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Night Walks in Kibale National Park, Nocturnal Walks In Kibale Forest

Night walks in Kibale National Park/nocturnal walks in Kibale Forest/night forest walks in Kibale National Park rank among the most thrilling African safari adventures ideal for adventure lovers on Uganda safaris.

Although Kibale is popular for Uganda Chimpanzee trekking, birding tours, and Chimpanzee habituation experience, Night walks in Kibale National Park/nocturnal walks in Kibale Forest are yet another thrilling and amazing adventure safari in Uganda.

This unusual adventure gives a golden opportunity of spotting amazing nocturnal birds and animals in Kibale National Park. Among these include the beautiful Bushbabies, Pottos, Tree Hyrax, Serval Cats, and the occasional African Civet.

Rare nocturnal birds in Kibale Forest such as Nightjars and Owls can be spotted also!

Furthermore, during the night walks in Kibale Forest, you’ll get a chance to move in the quiet jungle full of unique shrill calls of Crickets and other forest features. What a memorable adventure!

Usually, night forest hikes in Kibale Uganda start at 7:30 pm from Kanyanchu Visitors’ Center. After briefing from a knowledgeable ranger, you’ll embark on a 1-2 hours thrilling guided adventure in the jungle of primates.

For visitors interested in exploring the great biodiversity of Kibale Forest, undertaking a night forest hike in Kibale park is a must not miss encounter!

How Are Night Walks In Kibale National Park Done?

Night walks in Kibale National Park normally start at 7:30 pm with a briefing of participants at park headquarters from an expert ranger.

After the briefing, in the company of armed rangers and park guides, you’ll embark on a 1-2 hour hike into the quiet jungle of primates. The day hoots from Chimpanzees, Monkeys, and also calls from birds in the daytime will be silent.

On this rare experience on top of your Uganda Chimpanzee safari in Kibale, you’ll get a chance of spotting infrequent Kibale National Park animals, hard to be encountered in the daytime.

After this incredible nature walk in Kibale park, you’ll trek back to park headquarters, then to your respective lodge to rest and get ready for the following day’s activities.

What Nocturnal Animals Are Spotted On Nocturnal Walks In Kibale Forest?

Visitors undertaking night forest walks in Kibale National Park usually have over 80% chance of spotting the rare nocturnal animals and birds. These are hardly spotted on day nature walks in Kibale Forest.

Exploring Kibale Forest at night is a rewarding experience far beyond spotting nocturnal creatures moving around you. But, you’ll also enjoy the incredible experience of moving in the quiet jungle of Chimpanzees, feeling the breeze of fresh air.

Below are animals in Kibale Forest encountered on night walks:

  • Bushbabies
  • Pottos
  • Tree hyraxes
  • Serval Cats
  • African Civets
  • Night jars and Owls, and,
  • Crickets with their terrifying shriek!

Best Time To Have Night Forest Hikes In Kibale National Park

Night forest walks in Kibale National Park are possible all time of the year. But, the best time is during the dry season in December-February and also in June-August. During these months, little rains are experienced in Kibale Forest thus, the trails tend to be drier and mud free.

September-November and March-May are wet months, it’s expected to rain most hours of the day. Also, in this period, some trails might be muddy and challenging to hike.


For visitors interested in Uganda Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale, wet months are can be ideal. In this period, chimp’s food (fruiting trees) is much in the forest. Therefore, Chimpanzees hardly move deeper into the jungle looking for food.

Thus, chimp trekking becomes easier unlike the case of drier months when Chimpanzees get deeper into the forest. Just get ready for the mud!

What To Pack For Kibale Night Forest Walk?

Visitors on Uganda tours in Kibale interested in having nocturnal forest walks in Kibale Forest must have the following:

  1. Powerful And Clear Torch

These will help you while moving and spotting animals in the jungle. For example, Bushbabies are spotted by shining a bright torch light in the tree canopy after following their babyish cry!

