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Best Rwanda Safari Companies & Chimpanzee Trekking Agencies

Best Safari Tour Companies In Rwanda | Tour Operators In Rwanda

Various travelers planning to have their holidays in Rwanda always wish to use the best safari tour companies in Rwanda. However, getting one of the dependable tour operators in Rwanda online is not easy!

Please note that Rwanda tour operators are firms responsible for organizing a memorable safari for you while on your holiday in Rwanda.

These include inbound tour operators, outbound, domestic, ground as well as receptive tour operators.

Though choosing one of the reliable tour companies in Rwanda online has never been simple, this informative article has eased it for you!

It has brought you all qualities you must consider when looking for reliable tour operators in Kigali Rwanda. For example, it has to have prompt communication, should offer you relevant travel advice, must be legally recognized in a country, etc.

Also, this blog features the reasons why you must use tour and travel companies in Rwanda while on your visit. They help you plan and organize a safari for you, offer you important travel advice and support, as well as ease your transfers in Rwanda, etc.

Furthermore, in this article, you’ll get to know all you must consider while choosing one of the best tour companies in Kigali Rwanda.

If you’re interested in knowing much about safari tour companies in Rwanda, let’s go deeper!

List Of Tour Companies In Rwanda | Big Safari Companies In Rwanda

Which tour company is the best in Rwanda? This is a common query among travelers planning to have safari holidays in Rwanda.

Below is a list of some of the top tour operators in Rwanda you must travel with:

  1. Prime Safaris And Tours Ltd
  1. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  1. Gorilla Safari Rwanda
  1. Gorilla Tracking Rwanda
  2. Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Safaris
  1. Africa Safaris Tours

Who Is a Tour Operator?

A tour operator is a person (business) that develops a tour plan as well as packaging all safari key components. Generally, a tour operator aids in designing your holiday itinerary.

Tour operators help to hire all the services necessary for you to have a remarkable holiday. Among these include transportation, lodging, and tour guides.

Difference Between Tour Operators And Tour Agents

Several people find it difficult to distinguish between a tour operator and a travel agent. But, this article has brought it for you!

  1. A tour operator makes packages and sells them either to the consumer or the travel agent. While tour agents only sell packages on behalf of the tour operators- they don’t create packages.
  2. Also, tour operators are wholesalers whereas travel agents are the retailers
  3. Usually, tour operators make safari packages and travel agents sell them.
  4. Tour operators take up most of the responsibilities and thus, their charge is considerably more than that of a travel agent.
  5. Travel agents typically have full knowledge of the tourism products of the country. For example, about climate, accommodation, and ideal modes of transport, etc. They work on behalf of tour operators and in return get a commission.

To summarize, tour operators are whole sellers who create tour packages and sell them to consumers or travel agents. A travel agent sells packages on behalf of a tour operator and doesn’t create packages.

Types Of Tour Operators In Rwanda

They’re 5 types of tour operators in Rwanda. These include outbound, inbound, domestic, ground, and receptive tour operators.

Tour operators are classified according to their mode of operation and they include the following:

  • Inbound Tour Operators

Inbound tour operators can also be called incoming tour operators. These tour operators receive tourists (travelers) from foreign countries into their country.

Importance Of Using Inbound Tour Operators?

  • Since inbound tour operators are native tour companies, they have wide knowledge about all tourism components in their country. Therefore, expect a memorable safari on using any!

For example:

If British nationals want to visit Rwanda, a tour company in Rwanda that arranges their safari is termed as an inbound tour operator.

  • Outbound Tour Operators

Outbound tour operators generate and market foreign destinations.

Unlike inbound tour operators, outbound tour operators run within their countries to take tourists to other countries for leisure or business.

For example:

When a group of Rwandese wants to have a Uganda safari, a tour operator in Rwanda that organizes this safari is called an outbound tour operator.

Why Use Inbound Tour Operators?

  • Customarily, outbound tour operators focus on countries they know well, and using them yields a lifetime experience worth undertaking!
  • Also, they’re in partnership with one of the best safari companies in the host country. This is intended to offer you high-quality as well as cost-effective tours.

Domestic Tour Operators

These operators only create trips within their native country for local travelers.

