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Egypt Tours (Egypt Trips) presents you with a golden opportunity to explore several fascinating tourist attractions that offer authentic Egypt safaris. Our Egypt vacation packages are remarkable and worth undertaking!

Situated in the northeastern corner of Africa, Egypt is one of the prominent safari destinations in Africa. Globally, Egypt safaris are much known for its ancient pyramids counting the pyramids of Giza as well other ancient tombs of Pharaohs.

On your African tours in Egypt, you’ll explore the fascinating history of ancient Egypt (Egyptian history) that dates back to the 6th to the 4th millennia BCE.

During your safari trips in ancient Egypt, travelers commonly visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, the world’s most famous Lion with a human head!

Other iconic sites to visit during your Egypt tours in Africa include the Valley of the Kings, and charming ancient temples counting the great Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Valley Temple, Luxor Temple, Abu Simbel Temples, etc. Islamic Cairo, Egyptian Museum, and Alexandria Library are also worth visiting during your Egypt safaris in Africa.

For a memorable adventure on your Egypt tours, it’s ideal that you visit Mount Sinai. It’s an ancient site where Moses received the 10 commandments.

A River Nile cruise is also worth undertaking during your Egypt tours. This is normally done in a comfortable cruise ship though local vessel are around also.

All year round, you can have Egypt safari trips, but October-April is recommended as temps are always pleasant.


Top Things to Do in Egypt Cairo- What to Do in Egypt During Egypt Tours?

During your Egypt tours, expect to have a memorable safari experience in Africa! This beloved country has several fun and educational things to offer counting those that have never been mentioned in any travel guide!

On your Egypt safaris, don’t miss out on visiting the ancient Egypt sites where you’ll walk in the footsteps of Pharaohs.

Here are the Amazing Unique Things to Do in Egypt During Egypt Tours:

  1. Visiting the Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of the Ancient Egypt

The majestic pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx plus a handful of smaller tombs around make one of the most iconic sights in the world!

Please note Giza Pyramids ranks top among the most prominent attractions in Egypt. These great Pyramids of Giza are among the seven ancient wonders of the world.

These great Pyramids of the Giza are believed to have been built about 5,000 years ago. It’s one of the oldest among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

On the other hand, the Great Sphinx is a wonderful large stone statue located near the majestic Pyramids of Gaza. It’s a legendary creature having a body of a Lion and the head of a human. It’s believed to have been engraved around 2500 BC.

This legendary Sphinx is among the largest and most famous statues in the world. It’s a symbol of ancient Egyptians culture.

Please note that, on your Egypt tours, you can also visit the majestic Pyramids of Dahshur.

  1. Explore the Valley of the Kings of Ancient Egypt

Exploring the Valley of the Kings is one of the best things to do during your Egypt tours. This great ancient site, the Valley of Tombs is among the most popular archaeological site in the world.

On your trip in Egypt in this royal burial ground, the Valley of the Kings, you’ll explore over 60 decorated tombs. However, some are not accessible to the public! These tombs belong to the Pharaohs who ruled ancient Egypt between 1539 and 1075 BC.

You’ll find experienced local guides who will take you through the fascinating Egyptian history behind the Valley of the Kings.

On this tour, you should visit the Valley Temple nearby! This site rarely misses on most of the Egypt tour packages.

During this adventure, expect to experience Egypt’s history!

  1. Explore Egypt Valley of the Queens

Although many travelers on Egypt vacations are much interested in the Valley of the Kings, adventurous travelers shouldn’t miss visiting the Valley of Queen.

This is a captivating site in the ancient Egyptian civilization known to be the burial ground for the wives of the Pharaohs.

The tombs in the Valley of Queen are smaller and less adorned than those in the Valley of the Kings however, the tomb of Queen Nefertari is the exception.

On this tour, a professional local tour guide will take you through the captivating ancient history of Egypt (ancient Egyptian civilization).

  1. Hiking Mount Sinai on Your Egypt Tours

Egypt Tours

This is among the must-do things on your Egypt tours!

According to the Old Testament, this legendary Mountain, Mount Sinai is where Moses received the Ten Commandments. This sacred site in Egypt is ideal for travelers interested in sighting Mount Sinai, a great place among Christians.

Mount Sinai is among the 4 sacred mountains of the Middle East! It’s worth exploring on your Egypt vacation.

