’re traveling with
  3. Means of accommodation you decide to use and,
  4. Activities you’ll undertake on your safari and,
  5. The number of days you wish your safari to go, etc.

Please, always feel free to inquire from your tour operator!

Top Tour Operators to Travel with As You Visit Zanzibar

For the best tours in Zanzibar, we strongly recommend you book your holiday tours with a reliable safari company.

You’re advised to check on the booking policies of a tour operator. i.e. if they have free cancellation booking policies/ flexible booking options.

Here are some of the top tour operators in the United Republic of Tanzania you must book your Zanzibar trip with for the best tours:

  1. Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd
  1. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  1. Africa Safaris Tours
  1. Tanzania Safaris And Tours
  2. National Parks in Tanzania

Zanzibar Travel Packages, Zanzibar Vacation Packages, Vacation Packages in Zanzibar Island

Note that, we can arrange Zanzibar tour packages starting from Tanzania or on the Zanzibar Island itself. At times, special offers can be given out and hold favorable free cancellation booking policies.

Below are Zanzibar best tours:

a. 2 Days Tanzania Safari from Zanzibar

These popular 2 days safari in Tanzania starts and ends in Zanzibar. It takes you to Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater one of the best parks for Tanzania safari trips.

b. 3 Days Tanzania tour from Zanzibar- Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro & Lake Manyara National Park

This is one of the ideal safari trips from Zanzibar offering a golden chance of spotting all the Big Five. You’ll take a flight from the island to Arusha and on day 3 afternoon, fly back to the isle.

c. 3 Days flying Serengeti trip from Zanzibar

Our 3 days flying Serengeti safari tours from Zanzibar allow you to explore the most famous park in the United Republic of Tanzania and Africa at large- Serengeti.

Among the top activities on this tour includes a hot air balloon safari experience, giving you an aerial view of the lovely Serengeti plains.

d. 4 Days Tanzania Safari- Starting from Zanzibar Island

Our 4 days Tanzania safari allows you to explore 3 of the most famous parks in East Africa. These include Serengeti, Lake Manyara park, and Ngorongoro Crater.

You can decide to undertake a hot air balloon safari experience in the mighty Serengeti Park. This will offer you a scenic aerial view of the vast golden plains of Serengeti.

e. 3 Days Zanzibar Island tours

This is one of the best tours in Zanzibar Island. It allows you to visit most of the attractions in Zanzibar like the scenic Zanzibar coast beaches, Stone Town, Jozani Forest, Prison Island tours are also possible, etc.

Other Top Amazing Zanzibar Island Packages

5 days flying safari- Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, and Zanzibar holiday tours.

7 days Zanzibar Island Holiday tours & Ngorongoro Crater lake safari

10 Days Kilimanjaro hike, Game viewing tours & Zanzibar vacation

8 Days Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and Zanzibar holiday tours

20 Days Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar Tour- Wildlife viewing tours, Community trips, and relaxation.

Please note that all our trips are safe and we have favorable free cancellation booking policies for our clients.

In brief, Zanzibar is the perfect place in the world to be if you’re looking for a place for relaxation! Globally, this islet boasts some of the best beaches and resorts idyllic for honeymooners and couples. Among these include Nungwi and Nakupenda Beach.

On your visit, you’ll explore Stone Town, have a tour of a spice plantation as well as explore the vibrant local markets. Travelers so much fun in adventure water sports, snorkeling, windsurfing, and scuba diving await you.

Book with us an affordable Zanzibar tour for a notable experience. Please, feel free to email us for any inquiries or special offers!