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South Africa Safaris, South African Safari Trips, Vacation in South Africa Tours

While planning to undertake a vacation on the African continent, South Africa safaris/South African safari trips should be given priority.

This country holds several charming tourist attractions counting the incomparable natural beauty of dazzling mountains, canyons, pleasant climate, wildlife diversity, beautiful beaches, lush forests, and diverse culture. This combination makes it a paradise worth visiting!

Unlike in other countries, travelers undertaking South Africa tour holidays have a range of amazing adventures to enjoy.

Among these include enjoying wildlife viewing safaris in South Africa’s iconic national parks like Kruger National Park and game reserves. Expect an encounter with the Big Five!

Other amazing things to do on your vacation in South Africa include hiking Drakensberg Mountains and the Table Mountain. You can also visit the winelands, go cage diving, enjoy scenic road trips, etc.

During South Africa tours, some travelers are interested in learning about the apartheid policy era. For a wonderful trip also, endeavor to explore major towns like Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.

Other activities in this affordable African safari destination can be arranged based on your safari interests.

As you visit South Africa, don’t worry about where to stay, this country holds arrange of accommodation classes. You can enjoy South African tours all year round but, for wildlife safaris in Kruger National Park, May-September is recommended.

For a great trip on your South Africa vacation, you should combine your South Africa expedition with Botswana trips to explore its mighty Chobe National Park. Victoria Falls excursion is also possible!

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Best Things to Do in South Africa | South Africa Things to Do

There is a range of fascinating things to do on your South Africa safari and among these include:

  1. Undertaking South African Wildlife Safaris

In Africa, South Africa wildlife viewing trips offer the best experience as the country features one of the most fascinating game drives in the world.

During your wildlife South Africa safaris, you’ll get a golden opportunity to spot thousands of game animals normally, during game drives! Among these include the Big Five and classic safari ungulates.

Animals to look for on your wildlife South African safari include:

  1. Lions
  2. Leopards
  3. Herds of cape Buffalos
  4. Elephants
  5. Black Rhino
  6. Cheetahs
  7. Giraffes
  8. Hippos and,
  9. Zebras, etc.

Best spots for wildlife South Africa safaris include:


Kruger NP is one of South Africa’s prominent national parks, known as the Big Five Capital of Africa!

This legendary park holds a viable population of Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalos, and Black Rhino. Cheetahs and wild dogs are easily spotted also in Kruger Park.


Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is renowned for its Kalahari Lions (black-manned Lions).  However, also, migrating herds of Springbok, Wildebeest, and Gemsbok can be spotted here! Therefore, it’s one of the ideal spots for game-watching during your South Africa tours.


After Kruger National Park, this ranks as the 3rd South Africa’s largest park. This park is a perfect add for self-drive safaris from Cape Town along the Garden Route.


This is one of South Africa’s largest game reserves, home to the Big Five. It’s idyllic for day trips from Johannesburg, especially for short-time travelers.

Pilanesburg is one of the most visited game reserves in this state.

  1. Exploring Cape Town

Situated between an amazing craggy mountain range and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town is South Africa’s most popular destination. This vibrant city is also referred to as Africa’s Mother City as it gave birth to civilization.

On your South Africa safaris, undertaking Cape Town trips offer you an opportunity to explore Cape Town!

According to your interests, during Cape Town expeditions, you can visit numerous amazing museums and galleries in Cape Town. You can decide to end up your day relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches around.

Also, on a Cape Town excursion, endeavor to explore the Cape Point Peninsular! Cape Point is an amazing site where the vast Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Adventurous travelers touring Cape Town shouldn’t miss a hike to the nearby Table Mountain. For great views, you can explore this mountain using a cable car!

  1. Go Surfing on the Atlantic Ocean

Surfing is one of the fun things to do in South Africa Cape Town, a must not miss for exploratory travelers. Among African countries, this country offers world-class surfing on the Atlantic Ocean, South African coast.

On your South African safari, the best place for surfing is Jeffrey’s Bay, on the southern coast near Port Elizabeth as it holds big waves with multiple breaks.

  1. Go Scuba Diving

South Africa safaris

If you’re looking for the best place on your African safari to go diving, South Africa Cape Town is the ideal place for you! It offers word class diving experience and this is due to the mixing of the warm and cold ocean currents.

The country holds rocky shores, coral reefs, and kelp forests as well as multiple wrecks on most of its peninsulas, ideal for diving. Therefore, scuba diving enthusiasts shouldn’t miss this experience.

