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Uganda Wildlife Safaris | Wildlife Safari in Uganda Wildlife Safari Places

Uganda wildlife safaris/wildlife safari in Uganda are comparable to game viewing safaris in the best Uganda wildlife safari destinations. These trips are so memorable and worth undertaking!

On your Uganda wildlife safari tours, expect to encounter most of the lovely game animals most travelers visiting Africa are always interested in. Among these include Lions, Leopards, Cape Buffalos, Elephants, Rhinos, Cheetahs, Hyenas, giant Nile Crocodiles, Hippos, Antelopes, and various bird species.

Normally, captivating game drives, boat cruises, and nature walks are taken to spot these incredible animal species in their natural habitat.

The key sites for Uganda wildlife safari trips include Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of the most biodiverse national parks in Africa.

For memorable African wildlife Uganda safaris, we recommend you supplement a gorilla trekking adventure on your trip. Also, you shouldn’t miss chimpanzee trekking, as well as cultural encounters!

For bird lovers, you can also enjoy Uganda birdwatching tours. You’ll search for the rare Shoebill, Green-breasted Pitta, Red-throated Bee-eaters, Great Blue Turaco, Double-toothed Barbet, etc.

All year round, Uganda wildlife tours are possible but, dry months offer the best sights for game viewing. Never forget your camera!

 Always feel free to email us for any inquiries about your Uganda safari.


Top Sites for Uganda Wildlife Tours – Where Can I See Wildlife in Uganda?

The Pearl of Africa Uganda holds numerous sites for wildlife safari adventures however, national parks are mostly visited. Other areas include sanctuaries and game reserves.

Below are the top sites for game-viewing tours in Uganda:

1. Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park ranks as the best place for Uganda wildlife safari tours!

This legendary and scenic park, Murchison Falls National Park holds a fascinating population of wildlife counting about 144 animal species. Among these include 4 of the African safari Big five (Lion, Leopards, Elephants, Cape Buffalo), except Rhinos.

Apart from the Big Five, other amazing game animals in Murchison falls park include:

  1. A thrilling population of Giraffes
  2. Jackson’s Hartebeests
  3. Uganda Kob
  4. Hyenas
  5. Hippos
  6. Giant Nile Crocodiles
  7. Warthogs
  8. Lovely primates and,
  9. Several birds

While on your wildlife safaris in Murchison falls park, most animals are spotted on game drives in Buligi area. A boat cruise on the Nile River to the base of this park – the strongest waterfall in the world is also worth undertaking. This can also be a chance to see the lake Albert Delta.

Visitors interested in chimpanzee trekking can visit the nearby Budongo Forest. Bird-watching tours are also possible.

2. Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park is another paradise for Uganda wildlife safari trips. In fact, this great bio diverse and scenic park is among the best sites for African game viewing trips.

It’s home to 4 of the Big Five (except Rhino). Also note that, Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best areas to spot tree climbing Lions in Africa. The other population can only be found in Tanzania’s Lake Manyara park and Serengeti.

Not only is Queen Elizabeth park a haven for Uganda wildlife tours, but it’s also a lovely place for Uganda birding tours. It’s home to over 600 birds (almost 50% of birds in Uganda)!

Normally, game animals in Queen are spotted on game drives in Kasenyi plains and on a Kazinga channel boat trip.

Key animals to look for in Queen Elizabeth park:

  1. Lions
  2. Leopards
  3. Cape Buffalos
  4. Big Elephant herds
  5. Giant Nile Crocodiles
  6. Fascinating Hippos in Kazinga Channel
  7. Hyenas
  8. Warthogs
  9. Topis
  10. Kobs and,

Bushbucks, among other animals

For a memorable wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth park, you can go chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge. Also, you can enjoy fascinating nature walks in the great Maramagambo Forest.

3. Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Although it’s a small park, Lake Mburo National Park is a must not miss destination for Uganda wildlife safari trips.

This fascinating and most convenient park in Uganda holds the highest concentration of Leopard population in East Africa. Also, it’s the only Uganda park to spot impalas!

Game animals in Lake Mburo National Park are commonly spotted on game drives. However note that nature walks, boat cruises on Lake Mburo, horseback safaris, and cycling tours are possible also.

Among the safari destinations in East Africa, Lake Mburo National Park is one of the best areas to enjoy walking safaris! On this adventure, you’ll enjoy a close encounter with the Beautiful Elands, Zebras, Topis, etc.