A scenic hike to Mount Sinai, one of the ancient sites in Egypt starts in the morning and by sunrise, you’ll be at the summit. While on this hike, you’ll always be accompanied by an expert local tour guide.

  1. Visiting St. Catherines Monastery

Exploring St. Catherines Monastery, a UNESCO world heritage site offers a remarkable experience during your Egypt vacation tours.

This site is just situated on the foothills of Mount Sinai. It’s one of the oldest Christian monasteries.

St. Catherines is believed to be a place where God spoke to Moses as a burning bush!

While on this site, you’ll find a local experienced tour guide who will share with you the fascinating history of this sacred site.

  1. Enjoying A Scenic Nile Cruise

On your Egypt tours in southern Egypt, this is also among the most amazing things to do. It gives you a remarkable experience of exploring the Nile Valley, the world’s longest river (6650km long).

A Nile cruise on this legendary river in Egypt allows you to cruise past the ancient tombs as well as temples counting Luxor Temple. Normally, most cruises sail between Aswan and Luxor, with visits to Edfu, Kom, Esna, as well as Ombo along the way.

There is a cruise ship, commonly used by tourists on Egypt tours on the Nile River! Expert local tour guides always share with you fascinating history while on a cruise.

You can undertake a swim in safer areas while on your adventure Egypt tours.

  1. Visiting Lovely Abu Simbel Temples on Your Egypt Tour

Situated along the banks of Lake Nasser, Abu Simbel Temples are among the most striking ancient monuments in Egypt worth exploring on your Egypt tours.

These striking prehistoric temples, Abu Simbel Shrines were built by Ramesses II about 3,000 years ago.

On this guided tour, the story behind Abu Simbel will become more fascinating upon learning that the entire complex was dismantled and relocated to higher ground. And this was after the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

To get here, you can undertake a day tour from either Aswan or Cairo.

The temples of Abu Simbel are one of the most unique and impressive temples you should visit during your Egypt tours.

  1. Exploring the Tombs of the Nobles in Egypt

This is among the unique things to do in Egypt. On this adventure of the Tombs of the Nobles, you’ll visit the burial site of the most powerful people in Egypt.

During this Egypt tour adventure, you’ll explore over 400 tombs with amazing decorations representing how Egyptians live their lives.

This sacred site is not an attraction but it’s also educational!

Some of the prominently painted tombs include that of Khonson and the Tomb of Mennan. On this Egypt vacation, you’ll also see a tomb of a priest from the 18th dynasty that the Egyptians preserved.

This tour is worth undertaking as it gives you a golden chance to experience Egypt’s history.

  1. Visiting the Egyptian Museum

While on your Egypt tours, this is the best way to explore fascinating Egyptian history. This mighty museum, Egyptian Museum houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts.

Egypt safaris to this lovely museum in Cairo city take about 2 hours.

Some of the must-see attractions in Egyptian Museum include the Tutankhamun as well as the Royal Mummies.

This guided tour is ideal for short-time travelers who would wish to explore the charming history of this ancient land, Egypt!

  1. Exploring the Scenic Oasis in the Western Desert

For notable Egypt tours, you shouldn’t miss out on this thrilling experience! On this adventure, you’ll visit several oases where groves of palm trees, as well as freshwater springs, dot the immense desert landscape.

Among the commonly visited oases in Egypt includes:

  • Siwa Oasis
  • Bahariya Oasis- It’s about 330km from Cairo and is usually included on the White Desert Egypt tours.
  • The Fayoum Oasis
  • Valley of the Whales.
  1. Enjoy Camel Rides in Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt Tours

For a remarkable experience on your Egypt vacation, it’s ideal you try out this charming adventure.

Usually, camel safari tours in Egypt are done in the Egyptian desert (White Desert) with the help of skilled local tour guides. On the ride, you’ll enjoy scenic views of desert sands, and oases. You can also decide to ride through charming local villages.

This experience can be organized for a full day or multi days based on your desires. It can be included on your Cairo Luxor Aswan tour.

  1. Exploring Historic Cairo

Cairo is Egypt’s capital city. It’s located on the mighty Nile River, at the point where the desert transitions into the Nile River Delta.

  • Islamic Cairo is the historic heart of Cairo. This area, the Islamic Cairo holds one of the largest collections of amazing architecture in the Islamic world.

On your Egypt vacation in the Islamic Cairo, you’ll visit Al-Azhar Mosque, Al-Rifa’i Mosque as well as Salah El-Din Citadel.