  1. A camera

This is a must-have gadget while on night walks in Kibale. It will help you capture all the nocturnal creatures you’ll encounter on your adventure. Please, ensure it has enough storage and a nice zooming lens!

  1. Long-Sleeved Shirts And Trousers

 These will protect you from direct scratches and insect bites on your body.

  1. Comfortable Hiking Boots

 You must put on sturdy and waterproof boots on a night forest walk in Kibale National Park. These shoes are ideal in case the trail is slippery.

  1. Insect Repellents

On your Uganda safari in Kibale forest national park, these are so crucial. Kibale Forest is a rainforest that is prone to bugs such as Mosquitoes. Therefore, insect repellents will safeguard your life from Mosquito bites.

  1. Warm Jumper

While on night forest hikes in Kibale, a warm jumper helps to keep you warm in the humid forest of Kibale.

  1. A backpack

This helps to keep your hiking essentials safe. For example, the camera, and extra clothes like a rain jacket, etc.

  1. A Rain Jacket

A rain jacket shouldn’t miss in your backpack. It helps in case rain finds you along the hiking trail!

Cost For Night Forest Walks In Kibale National Park

  • Non-Foreign Resident: 40US Dollars
  • Foreign Residents: 20 US Dollars
  • East African Residents: 15,000 UGX

For adventure lovers, night forest walks in Kibale National Park rank among the thrilling Uganda safari activities worth undertaking.

This unusual adventure gives you a golden opportunity of spotting the rare adorable nocturnal animals and birds in Kibale Forest. Among these include Bushbabies, Pottos, Tree Hyrax, Serval Cats, and African Civets. Nightjars and night Owls are spotted also.


  • This unique adventure is usually done on top of the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience or Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park.
  • This unique experience is normally carried out by visitors who have relatively much time on a Uganda holiday.

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FAQs On Night Forest Walks In Kibale Forest National Park

  1. What Is A Night Forest Walk?

A night Forest walk is a thrilling hike through a forest at night to spot nocturnal wildlife. Just like day nature walks, night forest walks are usually also guided.

In most cases, visitors are usually in the company of at least 2 armed rangers and professional park guides. The rangers ensure guests’ safety in the jungle!

In Kibale Uganda, night forest walks start around 7:30 am when nocturnal animals are coming out of their hiding. Some of them include Bushbabies, Pottos, African Civets, and Serval Cats.

  1. Are There People Restricted From Having A Night Forest Walk In Kibale National Park?

Yes, some people are restricted from having nocturnal walks in Kibale Forest. Among these include:

  • People With Disabilities

Though some facilities (stretcher beds) have been improvised by UWA to assist people with disabilities to go trekking, these are generally used for day activities. It’s relatively difficult for a person with disabilities to be carried into the jungle.

  • Children And Sick Travellers

Sick travelers and children below the age of 15 are limited on the nocturnal walk in Kibale Forest. This is because their physical fitness is doubted on such a hike, among other reasons.

  1. Why Do A Night Forest Walk In Kibale National Park?

Among the Uganda safari activities in Kibale National Park, a night forest walk is one of the unusual encounters. Normally, this adventure is enables a visitor to have a chance of spotting the rare nocturnal animals and birds in Kibale National Park.

Among these include:

  • Bushbabies
  • Pottos
  • Tree Hyrax
  • Serval Cats
  • African Civets, and,
  • Nightjars plus Owls.


This rare adventure of walking in the jungle at the night is far beyond spotting nocturnal birds and animals in Kibale Forest.

  1. Are Night Forest Walks In Kibale National Park Safe?

Night forest walks in Kibale Forest National Park are truly safe. Normally, while undertaking these walks, visitors are accompanied by at least two armed trained UWA rangers and a guide. Rangers ensure your safety in the forest!

More so, for many years this adventure has been running in Kibale Forest, no accident has ever happened!

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