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Mozambique Safaris, Mozambique Safari Tour, African Vacations in Mozambique Tours

Mozambique safaris/African vacations in Mozambique tours to the best Mozambique safari tour destinations offers one of the most charming safari experiences worth undertaking for an African safari holiday among Southern African safari destinations.

This paradise (country) boasts a startling Indian Ocean coastline dotted with tranquil islands besides gorgeous beaches idyllic for beach holidays. Some islands are full of amazing untouched wildness areas counting lush game reserves as well as sun-drenched tropical islands.

On your African safari holiday in Mozambique, you’ll have a range of memorable things to do! And among these include game viewing in the great Gorongosa National Park. While here, expect to spot big herds of Elephants, Buffalos, Zebras, Antelopes, giant Crocs, etc.

For diving and snorkeling enthusiasts planning to have safaris in Africa, consider traveling to this paradise.

Other memorable things to do on your Mozambique expedition include experiencing charming nightlife in Maputo- Mozambique’s capital and tasting delicious cuisines including seafood! Horse riding is also possible. You can also explore Mozambique’s fascinating history by visiting its various colonial relics.

Due to Mozambique’s tropical climate, it can be visited year-round but, a dry season (April-November) is recommended. Also, note that all trips to this paradise (affordable safari destination) are safe and visitors have a range of accommodation options.

As you plan to travel to Maputo Mozambique, always book with a reliable safari company for your vacation.


Top Things to Do in Mozambique | Mozambique Things to Do

During your Maputo Mozambique vacation, there’re numerous memorable activities you shouldn’t miss and among these include:

  1. Enjoy Classic Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife safaris rank top among the most fascinating things to do in Mozambique. This lovely country (paradise) is blessed with thousands of game animals every wildlife fan would wish to encounter on an African safari. Among these include Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Leopards, Rhinos, Zebras, giant Crocs, Antelopes, etc.

The best spots for Mozambique game watching safaris include:

  • Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park is Mozambique’s most prominent safari destination, renowned for its rich wildlife. Wild dogs have been introduced while Lions are just coming back.

  1. Other amazing spots for game-watching in Mozambique include Maputo Special Reserve and Limpopo Park which is adjacent to South Africa Kruger National Park.
  2. Undertaking Bush & Beach Holidays in Maputo Special Reserve – A Beach Destination

Mozambique Safaris

On your Maputo Mozambique vacation trip, endeavor to explore Maputo Special Reserve. Maputo reserve is an amazing coastal reserve established in 1960 to protect a viable population of Elephants in this region! Giraffes, Zebras, Impalas, and Crocodiles are residents also.

In Africa, Maputo Special Reserve is one of a few bushes and beach destination worth visiting.

On this safari and beach destination, you’ll enjoy a morning game drive looking for Elephants and later in the evening undertake an ocean safari to spot marine giants in Maputo reserve. It’s such a unique blend of nature!

  1. Undertake Diving and Snorkeling in Bazaruto National Park

This is also another remarkable experience worth undertaking on your Mozambique expeditions! Bazaruto National Park (Bazaruto Island) is a beautiful park found in Bazaruto Archipelago within the ocean.

Amango Monkeys, 3 types of Turtles, Crocs plus several Antelopes are residents on Bazaruto Island in the Bazaruto archipelago.

Bazaruto Island holds lovely white sandy beaches dotted with wonderful palm-lined trees. The Bazaruto Island Park further holds numerous stylish cozy resorts, spreading out over several isles making it ideal for island time (relaxation).

The popular attractions of Bazaruto Island Park lie offshore!  For instance, one of the snorkeling spots on Bazaruto Island, the Aquarium, is home to lots of pristine coral reefs and reef fish.

Diving on Bazaruto Island allows you to spot Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. The Manta Rays found on Bazaruto Island are among the largest animals in the ocean.

  1. Experience Night Life Maputo

For memorable Mozambique expeditions, make sure you undertake a nightlife experience in Maputo- Mozambique’s national capital since 1898.

 This vibrant City Maputo is one of the prominent places to explore in Mozambique. It’s just near the South Africa border and holds several popular attractions in Mozambique.

On this expedition, you have a lot of options to undertake. For example, enjoy beers at lovely premium bars, watch live music, or explore some of the iconic nightclubs in Maputo for dance.

Please note that this experience is ideally safe as Maputo is one of the safest cities in Africa.