Local tour guides will lead you to explore Al-Muizz li-Din Allah al-Fatima Street as well as shopping in Khan al Khalili Bazaar. You’ll also try out delicious cuisines in a local restaurant.

  • Coptic Cairo, this historic area is situated in the Old Cairo, in the southern part of the city. Places to visit in Old Cairo originate from Egypt’s Christian past. However, you can visit a synagogue as well as the first mosque built in Africa.

13. Learning How Mummification Works on Your Egypt Tours

Egypt is renowned for its captivating mummies. In fact, there’re numerous movies made about the mummies in Egypt!

Therefore, it’s weird to undertake Egypt tours and leave without visiting the Mummification Museum in Luxor.

On this educational tour, you’ll get to know the process of preserving bodies. You’ll see the tools as well as equipment used while preserving the mummies.

There’re elegant coffins and statues of gods as well as several mummified remains.

  1. Exploring the Great Karnak Temple of the Ancient Egypt

Karnak Temple is also one of the legendary attractions worth visiting on your Egypt vacation adventure.

This ancient temple, Karnak Temple is the 2nd largest temple in the world believed to have been built about 2000 years ago and holds about 10 cathedrals.

On this ancient Egypt trip, you’ll find the mighty temples Khons and Amun in the Karnak Temple. Don’t forget to explore the Sacred Lake as well as the Avenue of Sphinxes.

  1. Visit Alexandria of the Ancient Egypt

Alexandria is one of the ancient Egypt cities situated on the Mediterranean Sea, where east meets west.

Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria city along the Mediterranean Sea houses one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Alexandria Lighthouse, built around 280-247 BC.

For many centuries, Alexandria Lighthouse (one of the seven ancient wonders of the prehistoric world) has been one of the tallest man-made structures in the world. It towers over 100m high.

On your Egypt safari in Alexandria, make sure you visit also the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a revival of the famous ancient Alexandria Library. This great library, Alexandria Library is one of the prominent landmarks in the city.

  1. Explore Egypt White Desert

During your Egypt tours, you can take a break from visiting the historic temples and tombs and visit a breathtaking national park situated in the Western Desert of Egypt.

This lovely White Desert holds amazingly shaped limestone rock formations amidst a scenic desert landscape. Expect to explore the otherworldly landscape of rock formations, and palm groves. While here, you’ll have great views of the desert sands.

While on your Egypt vacation trip, it can be difficult to get here. However, we recommend getting a local tour guide from Cairo to this area.

For a rewarding experience on this guided tour in Egypt, adventurous travelers can go camping in the desert. This expedition can be included in your Cairo Luxor Aswan trips.

  1. Going Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

Scuba diving is possible during your Egypt vacation as this beloved country holds the Red Sea one of the world’s prime destinations for scuba diving.

The Red Sea holds unspoiled reefs, several shipwrecks to explore as well as warm waters with excellent visibility.

This makes Egypt a must not miss destination for scuba divers on African safaris.

  1. Undertaking A Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride in Luxor is the best way of exploring the picturesque views of the Nile Valley during your Egypt tours from above.

On this adventure, you’ll have great views of the winding river as well as several ancient temples like the Luxor Temple lining the banks of the Nile Valley.

For adventure lovers on Egypt vacation trips, this experience in the Nile Valley is worth undertaking.

How Good Are Egypt Tours?  | Is Egypt Good For Tourists? | Why Visit Egypt?

What is special about Egypt? Egypt tours/Egypt vacations have a lot to offer for travelers on African safaris.

As you visit Egypt or on your trip to Egypt, you’ll get a golden opportunity of undertaking memorable classic tours to the renowned Egypt ancient great pyramids counting the Pyramid of Giza.

A Nile cruise tour, Mount Sinai hike, and visits to several ancient tombs of Pharaohs await you, etc.

Egypt Tourist Attractions- Best Places to Visit in Egypt- What to See on Your Egypt Tours?

Egypt Tours

During your Egypt tours in Africa, expect to encounter several unique and amazing attractions:

Here are the key attractions to encounter during your Egypt vacation tours:

  1. Great Ancient Pyramids

On most Egypt tours, travelers are interested in exploring the Giza Pyramids, believed to have been built about 5,000 years ago. Other great pyramids which hardly miss on vacation packages in Egypt include the Pyramids of Dahshur.