Normally, most of the diving is done at Port Elizabeth– found on the coast, halfway between Cape Town and Durban.

  1. Learn About the Shock of Apartheid Policy

On your Cape Town South African safari, it’s weird to leave without learning about the horror of apartheid! The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg is the best place for you to have some highlights of this evil of apartheid.

For a rewarding experience on your South Africa safari tours, don’t miss visiting the District Six Museum. It’s a commemoration for people who were living in this area around 1970.

These people were forced to relocate for white citizens to move in. This experience is both illuminating and sobering!

On top of this South African safari, with your tour leader, you can visit the Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal to learn about the Boer wars.

  1. Exploring The Historical Robben Island

If interested in discovering about the apartheid era on your South Africa safari, don’t miss this island!

This was a maximum security island in the late 17th century during the apartheid era.

The island was used to detain numerous political convicts including Nelson Mandela. Currently, it’s a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the great cultural sites in the country.

During that era, conditions were horrible! Island Prisoners could be forced into hard labor in the limestone quarry and could sleep on the stone floor.

Presently, some of the former victims are guides, sharing information about how life was on the island!

On this excursion, you’ll see a cell for Nelson Mandela as well as a prisoners’ graveyard.

President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned here between 1964-82, later transferred to 2 more prisons before he was finally realized in 1990, serving a total of 27 years!

  1. Enjoy Drakensberg Mountains Hike

Drakensberg Mountains is a fascinating feature worth exploring if you’re a mountain climbing fan undertaking South African safaris! This mountain is the tallest in the country, rising over 3,482m a.s.l.

Drakensberg’s charming valleys, sandstone cliffs, deep valleys, ragged peaks, and green peaks, as well as its undulating plateaus, are worth exploring.

There are numerous hiking trails used to explore Drakensberg Mountains. These range from casual walks to strenuous climbings and there’re options for day or multiple-day hikes.

  1. Undertaking A Scenic Road Trip

On top of your South Africa tours, endeavor to include a road voyage on the Garden Route. This is the most attractive route for road trips, taking you through scenic coastal cliffs, lush forests, and beautiful mountain ranges.

This route spans along the south-central coast from Mossel Bay in the west to Storms River in the east. It’s a winding road offering great views of sandy beaches, lakes, as well as lagoons.

For adventurous travelers on South Africa tour, you can stop at Bloukrans Bridge- the highest bridge in Africa, and go bungee jumping there!

Other routes worth exploring on your South Africa tours include:

  • Panorama Route in Mpumalanga: This offers lovely sights of Blyde River Canyon.
  • Wild Coast Route: It gives dramatic views of the coastal landscapes.

9. Exploring the Cape Winelands – Wine Tasting

On your Cape Town South Africa tour, exploring the Cape Winelands is a remarkable experience worth undertaking. Remember, this scenic land ranks top among the leading producers of the best wines on the world market- wine lovers get this!

South Africa’s wine industry dates back to the 17th century and therefore, currently hundreds of wineries can be found in the country.

On this expedition, the Cape Winelands region nearby Cape Town, (Stellenbosch) is mostly visited. It holds over 150 wineries in a relatively small area.

For a memorable encounter, endeavor to shop some wines around!

  1. Visiting Blyde River Canyon

While planning to undertake South Africa tours, you shouldn’t miss visiting this beautiful river canyon! It’s a common stopover from or to the great Kruger NP.

This breathtaking canyon is renowned for its incredible beauty of amazing cliffs, gorges as well as lush vegetation. On your South Africa tours, the best way to explore the canyon’s incomparable beauty is by undertaking a drive along the scenic Panoramic Route.

There’re several hiking trails to explore this canyon. However, besides lovely nature walks, visitors can further enjoy, abseiling, mountain biking as well as river cruises.

On this outing, don’t miss exploring the amazing Bourke’s luck potholes.

  1. Go Whale Watching

On your visit South Africa, Whale watching is considered one of the top things to do a must not miss. Also note that, globally, this country is one of the best for Whale watching experience!

On your South African tours, Whale watching is done in Hermanus, found 120km southeast of Cape Town.

Visiting Cape Town South Africa in June-November, you’ll have a great chance of spotting Southern Right Whales, Orcas, and Bryde’s Whales.

Adventurous travelers can further enjoy cage diving!