For a more rewarding experience, day expeditions in Maputo are possible. You’ll explore amazing busy streets in Maputo, the vibrant Maputo Central Market, Maputo Central Train Station, museums, as well as lovely craft shop centers for souvenirs. Amazing towns like Ponta Do Ouro can also be visited besides Maputo.

While in the lovely Maputo Central Market, you’ll shop for edibles as well as crafts to act as souvenirs. In Maputo Central Market, endeavor to explore the fish market to buy yourself fresh fish for frying!

  1. Exploring Mozambique’s Colonial Relics

On your Mozambique trip, it’s weird to leave this beloved country without learning about its rich fascinating colonial history. The best way to learn about Mozambique’s history is by visiting the Island of Mozambique!

This scenic islet of white sandy beaches was once the capital of Portuguese in East Africa as well as the most important port in the region.

Today, this lovely isle is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site due to its important historic architecture. It holds some of the oldest buildings in the southern hemisphere.

On the seashore on the northern end of this isle is a dive center. While on this beach destination, visitors can enjoy boat trips or laze on the sand coastline.

Adventurous travelers can undertake a traditional dhow voyage around on top of their island time. A traditional dhow is an ancient water vessel used by Arabs in the early 19th century.

  1. Undertaking Ocean Safaris on Tofo Beach

Although it’s a small village, Tofo Beach is one of the most prominent safari destinations in Mozambique ideal for scuba divers. It’s one of Mozambique’s gorgeous beaches that welcome many visitors.

While on Tofo, you can enjoy numerous adventures. However, ocean safaris are mostly recommended.

You’ll go out to look out for incredible marine wildlife (marine life) such as Dolphins, Turtles, Manta Rays, Humpback Whales, as well as Whale Sharks. The latter (Whale Sharks) are amazing giants in the Indian Ocean. Whale Sharks can grow over 12m long but, harmless!

On this charming adventure, you’ll get equipped with snorkels and be given the green light. After, you’ll jump out and enjoy diving (swimming alongside these mighty creatures). This is much fan with scuba divers!

  1. Tasting Out Delicious Cuisines in Mozambique

Who doesn’t enjoy trying out delicious local foods while traveling? For seafood enthusiasts on Mozambique vacations, a variety awaits you!

In this lovely country, wherever you go, you can enjoy freshly grilled fish, Crab, Lobster, as well as Octopus. However, what normally standards out are the Prawns, commonly known as LM Prawns.

The above is best enjoyed with a hot peri-peri sauce but, a local concoction made with chillies is also nice.

  1. Snorkeling in Lago Niassa Lake

For adventure travelers on a Mozambique trip, this is a charming safari experience a must not miss! Lago Niassa also known as Lake Malawi is the 3rd largest lake in Africa.

This lake holds over 850 fish species. This is more than the freshwater species in North America as well as Europe combined. Also, this lake boasts lots of beautiful coral reefs/ pristine coral reefs.

Though rarely visited, Lake Malawi offers incredible snorkeling opportunities.

The area around this lovely remote lake holds amazing eco-friendly lodges, making it worth visiting.

  1. Enjoying Dhow Trips to Quirimbas Archipelago in Quirimbas National Park

Quirimbas Archipelago in Quirimbas National Park consists of about 32 scenic tropical islands found in the Indian Ocean along the northern Mozambique coast.

The lush forested and unspoiled Quirimbas Archipelago holds turquoise waters and lovely beaches which are breeding sites for various Turtle species counting the enormous Leatherback Turtle. And among other marine life usually seen while diving and snorkeling in the Quirimbas archipelago include Humpback Whales.

On your Mozambique tour, the Quirimbas archipelago is best explored by undertaking a dhow cruise! Theirs is always a sunset dhow cruise ideal for couples.

Please note that the Quirimbas archipelago makes up Quirimbas National Park.

  1. Visiting the Deciphering Rock Art at Chinhamapere Hill

Chinhamapere Hill is one of the fascinating and best places to visit in Mozambique. It’s a country’s sacred place, however, less known by travelers!

This area holds amazing ancient paintings which are worth visiting. You’ll probably find any traveler but, always ask someone to show you the way.

No fee is given out but, donations are always welcome.

  1. Exploring Benguerra Isle

Mozambique Safaris

If you’re an adventure lover undertaking Mozambique expedition adventures, don’t miss visiting Benguerra Isle in the Bazaruto archipelago.

This is the 2nd largest islet of the Bazaruto Archipelago, found 1km south of Bazaruto Island. Just like its neighbor Bazaruto Island, it also holds turquoise waters, stunning beaches as well as amazing large sand dunes.