  1. Valley of the Kings

An amazing ancient site, known for holding tombs of Pharaohs.  A visit to this historical site allows you to explore ancient Egyptian civilizations.

  1. Ancient Amazing Temples

These are among the key attractions travelers are interested in while on Egypt tours. Among these include, Abu Simbel, Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor Temple, as well as the great Karnak Temples, etc.

The temples of Abu Simbel and the Hatshepsut temple are rarely missed on most Egypt travel packages/ vacation packages in Egypt.

  1. The Great Nile River

The Nile River is the world’s longest river, covering over 6650km long. It’s one of the key attractions a must not miss on your Egypt tours. Its best explored by undertaking a boat cruise which rarely misses on most Egypt tour packages

  1. Scenic Oases

On your Egypt tours, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting these picturesque oases found in the White Desert. Bahariya Oasis hardly misses on most vacation packages in Egypt.

  1. The Legendary Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is among the notable attractions in Egypt. It’s a site where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Budget tours, luxury tours, and small group tours can be arranged to this area.

It’s usually included among most vacation packages/ travel packages in Egypt. For memorable and mixing classic tours in Egypt, include Mount Sinai on your bucket list.

  1. White Desert

This area holds amazingly shaped limestone rock formations amidst a scenic desert landscape. The area is worth exploring and it’s hard for it to miss on most Egypt travel packages.

  1. The Ancient Alexandria City

Also, Alexandria city is one of the famous attractions in Egypt commonly included on most vacation packages in Egypt. It’s renowned for its ancient Alexandria Lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Packing List for Egypt Tours- What to Pack for Your Egypt Vacation?

For classic tours in ancient Egypt, you have to get ready for the trip by getting some of the key safari essentials!

Here is the packing list for your Safari Egypt Vacation:

  1. Trip gadgets like a cell phone as well as a camera.
  2. Sun protection gear like sunglasses, and sunhats so ideal while on Egypt tours.
  3. Insect repellents
  4. A packbag- For a classic tour in Egypt, this is a must-have! It helps you keep your daily essentials safe.
  5. Travel documents counting a passport, Yellow Fever Vaccination Card, & travel insurance. Travel insurance is so ideal while visiting Egypt.
  6. A rain jacket in case of rain
  7. Comfortable walking boots as well as sandals. As you plan visiting Egypt, walking boots are a must-have!
  8. Personal toiletries.

What to Wear When Travelling Egypt? | Can A Woman Wear Shorts in Egypt?

During your Egypt tours, travelers are free to wear clothes such as shorts, sundresses, skirts, long trousers, tee shirts, tops, and swim wears.

However, during your trip to Egypt, you’re advised to make sure that you dress decently in religious ancient sites and cover your head.

Note that, whatever you put on shouldn’t be so exposing your body.

Best Souvenirs for Your Egypt Tours- What to Buy on Your Trip in Egypt?

For remarkable and mixing classic tours in Egypt, it’s ideal that you buy yourself a souvenir from Cairo at the end of your trip:

Here are the best souvenirs for your Egypt tours from Cairo:

  • Incense- These are numerous lovely fragrances from the Middle East that you can take home. Oud (Agar-wood) is the most prominent.
  • Jewelry wooden boxes- Ideal for honeymooners on Egypt tours
  • Lovely antique stones
  • Beautiful statue replicas
  • Khayameya- a lovely decorative textile used in the Pharaonic era
  • Belly dancing costumes
  • Colorful cotton robes
  • Lovely handcrafts. This is among the ideal souvenir to take home at the end of your Egypt tours.
  • Wonderful pottery and ceramics, etc.

Accommodation in Egypt- Where to Stay on Your Egypt Tour?

Egypt Tours

On your Egypt tours in Africa, you have various classes of accommodation to choose from ranging from budget, midrange as well as luxury facilities.