Here are the prominent animals in Lake Mburo National Park to look for:

  1. Beautiful Elands
  2. Topis
  3. Impalas
  4. Bushbucks
  5. Defassa’s Waterbucks
  6. Zebras
  7. Giraffes
  8. Hyenas
  9. Bush pigs and,
  10. Giant Forest Hogs- if lucky

4. Kidepo Valley National Park

Dabbed as Africa’s True Wilderness, Kidepo National Park is popularly known for its incredible natural beauty. Its breathtaking golden scenery is comparable to the Serengeti and Masai Mara of Kenya. Never miss this park on your Uganda wildlife safari tours!

This picturesque park, Kidepo Park boasts a rich wildlife totaling over 77 mammal species and almost 500 bird species.

Among the animals in this scenic park include Kidepo endemics such as Cheetahs, Bat-eared foxes, Aard Wolves, striped Hyenas, Greater and Lesser Kudus, as well as Wild dogs, etc.

The prominent animals in Kidepo national park include:

  1. Cheetahs
  2. Lions
  3. Leopards
  4. Fascinating population of Cape Buffaloes
  5. Elephants
  6. Zebras
  7. Hartebeests and,
  8. Topis
  9. Uganda Kob
  10. Giraffes

While on your wildlife Uganda safari in Kidepo Park, most game animals are spotted on a wildgame drive in Narus Valley.

Apart from a scenic wildlife drive in Narus Valley, you can do also nature walking trips in the Kidepo Valley region. A captivating cultural encounter with the IK and the pastoral Karamajongs is worth undertaking as well.

5. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

The Uganda Rhino Sanctuary is the only place to enjoy the Rhino tracking on foot adventure while on your Uganda wildlife tour.

This dazzling Sanctuary is home to over 32 Rhinos. Bushbucks, Oribis, Waterbucks, Warthogs, and several bird species such as the Double-toothed Barbet, Grey-crowned Cranes, Broad-billed rollers, etc.

Commonly, travelers visit this sanctuary en route to Murchison Park, Uganda’s oldest park and a prominent site for Uganda game viewing tours.

Other Prominent National Parks for Uganda Wildlife Safari Trips

On your wildlife Uganda safari tour, don’t dare miss these sites! They’re ideal sites for Uganda primate safaris. While in these national parks expect to encounter the endangered Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, and other amazing primates such as Red-tailed Monkeys, Olive Baboons, Black and white Colobus Monkeys, Bush babies, etc.

Among these include:

A. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is not only the best place for gorilla trekking Uganda safaris but also in Africa.

This picturesque UNESCO world heritage site, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to almost half of the 1,093 endangered Mountain gorillas on Earth.

While on your Uganda gorilla tracking safari in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, expect to spot other animals such as forest hogs and forest Elephants.

Not only is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest known for Uganda gorilla tracking tours, it’s also a haven for Uganda birding tours. It’s home to over 90% of Albertine endemic birds counting the African green Broadbill.

B. Kibale Forest National Park-Best Area for Chimpanzee Trekking tours in Africa

Popularly known as the Primate Capital of Africa, Kibale National Park holds the highest concentration and diversity of primates in Africa. It’s home to over 1500 chimps.

During your chimpanzee tracking Uganda safari in Kibale forest national park, expect to encounter other thrilling primates such as Red-tailed monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Black and white Colobus, etc.

Chimpanzee trekking adventures in Kibale National Park take about 2-5 hours! It’s one of the memorable adventures in Uganda worth undertaking on top of your Uganda wildlife safari trip. You imagine the thrill of encountering the amazing chimps in their habitat.

How Many Safari Parks Are There in Uganda?

There are 10 national parks in Uganda. These are divided into savannah parks, tropical rainforests, and mountainous.

The most prominent parks commonly visited by travelers on Uganda wildlife safari holidays include:

  1. Queen Elizabeth National Park– Renowned for its tree climbing Lions and abundant wildlife counting about 95 species of animals and over 600 bird species.
  2. Murchison Falls National Park– This is a must not miss destination for Uganda game-viewing trips. In Murchison, you’ll enjoy also the breathtaking views of the world’s strongest waterfalls, Murchison Falls on River Nile.
  3. Bwindi Impenetrable forest park– Holds almost 50% of the endangered Mountain gorillas on Earth! Therefore, it’s the best place for gorilla trekking Uganda safaris as well as in East Africa. You can also have the Batwa Pygmy community tour.
  4. Kibale Forest National Park– Offers the best chimp-tracking safaris in Africa. Kibale National Park is also the best place to spot most primates in Africa!
  5. Lake Mburo National Park- the only park to spot Impalas in Uganda. It’s an ideal spot for short Uganda wildlife safari vacations.
  6. Kidepo National Park– Famous for its incredibly beautiful scenery dabbed as Africa’s true wildness and the karimajongo community tour
  7. Rwenzori Mountains NP– It’s a UNESCO world heritage site holding the snowcapped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains.
  8. Mgahinga Gorilla NP– Another thrilling destination for Uganda gorilla safaris- While here, you can also enjoy a hike to any of the extinct volcanoes in this scenic park.
  9. Mount Elgon NP– It’s just near the stunning waterfalls (Sipi Falls)
  10. Semuliki NP– the only site among East African countries to spot Congo Guinea Biome bird species like the Congo Serpent Eagle, Ituri Batis, and Black wattled Hornbill, etc.

Which Game Park in Uganda Is Famous?

The most famous park in Uganda is Queen Elizabeth National Park. This beautiful park, Queen Elizabeth Park is one of a must not miss destinations for Uganda wildlife safaris as it holds almost all game animals in Uganda.

For bird lovers, endeavor to miss Queen Elizabeth National Park while on your birdwatching Uganda safaris.

Are There Lions in Uganda? | Which Game Park Is Famous For Lions in Uganda?

Yes, you can spot Lions while on your Uganda wildlife tours! Lions in Uganda can be spotted in national parks like Queen Elizabeth Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and Kidepo. Murchison Park is the best place to spot Lions while on your wildlife Uganda trip.

Also, some Lions have been spotted in game reserves, especially those around national parks counting Pian Upe.

Where Can I See Giraffes in Uganda? | Which National Park in Uganda Has Giraffes?

On your African wildlife safari in Uganda, Giraffes are present in Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Kidepo Park.

Among the above, Murchison national park is the best place to spot Rothschild’s Giraffes in Uganda.

Which Game Park in Uganda Is Famous for Crocodiles?

In Uganda, Murchison falls national park holds a fascinating population of Nile Crocodiles.

On your Uganda wildlife safari, you can also spot Crocodiles in Queen’s Park & Lake Mburo National Park.

Where Can I See Cheetahs in Uganda?

While on your Uganda wildlife safari trips, you can only spot Cheetahs in the Karamoja sub-region. This region covers Kidepo national park, Pian Upe, Bokora, and Matheniko game reserves.

Kidepo Park is the best place to spot Cheetahs in Uganda.

Uganda Big Five – What Are the Big 5 in Uganda?

Uganda Big Five game animals in Uganda include Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Cape Buffalo, and Rhinos. While on your Uganda wildlife safaris, you can spot 4 of the Big Five in Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Kidepo Park.

The Rhinos can only be found in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Where Can I See the Big 5 in Uganda?

During your Uganda wildlife safari holidays, the main areas to spot the Big Five include Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Kidepo Park.

Rhinos are only present in Ziwa Sanctuary.

Where Are the Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda?

Travelers on Uganda wildlife safari tours can only spot these Lions in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Park. They’re spotted during a game drive in the Ishasha sector, en route to Bwindi forest- the best area to spot Mountain gorillas in Africa.

Normally, the hot hours of the day give the best experience.

What Is the Biggest Wild Animal in Uganda?

An Elephant is the biggest wild animal in Uganda! It weighs over 6,300kg (5-6 tons). During your Uganda wildlife tour trips, you can spot Elephants in Queen’s Park, Kidepo Park, and Murchison Park.

Are There African Wild Dogs in Uganda?

Though rare, wild dogs have been spotted in Uganda Kidepo Park by a few travelers. They have never been spotted in any other park in Uganda.

What Can You Hunt in Uganda?

Sport hunting in Uganda is not yet developed. However, travelers on Uganda game viewing safaris interested in this adventure can have it in protected areas found in the Karamoja plains.

Areas for spot hunting in this country include Pian Upe, Matheniko, as well as Bokora game reserves. Oribis, Hartebeests, cape Buffalos, and Kobs are usually hunted.

How Long Do Uganda Wildlife Safaris Take?

There’s no fixed duration for Uganda wildlife safari tours. But, you should note that the length of your trip depends on your budget, interest as well as the activities you plan to do.

Wildlife safaris in Uganda can start from 1 day and can go up to 30 days.

Your tour operator will guide you to the best experience.

What Wild Animals Are in Uganda? | What Wildlife Is Found in Uganda? | What Wild Animal Is in Uganda?