Normally, domestic tour operators encourage local people to explore their country.

They usually organize short trips to thrilling tourism destinations like parks, as well as other amazing sites.

Ground Tour Operators

Also called destination management companies, ground-tour operators operate domestically. They can also be called handling agencies.

These are differentiated from the domestic tour operator in a way that, they organize tours for incoming tourists on behalf of oversea tour operators like outbound and inbound tour operators.

Advantages Of Ground Tour Operators

  • They oversee all land arrangements on behalf of oversea companies.
  • Help to negotiate with and contract local vendors
  • Coordinate the arrival and departure of tourists
  • Escorts travelers to explore local destinations

Receptive Tour Operators (RTOs)

In a business-to-business relationship, receptive tour operators provide tourism goods and services to tour operators in other markets. Normally, they’re wholesalers and don’t sell directly to the public.

Also, RTOs are experts in the region they operate in.

Advantages Of Receptive Tour Operators

RTOs have extensive knowledge of the region’s hotels and other forms of tourism-related industries.

Therefore, they assist other tour operators in creating itineraries in areas they are unfamiliar with and in identifying things like hotels and services.

What Are The Qualities Of Good Tour Operators In Rwanda?

Many people planning to have African safaris in Rwanda are always inquisitive about the qualities of good Rwanda tour companies.

They’re various features that a tour operator should have to be among the good tourism companies in Rwanda.

Here are the qualities of a good tour company in Rwanda:

  1. Must Have Several Communication Platforms

Though a tour operator can be having a functioning website, it’s ideal for a company to be with other social media pages like Facebook, Trip Advisor, and Twitter, among others.

These pages help travelers to find the relevant information which can’t be got on the official website. For example, reviews and recommendations from previous clients.

It further proves the authenticity of the tour company.

  1. Should Offer Reliable Information

A good tour operator in Rwanda should be in a position to offer correct information whether on the official website or in case of an inquiry.

Therefore, all information on the company’s website as well as social media pages should be correct and dependable to you. Also, a good safari company in Uganda should be able to guide you on:

  • Best time to have safaris in Rwanda and why
  • Safari packing list for a Rwanda safari and,
  • How to get a Rwanda visa, etc.
  1. Must Offer You A Relevant Tour Package

This is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for one of the best tour and travel companies in Rwanda.

Please note that not all tour operators in Rwanda know about designing a perfect itinerary for you! If it’s poorly made, they’re chances that you’ll spend more time traveling than actually enjoying your great safari activities.

A professional tour operator should be able to advise you and also make for you a tour package based on your Rwanda safari.

  1. Must Offer You An Affordable Price

This is also one of the key qualities of good tour operators in Rwanda! A dependable tour operator should always charge affordable prices for their packages.

Usually, good travel companies in Rwanda suggest for you safari activities as well as accommodation basing on your safari budget.

This is intended to offer you a high value for your money for a memorable experience on your tour in Rwanda.

  1. Should Have Maximum Level Of Experience

A good safari company in Rwanda should have a maximum level of experience.  Please note that usually tour operators that have operated for a long time are typically believed to have the highest experience.

Living other factors constant, these companies have much knowledge and can help you plan a thrilling trip in Rwanda.

Normally, only their guide alone helps you to save a lot of money.

  1. Must Be Legally Recognized In Rwanda

All tour operators in Kigali Rwanda have to be legally recognized in the country.

For example, they have to be registered with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), a government agency responsible for registering all companies in Rwanda.

Furthermore, most tour operators in Rwanda have a membership with approved tourism associations in Rwanda. Among these include:

  • Rwanda Safari Guides Association (RSGA)
  • Rwanda Association of Tour Agencies (RATA), and,
  • Rwanda Tour and Travel Agencies (RTTA), etc.

Note that:

  • If the company has a membership in any tour operators association, you can easily raise your complaint there.
  • Also, membership doesn’t always guarantee quality service! Therefore, always consider all factors discussed in this article.
  1. Should Have A Running Website

Most of the best tour operators in Rwanda have a functioning website featuring significant information. This information includes possible safari destinations, accommodation, as well as various safari activities and packages offered, etc.