Here are the:

a. Recommended Luxury Hotels in Egypt

  • Red Sea Resort- this is one of the popular luxury resorts used by luxury travelers on Egypt tours.
  • St Regis Cairo- While Egypt tours, it’s ideal for travelers who visit Cairo on luxury Egypt tours.
  • Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh- ideal while on luxury Egypt tours.
  • Marriott Mena House- Famous for luxurious travelers who visit Cairo on Egypt tours in Africa.

b. Ideal Midrange Hotels to Use on Your Egypt Tours

  • Shores Amphoras Resort
  • Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa
  • Al Masa Hotel
  • Continental Plaza Beach Resort

c. Best Budget Lodges to Use on Your Egypt Vacation

  • Pyramids View Inn- commonly used by budget travelers on Egypt tours
  • Al Baeirat Hotel
  • 4S Hotel Dahab
  • Paris Hostel Cairo- an ideal budget facility for travelers planning to visit Cairo.
  • Dahab Paradise
  • Dahab Bay Hotel

What Is the Best Time to Visit Egypt? – What Is the Best Time to Visit Egypt Pyramids?

Though travelers can have Egypt tours all year round, the best time to visit Egypt is during winter from October-April. In these months, temps are relatively lovely (lower).

Normally, tourists undertake Egypt vacation safaris in December as well as January.

Tourism can be so booming in these months, therefore, you should book in advance your Egypt travel tour.

Budget trips, luxury tours, as well as small group tours can be arranged.

What Month Is Best to Go to Cairo?

Visiting Egypt (Egypt tours) is so idyllic from October to April. This is because, in these months (winter months), the temperatures are conducive.

What Is the Best Way to Tour Egypt?

During your Egypt travel/ Egypt tours, the best way to get around in this lovely ancient country is by air. However, note that several reliable bus and train services that help to connect major tourist cities like Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, etc.

Egypt Travel Guide- What to Know Before Traveling to Egypt?

As you plan to undertake Egypt tours, there’re some vital travel documents a must-have! This applies even while traveling to other safari destinations in Africa.

Below are the Egypt travel requirements/required Egypt travel documents:

  • Tourist visa- This is a must-have while planning to have Egypt tours.
  • A passport must be valid for 6 months from your entry date
  • Your passport must have at least 3 blank pages
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate: If you’re from a yellow fever-infected country.
  • Round-trip ticket

Does Egypt Have Friendly People? | Are the People of Egypt Friendly?

Even though Egypt holds a wide array of unique attractions, it’s also known for its friendly, welcoming, and kind people.

On your Egypt tours, you’ll find out that these people are eager to share their country’s fascinating traditions and culture with visitors.

Is It Safe to Travel to Egypt? | Is Egypt Safe for Female Travellers?

Yes, Egypt is safe to visit! It’s one of the safest safari destinations in Africa to travel to. For instance, every year, thousands and thousands of tourists visit this country and many end their Egypt tours successfully.

Regardless of the above fact, petty crimes like pickpocketing and scams can happen in big cities particularly Cairo, though rare!

Therefore, you’re advised to be vigilant while on your Egypt tours. Avoid moving in large crowds! Always move within your tour group.

Is Egypt Safe for Americans to Visit?

All travelers from all parts of the globe counting Americans are free to undertake Egypt tours.  However, you’re cautioned to respect the cultural norms (dress decently) while visiting sacred iconic sites.

How Safe Is It to Visit the Pyramids in Egypt?

On your safari Egypt tour, it is very safe to visit the ancient Egypt pyramids. However, keep in my mind that some pickpocketing and purse-snatchers target tourists though rare! Therefore, it’s ideal to be vigilant.

You should avoid walking in large crowds while on this adventure.

Cost of a Trip to Egypt- How Much Is a Trip to Egypt to See the Pyramids?

Are you wondering how much will it cost to tour Egypt? Note that there’s no fixed price for a safari vacation in Egypt! This is because the safari price is determined by several factors.

Here are the determinants of the price of Egypt tours:

The activities you wish to undertake on your Egypt travel trip

  • Duration of your Egypt tours
  • The number of people on your vacation in Egypt tour
  • Class of accommodation you’ll use on your Egypt travel tour
  • The vehicle you’ll use on your Egypt tours, etc.

What Is Average Cost of a Tour of Egypt?

The average cost of a trip in Egypt is about $71 per person per day. Note that, the average cost of Egypt tours depends mostly on your Egypt travel lifestyle.

Please note that budget tours, luxury tours, as well as small group tours are possible in Egypt.

Please note that the currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound. This currency, the Egyptian pound is widely used however, US dollars can also be used in towns.

Is It Cheap to Travel in Egypt? | Is Egypt Very Expensive to Visit?

Egypt is one of the relatively cheap tourism destinations in Africa as well as in the world. For instance, when compared to places like North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia, Egypt travel tours are considered cheaper.