What animals live in Uganda? This country is home to over 345 animal species counting primates, herbivorous, and carnivorous animals. Wild animals rank top among the top attractions in Uganda.

Here are the wild animals found in Uganda:


While on a wildlife safari in Uganda , expect to encounter some of the most amazing primates in Africa.

Among these include:

  1. Mountain gorillas
  2. Chimpanzees
  3. Golden Monkeys
  4. Blue Monkeys and,
  5. Red tailed Monkeys, etc.

Uganda chimpanzee tracking safaris in Kibale forest offers the experience for primate safaris. You’ll visit Bwindi Park for gorilla trekking Uganda safaris.

Not that most travelers visiting Africa Uganda are interested in spotting the Gorillas.


On your wildlife Uganda tour holidays, key carnivorous animals to look for include Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, and Hyenas, among others.


These include Cape Buffalos, Giraffes, Zebras, Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos, Giant Forest Hogs, as well as numerous Antelopes.


Uganda is home to several bird species however the key birds in Uganda include the Shoebill, Great Blue Turaco, African Fish Eagle, Kingfishers, Herons as well as Vultures.


These include giant Nile Crocodiles, among others.

What Animals Is Uganda Known For?

Even though this country holds thousands of game animals, the common animals in Uganda travelers are interested in are:

  1. Gorillas
  2. Chimpanzees- best spotted in Kibale forest national park
  3. Lions
  4. Elephants
  5. Rhinos
  6. Leopards
  7. Giant Nile Crocodiles
  8. Hippos plus,
  9. Numerous Antelopes including the Kob, etc.

Uganda Wildlife Safari Cost- How Much Does A Wildlife Safari in Uganda Cost?

We don’t have a fixed cost for wildlife Uganda trips! The cost of wildlife Uganda safaris is determined by numerous factors counting the duration of your trip, your group size, class of accommodation, as well as the transport, means you opt to use, etc.

Note that, a wildlife viewing trip in Uganda can cost from $200 and beyond. This depends on your travel style.

For more inquiries about the price of game-viewing trips in Uganda, email our responsive team!

Safari Clothes for A Wildlife Safari in Uganda – What to Wear for Uganda Wildlife Safaris?

On your Uganda wildlife safari tours, don’t worry about what you’ll put on!

Here is how to put on while on your wildlife safari in Uganda holiday:

  • Environmental-friendly clothes: As experienced tour operators, we advise you to put on khaki, grey, and brown. White absorbs dust during a wildgame drive. Also, bright colors stress animals, especially on nature walks like chimpanzee trekking.
  • Comfortable hiking shoes: These help while on walking safaris for instance in, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Murchison Falls National Park.
  • A sunhat: Keeps you from direct sunlight during a game walking adventure for example in Lake Mburo National Park
  • Sunglasses: Safeguards your skin from strong tropical sun rays during dry season in Queen’s Park for example.
  • Sweaters: Keeps you warm in case of coldness.

Note that:

Travelers, especially ladies should avoid body-revealing clothes. These are against Uganda’s culture! Knee covering clothes are recommended especially on cultural encounters.

Packing List for Uganda Wildlife Safaris – What to Pack for a Uganda Wildlife Tour?

While planning to come for a wildlife safari in Uganda, we recommend you have some essential items.

Here are some of the items you should have for Uganda wildlife safaris:

  1. A camera: so ideal for taking photos on your game viewing Uganda safaris.
  2. A backpack: It keeps your daily essential items like a camera, insect repellants plus some documents.
  3. Binoculars: Helps you to view distant features and animals on your Uganda wildlife safaris
  4. Insect repellent: Safeguards you from biting insects for example while on a chimpanzee trekking expedition in Kibale forest national park.
  5.  Rain poncho: So helpful in case rainfall finds you along a nature walk for instance in Lake Mburo National Park and on a chimpanzee trekking trail in Kibale.
  6. Sunscreen: Protects your skin from tropical sun rays
  7. Travel documentation plus other miscellaneous: Among these includes the entry requirements to Uganda counting a valid passport, and a yellow fever vaccination card. An ATM card and a Debit Card are also key!

Accommodation, Lodges to Use on Your Wildlife Safari in Uganda

There’re various lodges to choose from during your Uganda wildlife safari and these range from budget to midrange as well as luxury facilities.