A good tour operator’s website should also show clearly the company’s business profile as well as any other information that a client might wish to know.

All must be stated in a way simpler for you to understand!

  1. Must Have Good Reviews And Recommendations

Most of the best travel companies in Rwanda hold good reviews on Trip Advisor from their previous clients.

And therefore, a good tour company in Rwanda should be having good reviews. Many good reviews and recommendations indicate that the company does well in the field.

  1. Should Have Prompt Communication

This is also one of the key features of good tourism companies in Rwanda. Normally, a reliable tour operator will always give you timely feedback after your inquiry with them.

A quick response with the right information shows how serious they are.  Tour operators that take a couple of days without feedback indicate how unserious they are!

 Usually, prompt communication is an indicator of the high-quality service offered!

  1. Must Have Secure Payment Methods

A reliable safari company in Rwanda should offer you several dependable as well as secure payment methods.

Several tour companies in Rwanda use bank transfers and Credit card payment options for example, via Pesapal and Express Pay.

Note that:

  • If you’re sending money to a bank account, only send money to an account registered in a tour agency’s name!
  1. It Should Be Giving Back To The Community

It’s best to think about a tour operator in Rwanda that supports local communities if you’re interested in giving back to locals.

A good safari company should always donate a portion of its earnings to improve the lives of local populations.

Therefore, to ensure that your money helps a certain community, always pick to travel with a tour operator that supports the local community.

  1. Should Give You Travel Support

A good tour company is expected to always give travel support to its clients. Reliable tour operators in Rwanda usually help travelers to:

  • Apply for a Rwanda visa
  • Book the best flights to Rwanda
  • Get the best accommodation while on a Rwanda trip
  1. Must Have Seamless Booking And Ideal Cancellation Policies

A good tour operator in Rwanda should have a seamless booking process that’s free from difficult transitions as well as signs of disparity.

Also, the travel agent’s cancellation policies should be favoring you. For example, in case of any uncertain occurrence towards the time of your travel.

Responsibilities Of Tour Operators In Uganda?

Several tourists planning to have African safaris in Rwanda frequently wonder what do tour operators do.

Please note that these businesses companies are so essential to visitors traveling in Rwanda

Below are the functions of Rwanda tour operators

  • Help In Planning And Making A Tour Package

The primary duty of tour operators in Rwanda is to design and create tour packages.

Typically, travel agents prepare an itinerary for a safari that comprises the starting point, safari destinations, thrilling activities, accommodation, and some stopovers.

A tour operator makes this itinerary basing on your safari interest.

  • Tour Operators Help To Give Travel Advice

This is an important key function of tour operators in Rwanda!

Tour operators typically assist in providing travel guidance to their customers, and this normally begins at the time you inquire about your Rwanda tour. Travelers are always advised about:

  • The best destinations to visit
  • Amazing safari activities to undertake
  • Ideal accommodation to use and,
  • Best time to visit Rwanda, etc.

Ease Booking Process For Travelers

Tourism companies in Rwanda help to ease the booking process for you while planning to have your vacation in Rwanda.

For instance, a tour operator may assist with booking accommodations, transportation for your vacation, permits for viewing gorillas and chimpanzees, and more.

Best tour companies in Rwanda are so experienced that they virtually never fail, even in difficult times, especially in the peak season.

  • Rwanda Tour Operators Help To Manage Your Safari

Generally, a tour operator is responsible for overseeing your Rwanda tour from start to finish.

He’s in charge of organizing for you the best mode of transportation, lodging, a qualified safari guide, interesting safari activities, etc. Some even plan for all of your travel-related wishes, demands, and requirements.

Normally, they ensure that you get the best experience during your holiday in Rwanda.

  • Tour Companies In Rwanda Evaluate For You Service Options Available

Because of their extensive knowledge, safari companies in Rwanda frequently assist you in evaluating the available options for a wonderful trip in Rwanda.

For instance, they might present you with a variety of exciting Rwanda tour packages from which to choose.

Nevertheless, they’ll always advise you on the best options based on your safari interests.

  • Tour Operators Aid In Promoting And Selling Of Rwanda Tour Packages

Tour operators are so important in marketing Rwanda safari packages both on the international and local markets.