Benguerra Isle in the Bazaruto archipelago is surrounded by charming reefs which offer some of the best diving and snorkeling experiences on the African continent.

Also, since this great Isle holds lots of beautiful coral reefs, snorkeling is possible here. Other charming activities here include horse riding and big game fishing. During big game fishing, expect to catch Kingfish, King Mackerel, and Big Garfish.

Does Mozambique Have Safaris? | What Is Mozambique Best Known For?

There’s a range of amazing things to do in Mozambique and among these include game viewing trips for example, in the 4,000km² Gorongosa National Park.

Also, this safari destination is one of the few spots in Africa offering world-class beach expeditions, snorkeling, diving, Whale watching experience, and big game fishing.

Mozambique Holiday Packing List – What to Pack for Mozambique Vacation?

As you plan to travel to this lovely safari destination in Southern Africa, you should be well set for your trip.

Below is the packing list for trips to Mozambique:

  1. Insect repellents are a must-have. These are vital even on your game viewing safaris in Tanzania or South Africa.
  2. Holiday gadgets like a mobile phone, a camera, and binoculars.
  3. Sun protection gears
  4. A pack bag. Ideal even on your South Africa safaris, Tanzania game viewing safaris as well as Kenya.
  5. Seaside wears- shorts & T-shirts
  6. Evening wear- smart casual
  7. Personal toiletries like toothbrushes, and tampons for women.
  8. Travel documents like passport, Yellow Fever Vaccination Card, & travel insurance.
  9. A rain jacket. This is a must-have even on Tanzania game viewing safaris, South Africa safari holidays, or Uganda gorilla trekking adventures.
  10. Comfortable walking shores
  11. A sweater

Best South Mozambique Souvenirs- What to Buy in Mozambique?

For a notable safari experience on your Mozambique vacation tour, it’s ideal you buy yourself a souvenir at the end of the trip.

Here are the best souvenirs you can take home from your trip:

  1. Amazing craft backs
  2. Woven baskets and bags
  3. Traditional ceramics and jewelry
  4. Beautiful wooden mask carvings of humans and animals
  5. Lovely traditional fabrics for both men and women
  6. Salt and spices
  7. Garnet jewelry

Hotels in Mozambique- Where to Stay on Mozambique Holiday?

Mozambique Safaris

During your Mozambique stays, there’re numerous classes of accommodation with friendly service.

Below are the:

a. Recommended Luxury Lodges on Mozambique Safaris

  1. Polana Serena Hotel
  2. Coral Lodge
  3. White Pearl Resorts

b. Best Midrange Lodges in Mozambique

  1. Machangulo Beach Lodge
  2. Naara Eco Lodge & Spa
  3. Nghunghwa Lodge

c. Ideal Budget Safari Lodges on Mozambique Tours

  1. Samara Lodge
  2. Budget Safari Lodges
  3. Kumba Lodge
  4. Samara Lodge

All the above lodges offer friendly service!

Best Time to Visit Mozambique – What Is the Best Time to Visit Mozambique?

Visits to this safari destination are possible all year round due to the tropical climate here. However, June-November is the dry season, ideal for game-watching expeditions. For travelers interested in whale watching, September-November is the best time.

During the above months (dry season), the weather is pleasant and ideal for a beach holiday. These dry months are also ideal for Wildlife safaris in Tanzania as well as South Africa, etc.

Traveling to Mozambique- How to Travel to Mozambique?

Maputo International Airport is Mozambique’s romantic getaway, set about 3km from its capital. From a romantic getaway (airport), tourists are picked up by a local tour operator to further destination.

Although flights to Mozambique are possible, transfers in safari vehicles or self-drives are mainly used. You can hire a car from Maputo or South Africa and drive to Maputo. It’s about 550km taking about 7 hour’s drive. Expect to spend over 2 hours on the Mozambique border while crossing.

You can also enter it from Tanzania!

Please note that most self-drives are restricted in southern Mozambique as it holds numerous remote areas!

Mozambique Travel Guide- What Do I Need to Know Before Going to Mozambique?

What do I need to cross the border into Mozambique? As you plan your Mozambique trip, there’re some crucial documents you must have!

