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Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes in Kibale National Park

Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes in Kibale National Park in Uganda are simply a natural wonder a must not miss on your Uganda Chimpanzee safaris in Kibale Forest National Park.

These scenic crater lakes in Kibale are simply called Ndali Kasenda Craters due to their being concentrated in Ndali Kasenda Area. They’re believed to have formed during the violent volcanic eruptions that occurred about 8-10,000 years ago in the area.

The area is a unique natural phenomenon offering dramatic scenery, ideal for photography for visitors on Uganda tours in Kibale.

Ndali Kasenda Area comprises over 60 spectacular explosion craters. These include those filled with fresh water. However, surprisingly, a few of these picturesque crater lakes radiate volcanic gasses and contain toxic green-coloured water. Also, some depressions are just empty.

Some of the beautiful Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes of Kibale include Lake Nyabikere, Lake Nkuruba, Lake Nyinambuga, Lake Kifuruka, etc.

A combination of these lakes (almost in one area) forms an eye-catching environment worth visiting on top of your Uganda Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale NP.

On your Uganda safari in this area, you’ll undertake guided nature walks to the “Top of the world”. This remarkable hike will give you great views of most of the hills and crater lakes in the area plus the lush canopy views of the forest.

Visitors can also undertake boat rides and mountain biking just to explore the incredible beauty of Kibale Ndali Kasenda craters.

Simply, these spectacular lakes shouldn’t be missed out on your Uganda tour in Kibale National Park!

A List Of Ndari Kasenda Crater Lakes In Uganda Kibale National Park

  1. Lake Nyabikere
  2. Lake Nkuruba
  3. Lake Nyinambuga
  4. Lake Kifuruka
  5. Lake Lyantonde
  6. Lake Ntambi
  7. Lake Nyamasagani
  8. Lake Mubiro
  9. Lake Nyamusagani and,
  10. Lake Nyanswingwa

Location Of Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes

Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes are situated in the Kabarole district, concentrated in the Ndali Kasenda Crater Area of Kibale NP.

These scenic crater lakes are just 25km south of Fort Portal city, in Western Uganda on the fringes of Kibale Park. This crater area is found on a more elevated area than the surroundings thus, dubbed the “Top of the World”.

Generally, they’re found between Kibale, Kamwenge and Ndali roads.

While here, you’ll have spectacular views of Kibale Forest, magnificent views of explosion craters and crater lakes in the area, the Kichwamba escarpment, tea plantations, Lake George & Rwenzori Mountains.

The Formation Of Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes In Uganda Kibale National Park

These craters lakes in Uganda (Ndali Kasenda Craters of Kibale National Park) are old volcanic features said to have formed over 8- 10,000 years ago.

It’s believed that in ancient times, violent volcanic activities took place in this area. The eruptions were so much that they blew off the land surface, leaving depressions behind called craters.

With time, some depressions were filled with water from rain to form scenic crater lakes in the Ndali-Kasenda area. However, others remained as mere depressions.

Note that:

  • Some of the Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes in Kibale contain clean and clear water for swimming and fishing. But, most are characterised by sulphuric odour waters & green emerald (green) toxic water.
  • Debris from the volcanic explosions formed picturesque rims around the crater depressions, ideal for nature walks.

Below Are The Beautiful Crater Lakes In Uganda That Makeup Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes In Kibale:

  1. Lake Nyabikere

Lake Nyabikere is one of the most popular crater lakes you shouldn’t miss visiting on top of your Chimpanzee safari in Uganda Kibale NP.

This lovely crater lake is about 11km off Fort Portal Road, along the road to Kibale National Park.

Locally, this Lake Nyabikere translates as the “Lake of Frogs”, due to its hosting a great number of frogs.

On your safari to this lake, you’ll have a memorable experience of incredible views of tea plantations and the Mountains of the moon.

Visitors undertaking Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda Kibale can opt for accommodation from Rwateera Safaris Park, a superb budget facility set overlooking the lake. This lovely facility also offers visitors community walks, guided by a local expert guide.

  1. Lake Nkuruba

Lake Nkuruba is one of the most visited Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes by visitors undertaking Uganda tours in Kibale.

This lovely lake is situated roughly 25km, south of Fort Portal. So accessible!

For travellers visiting Kibale Uganda, Lake Nkuruba is renowned for memorable African walking safaris in Uganda Kibale National Park, a must not miss!

Note: The hike to this lake gets you to the beautiful Mahoma Falls and also to the “Top of the World”. While here, you’ll have a dramatic scenery of several explosion craters and Kibale Forest, etc.

Visitors who would like to explore the incredible beauty of Lake Nkuruba can stay at Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve and Camp Site. This area provides ideal grounds for camping as it’s surrounded by a serene environment.

The campsite is eco-friendly and gives back some percentage of its profits to the community through funding.

  1. Lake Nyinambuga

Lake Nyinambuga ranks top among the most beautiful crater lakes in Uganda.

This mysterious lake is just south of Lake Nkuruba, amazingly surrounded by forests which adds to its incomparable beauty.

Vervets Monkeys, Black-and-white Colobuses and Baboons can be spotted in this surrounding lush forest.

Note: Due to the incredible beauty of its blue waters and scenic forests surrounding it, this lake got portrayed on the 20,000 UGX note. This was done to represent the wonderful scenery in the Pearl of Africa– Uganda

This is a significant lake in Uganda since it appears on the twenty thousand shillings note of Uganda.