Generally, as tour operators in Kigali Rwanda are promoting their tour packages, Rwanda is put on a global billboard.

  • A Tour Operator Addresses All Problems While On Your Safari

A tour operator will always take care of and fix any uncertain occurrence that may arise during your vacation in Rwanda.

Most safari companies in Rwanda are typically able to handle all of these glitches quite effectively.

For instance, in case of a car breakdown while on a safari or a delayed flight, your travel agent will always be there to help.

Consequently, if you book your trip through a tour operator, there’s no need for concern!

What Are The Importance Of Tour Operators In Rwanda

Tour operators in Rwanda are so vital to the development of Rwanda’s economy.

For instance, tour and travel companies in Rwanda facilitate infrastructural development, source of employment opportunities, fund local communities, as well marketing Rwanda abroad, etc.

Below is the detail of how tour operators are important to Rwanda’s economy:

  • Source Of Employment Opportunities To People In Rwanda

Tour operators in Kigali Rwanda employ thousands of people counting tour drivers, guides, logistics, as well as those in reservation departments among others.

In the end, people employed can raise their standards of living thus, the economic growth of Rwanda.

  • Source Of Government Revenue

All legitimate Kigali tour operators and those elsewhere in Rwanda are a source of government revenue through taxation.

The tax is used by Rwanda’s government to develop other sectors like agriculture, education, industrialization, health, and infrastructure development like roads.

In the end, this results in the economic development of Rwanda.

  • Accelerates Infrastructural Development

The presence of tour companies in Rwanda has facilitated the development of infrastructures such as standard lodges, hotels, and international roads.

In actuality, Rwanda is one of the African countries with steady fast growing infrastructures and this has been due to its tourism industry.

Several standard lodges that come up in Kigali all target the rising numbers of tourists who come to the country.

  • Tour Operators Promote Economic Growth Of Rwanda

Since tour and travel companies in Rwanda facilitate the generation of government revenue, employment opportunities, and infrastructural development, this leads to the economic growth of Rwanda.

  • They Are A Source Of Foreign Exchange To Uganda

Tourism companies in Rwanda also yield foreign exchange earnings to Rwanda’s economy as a result of tourists coming in. High foreign exchange earnings increase the economic growth of Rwanda.

  • Some Tour Operators In Rwanda Support Local Communities

In Rwanda, many tour operators have come up with community development projects. Among these include helping vulnerable children such as orphans as well as those living with HIV.

This has helped to raise the living standards of people in some of the communities of Rwanda.

  • Tour Companies In Rwanda Help To Market Rwanda Abroad

Rwanda safari companies play a vital role in marketing Rwanda on the international market. This is done by promoting Rwanda safari packages to countries such as German, Britain, as well as the U.S.A.

This results in strengthening an international relationship between Rwanda and these international travelers.

  • Tour Operators Contribute To Environment Protection-H3

Many Rwanda tour companies promote Eco-tourism that advocates for the conservation of nature and wildlife.

That’s to say, several travel agents in Rwanda operate following sustainable tourism policies. This is aimed at minimizing their negative impact while building a greener and fairer tourism industry.

Advantages Of Using Tour Companies In Rwanda For A Safari- Why Should You Use A Safari Company While Undertaking Rwanda Tours?

They’re various reasons why you should use one of the tourism companies in Rwanda while planning to have a Rwanda holiday.

Below are the advantages of using Rwanda tour operators for your safari in Rwanda:

  1. Tour Operators Give You Numerous Economic Options To Choose From

Since the price of a safari is a key factor most travelers consider when planning to have a vacation in Rwanda.

A tour will always suggest for you several safari economic options basing on your safari budget for a thrilling safari holiday in Rwanda.

  1. Tour Companies Helps You Book Even In Difficult Times

A tour operator helps travelers while booking even in difficult times, especially in the peak season of tourism.

They always make the impossible possible! For instance, while booking a lodge room for you.

Note that, if your desired accommodation fails, safari companies in Rwanda are always in a position to offer you the best alternative.

  1. A Travel Company Helps Save Your Time- No Need For You To Hustle

This is one of the main advantages of travel companies in Rwanda! For example, if you decide to go on a holiday in Rwanda with a safari company, your responsibility will be just to select desired safari destinations.