Below are the documents needed as you travel to Mozambique:

  1. A passport: Must be valid for 6 months from your entry date.
  2. As you travel to Mozambique, your passport should have at least 3 blank spaces.
  3. Mozambique’s visa: There is no visa issued on arrival! You can apply for it at https://evisa.gov.mz/.
  4. Nationals from visa-free countries like South Africa will get a 30-day entry permit upon arrival.
  5. If arriving from a Yellow Fever infested country, a Yellow Fever Vaccination Card is required.

Is Mozambique Safe? | Is Mozambique Safe for Solo Travel? | Is It Safe to Travel to Mozambique Now?

Yes, this country is one of the safest safari destinations in Africa. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling in a group or as a solo traveler!

Often, 100% of tourists on Mozambique’s vacation, 99% end their trips successively. Regardless of this fact, you should always be vigilant. Petty crimes like bag snatching and pickpocketing occur in busy towns. Flooding, mudslides, earthquakes, and cyclones occur.

Here are safety precautions while in Mozambique:

  1. Avoid walking lonely on deserted streets or remote areas.
  2. Never leave your valuables unattended.
  3. It’s not wise to move with luxury gadgets and jewelry on busy roads.
  4. Always avoid flashing money, it attracts wrongdoers.

What Is the Current Situation in Mozambique?

As earlier told you that most visits in Mozambique end successively, you’re advised to always be vigilant. Petty crimes always can occur especially, on the busy roads of Maputo city.

Always take all the safety measures to minimize the possibility of you being a victim!

Is Mozambique Good for Tourists? | Is Mozambique Good for Safari? | Why Is Mozambique a Good Tourist Destination?

The country is one of the hidden gems on the African continent worth visiting!

Here are the reasons why Mozambique is good for safaris:

  1. Holds unspoiled beaches and islands ideal for relaxation.
  2. It boasts numerous world-class water activities like scuba diving as well as snorkeling.
  3. Offers one of the most charming game watching safaris in Africa.
  4. Holds untouched coral reefs thus, is one of the best destinations to snorkel and dive from. As you dive, expect to encounter Humpback Whales, etc.
  5. It’s beautiful white sand beaches on the coast make it ideal for honeymooners.

What Is the Number 1 Safari in Africa?

Although their many safaris in Africa, game-watching expeditions rank the most prominent! Normally, Masai Mara in Kenya and Serengeti in Tanzania are East Africa’s best sites for game viewing. In southern Africa, Kruger NP is worth visiting!

Chimpanzee & gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda are also East Africa’s amazing adventures worth undertaking.

What Is Special About Kruger National Park?

Among parks in the African region, South Africa’s Kruger Park ranks top among the most famous parks worth visiting. This park is much known for its remarkable game-watching expeditions. While here, you can spot all the big Five in one day.

What Are The 3 Interesting Facts About Indian Ocean?

There’re numerous amazing facts about this ocean however, the most prominent include:

  • It’s the 3rd largest ocean on the earth.
  • This mighty ocean covers over 20% of the Earth’s surface.
  • It’s the warmest ocean in the world! Therefore, it has limited marine animals compared to other oceans.

Mozambique Trip Cost – Is It Expensive to Visit Mozambique? | How Much Do You Need for a Vacation in Mozambique?

Please note that there’s no fixed cost for a trip to Mozambique as it’s influenced by numerous factors.

Here are the determinants of Mozambique trip cost:

  • Duration of your tour
  • Accommodation class, you wish to use.
  • Activities you’ll undertake.
  • The kind of vehicle you use.
  • Your group size.

Best Tour Operators to Travel with on Your Mozambique Vacations

Here are the best tour operators to book with your trip:

  1. Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Africa Safaris Tours

Best Travel Packages to Mozambique

Below are some of the most fascinating Mozambique travel packages:

4 Days Maputo Mozambique holiday expeditions

This is one of the popular holiday safaris in Mozambique. It allows you to explore the history of Mozambique’s Maputo city as well as Ponta Do Ouro.

6 days Mozambique adventure

Allows you to explore Mozambique’s lovely scenery, picturesque lakes, lagoons, beaches & oceanic life. Snorkeling and scuba diving, among other ocean safaris, are possible.

7 days Kruger to Mozambique coast safari

This famous safari combines South Africa’s bush safari experience and relaxation at one of Mozambique’s scenic beaches.

Conclusively, among countries in Southern Africa, Mozambique is a must not miss bliss! It boasts several amazing things most travelers wish to undertake on their vacations in Africa. Among these include game viewing safaris, beach expeditions, Whale watching, scuba diving as well as snorkeling, etc.

Endeavor to explore Mozambique’s history by visiting it’s amazing colonial relics.