Visitors on Uganda safaris to Kibale can spend a night at Ndali Lodge, which is skilfully set, offering great views of this lake and the surrounding area.

Undertaking nature walks around this beautiful crater lake is an ideal way of exploring its outstanding beauty!

  1. Lake Kifuruka

Lake Kifuruka is an attractive unique lake of Ndali Kasenda Craters found in the west of Lake Nyinambuga before getting to Lake Lyantonde. This gorgeous lake is approximately 26km from Fort Portal city, via Fort Portal-Kasenda Road.

It’s one of the amazing crater lakes of Uganda having green water, implying that its water is acidic.

Therefore, no fishing and swimming here! Usually, visitors undertake canoe and boat rides to explore the Geography behind its mysterious blue water.

Visitors undertaking safari Uganda tours in Kibale are emphasised to visit this great natural wonder. This gives you a golden opportunity of exploring more about Kibale Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes with the guidance of local guides.

On your visit to Lake Kifuruka, you can have your accommodation at Lake Kifuruka Eco Campsite.

  1. Lake Lyantonde

Just like other crater lakes in Kibale, Lake Lyantonde is also among the beautiful Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes a must-explore on top of your Uganda Chimpanzee safaris in Kibale National Park.

This spectacular lake is sited on the west of Lake Nyinambuga.

A hike to this lake will offer you amazing views of the scenic hills and the lush green forest canopy surrounding this lake. More so, you’ll spot various wildlife of Uganda including birds among others.

Visitors on a Uganda trip to Lake Lyantonde can opt to have accommodation from Papaya Lake Lodge. A lovely facility owned by a Polish couple.

Note: Some Of The Other Lovely Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes In Kibale National Park Include:

  1. Lake Ntambi
  2. Lake Nyamasagani
  3. Lake Mubiro
  4. Lake Nyamusagani and,
  5. Lake Nyanswingwa

Activities Done In Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes Of Kibale

There’re various memorable Uganda safari activities which can be done by visitors on Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes.

These include the following:

  1. Hiking And Nature Walks In The Hills Surrounding Ndali Kasenda Lakes

Hiking the spectacular hills surrounding Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes is one of the amazing activities a must not miss on your Uganda tours in Kibale.

A hike to the “Top of the World” will offer you striking views of crater lakes, and hills in the area. You’ll truly believe that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa!

  1. Boat Rides On Ndali Kasenda Craters

Undertaking a boat ride is an amazing way of exploring Ndari Kasenda Craters Lakes in Uganda Kibale National Park. For example on your visit to Lake Kifuruka, you’re encouraged to undertake a boat ride and explore better its green water.

You’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide who’ll share with you the history and geography attached to this lake.

2. Bird Watching

Bird watching in Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes is mainly done along the trails as you explore these crater lakes. Among the birds mostly spotted include the Black and white Casqued Hornbill.

Other birds include the Great Blue Turacos, Double-toothed Barbets, African Green Pigeons, Speckled Mousebirds, and even Kingfishers, etc.

Most birds are spotted in the forests surrounding these lakes, usually in tree branches or on the lake.

3. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the ideal ways of exploring the Ndali Kasenda crater lakes of Kibale National Park.

Travellers on Chimpanzee safaris in Uganda’s Kibale national park are encouraged to undertake this activity for a memorable experience.

During the ride to the top of the hills, you’ll enjoy the eye-catching scenery of the hills! More so, you’ll have great views of the lush green forests, and the beautiful crater lakes with their surroundings.

For a memorable African safari in Uganda, visitors undertaking Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National shouldn’t leave out visiting Ndali Kasenda Craters.

These picturesque explosion crater lakes in Uganda offer extraordinary views which are worth exploring. A visit to these lakes will make you comprehend that Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa!

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FAQs About Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes In Kibale National Park

  1. Can You Swim In Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes?

Visitors undertaking Uganda tours in the Ndali Kasenda Crater Lake area are reminded that most lakes here are acidic.

Some lakes emit a Sulphuric odour and characterised by green toxic waters. Therefore, you’re cautioned from jumping into any lake here before finding out whether it’s safe for you to swim.

  1. When Were Ndali Kasenda Crate Lakes Formed?

The gorgeous Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes of Kibale are believed to have formed during the violent eruptions that happened about 8-10,000 years ago in the area.

These violent eruptions blew off the ground leading to the formation of craters which were filled later with water. However, some are empty.

  1. Are Ndali Kasenda Lakes Acidic? | Why Are Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes Acidic?

Though some Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes have clear and clean waters, most of them are acidic.

Some of the acidic lakes in Ndali Kasenda Crater Lakes of Kibale include Lake Kifuruka having green toxic water. Research says that its water is acidic due to volcanic activities that are believed still undertaking place beneath.

The acidic volcanic gases emitted like Sulphuric gas contributes to the toxicity of water in some cater lakes.

  1. What Is The Best Season To Visit Ndari Kasenda Crater Lakes?

Ndari Kasenda Crater Lakes can be visited all year round however, the best time is during the dry months of June-August and December-February. During these months the trails are drier and there’s minimum rainfall in the area to inconvenience.

March-May and September-November are rainy months. Therefore, much rain is received which makes the trails a bit challenging to hike.

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