Then, you leave the hassle of reserving rooms at lodges, and permits for tracking gorillas and Chimpanzees for the tour operator.

  1. A Tour Operator Acts As A Security Guarantee- Usually Help In Rescheduling Travels

Have you ever considered what might happen if a flight is delayed and the hotel’s reception is only open for a limited amount of time? What might happen if the flight is canceled, for example?

Note that, all those issues happen more frequently than one might think!

Therefore, if you don’t use a tour operator, you’ll deal with them directly by yourself.

You should not worry about problems like this when you use one of the best tour companies in Rwanda. This is because it’s their role to handle unforeseen problems.

  1. Eases Your Transfer To All Rwanda Safari Destinations

Traveling by a safari company or travel agent in Rwanda eases your access to most of your safari destinations.

This is because tour companies in Rwanda know the quick routes to all tourism sites. And among these include national parks as well other tourism sites in Rwanda for example, the scenic Twin Lakes as well as genocide memorial sites, etc.

As a result, using a tour operator on your Rwanda trip makes all your transfers easier.

  1. Tour Operators Give Reliable Travel Advice

Generally, tour operators in Rwanda give reliable travel advice to their clients planning to have African safaris in Rwanda. For instance, they guide travelers on the:

  • Best time to visit Rwanda
  • Accommodation in Kigali Rwanda to use and,
  • Thrilling destinations and Rwanda safari activities to undertake, etc.
  1. Travel Agents Usually Give After-Sales Service

Usually, the top African safari tour companies in Rwanda give after-sales services to their customers.

For instance, even after you purchasing their tour package, they’ll always call you while on a safari. This is done to make sure you have the greatest safari experience possible.

In case of unforeseen circumstances on a trip like healthy complications, a tour operator will always offer immediate support. It’s, therefore, best to travel through a tour company in Rwanda.

How To Choose The Best Safari Tour Companies In Rwanda For Your Rwanda Tour?

While planning to have a Rwanda safari holiday, several travelers always get confused on finding which tour company to opt for! This is due to many tourism companies in Rwanda online.

Therefore, you’re cautioned to consider the following factors when selecting one of the best safari companies in Rwanda to travel with:

  1. Package Provided By A Safari Company

This is one of the key factors to consider when choosing one of the organized tour companies in Rwanda!

Note that not every travel agent is capable of designing an ideal tour package for your safari.

Otherwise, you run the risk of having to spend more time driving than you will on your safari activities.

Also, the package should be in line to suit your safari interests.

  1. Price Of The Tour Package Provided By The Tour Company

Usually, when you make inquiries with numerous tour operators in Rwanda, you’ll find out that some costs appear higher while others moderate. It’s wise that you compare the prices of all these Rwanda safari companies!

However, you’re reminded not to be fooled by the low prices. This is because cheap things come with costs! Therefore, you should select a tour operator that can provide quality assurance at a reasonable price.

A dependable safari company will always break you all the fees for your safari package. It’s done to make you know all your expenditure.

  1. Experience Of The Safari Company

Many travelers planning to safari Rwanda usually wonder whether does the experience of a safari company in Rwanda matters!

Often, when selecting a tour company in Rwanda, it’s suggested you consider its experience however, this might not be a guarantee for you.

On the other hand, the experience might not matter much for a notable safari in Rwanda! Most travel companies in Rwanda that come up are run by people who previously collaborated with the old companies and simply decided to begin theirs as well.

Once you’re with an experienced travel agent, you’ll safely reach all your safari destinations. How did you find out?

Therefore, you’re advised to always check on the company’s reviews and recommendations on Trip Advisor from prior customers.

  1. Authenticity Of A Tour Company

Please note that all reliable tourism companies in Rwanda must be registered with Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Furthermore, a genuine tour operator in Rwanda should be having membership with any recognized association of tour operators in Rwanda.

Among the common associations of tourism operators in Rwanda include:

  • Rwanda Safari Guides Association (RSGA)
  • Rwanda Tour and Travel Agencies (RTTA), and,
  • Rwanda Association of Tour Agencies (RATA), etc.

When a company is in partnership with any acknowledged association in the country, it’s usually dependable to travel with.