Travel experts relate the cost of traveling in Egypt similar to tours in Southeast Asia.

How Much Does A 7 Day Trip to Egypt Cost?

A 7 days trip in Egypt costs about $1000 to $1380 per person. But, note that this depends on the choice of accommodation, transportation, and activities you’ll undertake.

The above safari price on your Egypt tours is much determined by your travel style and preferences.

How Much Would a Two-Week Trip to Egypt Cost?

The price for a 2-week tour in Egypt costs over $2,000 per person. Also, this depends on your travel style and preference.

How Many Days Do You Need in Egypt? | How Many Days in Egypt Is Enough? | How Many Days Do You Need to See Egypt?

How long is enough to visit Egypt? There’re no specific days to spend on your Egyptian tour holiday. Your trip duration in Cairo Ethiopia depends on your travel interest as well as your budget.

How Many Days to See Cairo and Pyramids? | How Many Days Do I Need in Cairo?

On your Egypt tours, 2-3 days can be enough to explore the great city of Cairo. You’ll have enough time to explore some of the key attractions in Cairo like the Pyramids of the Giza, Coptic Cairo, the Egyptian Museum, and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

The Museum of Islamic Art and Islamic Cairo, among others, awaits you!

Top Tour Operators to Travel with on Your Egypt Tours

For memorable Egypt tours, you should book your trip with a reliable travel agent. Getting one, you’ll check its Egypt tour reviews on Tripadvisor.

Below are the best tour operators to book with your Egypt tours to explore ancient Egypt:

  1. Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Africa Safaris Tours

Please note that all the above companies are in a position to organize luxury Egypt tours, budget tours, as well as small group tours to Egypt.

Popular Egypt Vacation Packages | Egypt Tours & Travel Packages

Egypt tour packages are among the unique and most fascinating on the African continent. Most are always memorable!

Here are the most popular Egypt tour vacation packages allowing you to explore ancient Egypt:

4 Days Cairo Egypt Tour Package

If looking for the best way to explore ancient Egyptian civilizations, this is one of the ideal Egypt vacation packages for you! It gives you a chance to visit most of the tourist attractions in Cairo Egypt and it’s among the Memphis tours in Egypt.

5 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour

This is among the famous Egypt travel packages/ Egypt tours allowing you to explore the great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. It also allows you to explore the Egyptian Museum, several legendary temples of the ancient Egyptians, etc.

6 Days Cairo and Alexandra Tour

This is one of the popular vacation packages in Egypt. It takes you to the Pyramids of the Giza, the Cairo Museum, Tutankhamun treasures, as well as other Islam attractions. You’ll enjoy several fascinating city breaks in Cairo counting shopping in the charming Khan el Khalili Bazaar.

7 Days Cairo, Nile Cruise Tour, and Hurghada

Also, this is among the famous Memphis tours in Egypt (Egypt travel packages)! This trip is ideal for travelers interested in sightseeing as well as relaxation. Expect to go shopping in the great Khan el Khalili Bazaar. It’s one of the Memphis tours in Egypt.

9 Days Cairo, Alexandria, and Nile Cruise Tour

This is also one of the lovely vacation packages in Egypt. On this tour, you’ll explore both Luxor City and Egypt Cairo.  Edfu and Aswan city as well as a Nile River cruise plus incredible sightseeing waits for you. On this trip, expect to have several notable city breaks in Cairo.

Cairo Luxor Aswan are among the great cities in Egypt worth exploring.

10 Days Egyptian Tour

Allows you to enjoy a Nile cruise, Cairo city, Aswan city and market, Luxor City, Hurghada City as well as the Red Sea. Expect to have several city breaks in Cairo.

12 Days Pyramids, Nile River, and Mount Sinai

Also, this is among the famous Egypt tour packages! Expect to explore Egypt must-see sights including amazing pyramids, Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh, etc.

15 Days Egypt Safari Tour

This is one of the unique vacation packages in Egypt. It allows you to visit spots of Christian significance and the wanderings of Jesus and His Mother Virgin Mary during the time of ancient Egyptians. This tour also takes you to numerous sacred sites counting historic temples. It’s one of the Memphis tours in Egypt.

In summary, on your Egypt tours, you shouldn’t miss visiting the ancient Pyramids of the Giza, the Valley of the Kings, and numerous amazing prehistoric temples including Valley Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor Temple, etc. A Nile cruise is also a must-do on your safari Egypt tours.