Below are the:

a) Best Budget Lodges in Uganda

  1. Pumba Safari Cottages in Queen Elizabeth National Park
  2. Red Chili Rest Camp in Murchison Park
  3. Kazinga Channel View Resort in Queen
  4. Enjojo Lodge in the Ishasha sector of Queen
  5. Rwonyo Rest Camp in Lake Mburo park
  6. Apoka Rest Camp in Kidepo park

b) Top Midrange Lodges in Uganda

  1. Pakuba Safari Lodge in Murchison Park
  2. Agandi Lodge in Bwindi
  3. Fort Murchison Lodge in Murchison park
  4. Nga Moru Wilderness Camp in Kidepo
  5. Enganzi Game Lodge in Queen
  6. Kidepo Savannah Lodge in Kidepo park
  7. Isunga Lodge in Kibale forest national park

c) Recommended Luxury Lodges in Uganda

  1. Mihingo Lodge in Lake Mburo National Park
  2. Mweya Lodge in Queen
  3. Paraa Safari Lodge in Murchison park
  4. Ndali Lodge in Kibale forest national park

Best Time for Uganda Wildlife Safari Tours- What Is the Best Time for Wildlife Safaris in Uganda?

All year round, you can undertake Uganda wildlife safaris. But, dry months June to early September and December to February offer the best experience. In this period, game animals can easily be spotted around water holes in parks during a wildgame drive.

Trails for a game drive are also mud free in dry months.

Note that,

  1. The dry season is the peak season in this country! National parks can be crowded and tourism products get expensive.
  2. In the wet season, March to May and October to November, parks are crowd-free and tourism products become cheaper, accommodation inclusive.

Is Uganda Good for Safaris? | Why Do a Wildlife Safari in Uganda?

Uganda is undeniably among the top countries worth visiting in East Africa due to its fascinating wildlife safari adventures.

Here are the reasons why you should enjoy game-viewing tours in Uganda:

  1. You can easily combine a wildlife tour in Uganda with a gorilla trip or chimpanzee tracking- This is not possible in Kenya or Tanzania
  2. This country is one of the few countries in Africa to spot all the Big Five- These include (Lion, Leopard, cape Buffalo, Elephant, & Rhino).
  3. There are several amazing attractions in Uganda- Among these counts the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains, and stunning waterfalls.
  4. Uganda holds several safari destinations than its neighbors- Among these includes Rwanda.
  5. Wildlife Uganda safaris are quite cheaper compared to other East African countries like Tanzania, Kenya, DR Congo, and Rwanda.
  6. The country is pretty safe– In fact, it’s one of the safest East African counties worth visiting unlike its neighbor DR Congo.
  7. It’s also one of the best places to be for adventure lovers! You can enjoy bungee jumping and white water rafting along the legendary River Nile on your visit.

What Is Meant By Wildlife Safari?

The term African wildlife safari is an adventure tourists take to view animals in their captivating natural habitat.

While on wildlife safari adventures, travelers are more interested in spotting Lions, cape Buffalos, Leopards, Buffalos, Rhinos, Giraffes, and Zebras, among others.

Normally, game drives are made to search the above animals however, game walks and boat trips are possible.

Park Rules and Regulations for Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

  1. Only make campfires in designated areas
  2. During a game drive, only use designated tracks
  3. It’s illegal to make a motor horn while in parks
  4. Driving inside national parks is limited from 7 pm to 7 am
  5. Dogs as well as other pets are not allowed in the park
  6. You shouldn’t litter the park
  7. Firearms are not allowed in the park
  8. Avoid destroying vegetation by picking flowers
  9. While in a park, 40km/hr is recommended
  10. Always move with all your receipts in case of their need at the park entry point

Best Safari Companies in Uganda for Wildlife Safaris

A tour operator helps you in organizing Uganda safaris for instance in booking all your trip activities, as well as accommodation. This company is also responsible for your airport pick-up at Entebbe International Airport.

Below are some of the top tour operators you should book your Uganda wildlife safaris with:

  1. Prime Safaris And Tours Ltd
  1. Safari Uganda Safaris
  1. A Uganda Safari
  1. Africa Safaris Tours

Best Uganda Wildlife Safaris | Popular Top Wildlife Tours in Uganda

There’re various Uganda wildlife tour packages all organized to give you a remarkable African safari adventure. All our trips can be tailor-made to meet your interests.

Here are the best Uganda wildlife safari packages for you:

Uganda wildlife safaris offer a remarkable African safari experience! They give you a thrilling encounter with most of the incredible game animals of Africa counting the Big Five, Gorillas and Chimpanzees, etc. The adventure is indeed memorable and worth undertaking.

Read this Uganda travel blog for more info about wildlife tours in Uganda .

For a rewarding experience in the Pearl of Africa, get in touch with us today!