  1. Payment Method Of A Safari Company

Usually, the best safari tour companies in Rwanda will always give you various secure payment alternatives.

For example, using bank transfers as well as credit card payment alternatives via Pesapal or Express Pay.

While sending money to a bank account, only send it to a bank account registered in the company’s name.

Avoid making transactions to personal bank accounts!

Additionally, it’s wise to only use Western Union, World Remit, and Money Gram only if you were familiar with the tour operator.

  1. Mode Of Communication Of The Tour Operator

Typically, the best tour companies in Rwanda communicate promptly after your inquiry to them on their email or any other platform.

First-time visitors to Rwanda often have a lot of questions, regarding their safari in Rwanda. These questions can be related to their accommodations, safari activities, and security of the country, among others, and usually require a prompt reply.

However, some travel operators are so interested in selling their packages and ignore such inquiries.

Please note that timely feedback to your inquiry indicates how serious a tour company is. Your inquiry shouldn’t take several days before getting feedback.

  1. The Tour Company’s Website

While looking for one of the ideal tourism companies in Rwanda, mind about also the website of the company you’re yet to travel with.

A good tour operator in Rwanda should have a functioning website with relevant information. This information can include Rwanda’s tourism destinations, safari activities, as well as other travel information.

Also, the website should clearly show the tour operator’s cancellation policies and these should favor you.

  1. Recommendations And Reviews From Previous Travelers Of The Company

If looking for one of the best safari tour companies in Rwanda, it’s wise you check on Trip Advisor for the company’s reviews from previous travelers.

While here, you’ll see the bad and good of the travel company as this is where the past travelers write their experiences. Therefore, this will help you decide whether to book your safari with this tour company or try the other.

Please note that some companies might not have reviews however, they’re capable of offering a memorable safari.

Therefore, if you’ve liked the package of a tour operator without reviews, you can go ahead and gamble. However, we don’t recommend using operators without reviews from past travelers.

  1. Ownership Of A Safari Company

Several visitors traveling to Rwanda usually inquire whether tour operators in Rwanda run their tours or outsource them!

This comes as a result of some travelers compromising the quality of local travel companies in Rwanda. Thus, they tend to prefer using international tour operators.

However, you should note that local safari companies in Rwanda can offer you a similar experience even at a much lower cost.

On choosing a local tour company in Rwanda, your money is indirectly contributing to the employment of the less African-privileged people.

Native safari companies always give you a local experienced safari guide who is so knowledgeable about Rwanda’s safari destinations.

  1. Size Of The Group A Tour Company Takes On A Safari

Some travelers planning to have holidays in Rwanda usually ask whether Rwanda tour operators run family trips.

Note that, before booking, it’s ideal you find out whether the company offers private or group tours and choose accordingly.

Usually, group tours are perfect for people who are timid when it comes to traveling alone. It also offers an opportunity of making new friends.

Nevertheless, small group trips are perfect for visitors interested in having much time with a guide.

For honeymooners or couples interested in traveling alone, a tour operator should be in a position to assign you a private vehicle and accommodation.

  1. The Tour Operator’s Policy On SOPs Of COVID- 19

When selecting a tour operator to travel with on your safari in Rwanda, this is also a key point to note.

When choosing a tour operator in Rwanda you should consider the one that complies with the Covid-19 SOPs. This aids in protecting your life while on a safari from COVID-19.

  1. Location Of A Safari Company

You should consider the tour operator’s location while choosing a safari company to book your holiday in Rwanda with.

Please note that knowing where the company is located indicates that it’s genuine and it can be traceable. Reliable safari companies in Rwanda have a functioning website and on it, you can easily find information about their location.

Additionally, check out whether the tour operator has active social media sites like Facebook, Trip Advisor, Twitter, as well as Instagram. All these must have relevant information.

  1. Tour Operator’s Policy On Travel Insurance

This is another important aspect to take into account while looking for a safari company in Rwanda to travel with on your holiday.

You should always find out whether the tour operator offers travel insurance for your safari.

If it doesn’t, you can get one from your country. Or this company can always advise you on the best travel insurance alternatives available for you.

  1. Tour Operators Policy On Supporting Local Communities

If interested in giving back to a community, consider selecting tour operators in Rwanda that share a portion of their profits with a community.

Before confirming with a travel agent, it’s wise you check on its website and see what it does for community development.

Choosing a travel agent that supports a local community is one way of ensuring that your money contributes to the development of society indirectly.

Is It A Must To Use A Safari Company For Your Tour In Rwanda?

Usually, numerous travelers inquire whether it’s a must to use a tour operator on a safari in Rwanda! Some ask if self-tourism in Rwanda is cheaper than using a travel agent.

Note that it’s not mandatory to use a tour operator while on your African safari in Rwanda. However, you should only miss it if you must!

Below are the advantages of traveling with a tour company for your safari in Rwanda:

  • Suggests for you various economic options to choose from basing on your safari budget.
  • Assists you when booking even in difficult times such as peak seasons for tourism.
  • Helps you save the time you would spend booking different services for your holiday.
  • Simplifies your transfer to most tourist destinations in Rwanda as they know the routes very well.
  • A travel agent shares with you crucial travel advice. For example, the best time to visit among others.

Should I Use Tour Companies In Kigali

Or Those Anywhere Else In Rwanda For My Rwanda Safari?

Many people planning to visit Rwanda constantly ask if it makes sense to use tour companies in Kigali or those elsewhere in Rwanda for a holiday.

Please note that most tour operators in Rwanda have offices in Kigali since it’s the capital city of Rwanda.

As a result, you’ll be easily picked up from Kigali International Airport and transferred following your itinerary.

Therefore, while traveling with a tour operator in Rwanda, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Your responsibility is to make sure you select one of the top safari companies in Rwanda, following the advice provided in this blog.

Is It Sensible To Use One Or More Safari Tour Companies For Cross-Boundary Safaris?

In most cases, travelers planning to have an African safari in more than one country often wonder whether they should use a tour operator in each country to arrange their safari.

Please be aware that booking through one reputable tour operator is preferable for a wonderful African safari. This agent will oversee all of your safari arrangements in other nations.

Usually, most of the best tour operators work in conjunction with other reputable safari companies in other countries.

Therefore, your responsibility is to make a reservation through a reputable safari company and let it manage the rest.

Is It Better To Use Specialized Tour Companies Than Generalized Ones For Safaris In Rwanda?

Please take note that the majority of tour operators in Rwanda are capable of managing all safari activities in Rwanda including gorilla safaris, Chimpanzee trekking, birding, and cultural encounters.

As a result, a well-organized Rwanda tour operator can efficiently handle all of your safari interests while you’re on a vacation in Rwanda.

Note that, finding a tour operator in Rwanda that specializes in providing a particular safari activity such as primate tours and wildlife safaris is quite difficult. However, specialization could yield high-quality service.

Do Tour Companies In Rwanda Do Responsible Travel Or Sustainable Tourism?

Most of the best safari tour companies in Rwanda practice sustainable tourism or Eco-tourism. This is a kind of tourism aiming at minimizing the negative impacts of tourists while traveling.

Also, Eco-tourism aims at preserving the culture and developing the communities around the tourism sites like national parks.

Therefore, your visit should benefit the community, you should leave it better than you found it.

Do Tour Companies in Rwanda Support Eco-Tourism?

Yes, tourism companies in Rwanda support ecotourism and this is through:

  1. Organizing tours in Rwanda that advocate for a range of environmental initiatives such as Leave No Trace.
  2. Supporting lodges, hotels, as well as local Eco-tourism projects that leave a low impact on the environment.
  3. Encouraging travelers to always try buying local handicrafts from local people around tourism destinations. Doing this is one way of lifting the living standards of local people.
  4. Funding international animal conservation organizations primarily through safaris to see gorillas and Chimpanzees. Among these organizations include:
  • Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
  • WWF and,
  • IGCP- an agency responsible for the Mountain Gorilla population on earth

In summary, tour operators are of great value to all travelers undertaking safaris in Rwanda. However, selecting one of the best safari tour companies in Rwanda has never been simple due to many companies online!

This informative blog has summarized for you a guide to follow while selecting one of the tourism companies in Rwanda for your holiday.

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