  1. Explore the Wild Coast

Wild Coast is one of the amazing major attractions on your South Africa safari holiday worth exploring! Found in the Eastern Cape, the Wild Coast holds some of the most dazzling sandy beaches on the South African coast of the Indian Ocean.

Furthermore, this paradise holds picturesque sheltered bays, rugged cliffs, mysterious shipwrecks, and lush coastal forests. It’s an ideal site for outdoor enthusiasts!

This dazzling coastline is best explored by undertaking a road voyage on the Wild Coast Route.

  1. Visit Boulders Beach to Watch Penguins

During your South Africa safari, you’re advised never to miss visiting Boulders Beach!

The Boulders Beach Penguin Colony is part of Table Mountain N, found a short drive from Cape Town in Western Cape. This lovely beach boasts thousands of African Penguins.

Unfortunately, these Penguins are endangered species due to human impacts like habitat loss, pollution, and oil splits.

Therefore, on your visit, you’re not allowed to walk on the beach where Penguins breed! You’ll just watch them from nearby viewing platforms around.

  1. Undertaking Village Walks

Undertaking village walks on top of your South African expeditions is one of the unique experiences worth undertaking. It allows you to explore the fascinating traditions, beliefs, and customs of local people.

For a notable encounter, usually, there’re local tour guides to accompany you on this experience.

The prominent village expeditions on your South African tours include:

  • Shangaan village walks and,
  • Zulu cultural encounters.

Attractions in South Africa (Beautiful Places in South Africa) – What Are the Tourist Attractions in South Africa?

South Africa ranks top among the countries in Africa blessed with amazing attractions worth visiting on your African safaris.

Here are the major attractions in South Africa worth visiting:

  1. Kruger National Park- offers one of the best game drives in the world.
  2. Blyde River Canyon- This is the world’s 3rd largest riverine canyon.
  3. The Garden Route- offers one of the best road trips in the world.
  4. Lovely beaches in Cape Town
  5. Cape Winelands
  6. The Apartheid Museum
  7. Table Mountain
  8. The Wild Coast
  9. Cango caves- an ideal site for a cave diving experience.

Does South Africa Have Safaris? | Are There Safari Tours in South Africa?

Does South Africa have good safaris? Yes, this haven is one of the best countries on the African continent for safaris.

This vast state offers one of the best wildlife-viewing safari adventures in Africa. Visitors here can spot all the Big Five plus, thousands of other classic game animals. Kruger Park is the best place for this though, there’re other many reserves (game reserves) to visit!

Other notable things to do on South Africa safari trips include undertaking the Cape Town tour and enjoying the Blyde Canyon visit.

Are There Wild Animals in South Africa? | Can You See Wildlife in South Africa?

Which wild animals live in South Africa? The state is among the African countries blessed with rich wildlife! Also, note that wildlife ranks top among the major attractions in South Africa.

Among these game animals include the African Big Five (Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Rhinos, and Buffalos). The other amazing safari animals include Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, Wildebeest, Cheetahs, etc.

These can be spotted in national parks as well as game reserves.

South Africa Tour Packing List- What to pack for South Africa Vacation?

As you plan traveling South Africa, it’s ideal for you to prepare yourself fully.

Below is what you should have:

  1. Sun protection gears are so ideal on your South Africa tour holidays in national parks and game reserves. They’re ideal even on Botswana safaris in Chobe National Park.
  2. Insect repellents are a must-have while on your African safari in South African parks and game reserves. Also, it’s ideal during cage diving or even in Botswana’s Chobe National Park during Chobe River cruises.
  3. Holiday gadgets such as a camera, binoculars, etc. are crucial on your South Africa tours.
  4. A pack bag is so important on your South Africa tour vacation in parks and game reserves. This applies even on your Botswana safari in Chobe National Park.
  5. A mobile phone is a must-have on your South Africa tours.
  6. A swimming suit
  7. Personal toiletries like toothbrushes, and tampons for women. These’re also ideal while on Botswana safaris in Chobe National Park.
  8. Travel documents like a Yellow Fever Vaccination Card, passport, and travel insurance, are so vital as you visit South Africa.
  9. A rain poncho
  10. Comfortable shoes are so ideal on your African safari in Kruger park or on a cage diving experience. These are idyllic even on safaris in Botswana Chobe National Park.
  11. A jacket is also recommended on your South Africa tours.

Best Hotels in South Africa- Where to Stay in South Africa on Your Vacation?

There’re numerous safari lodges and hotels worth using on your South African safari.

Here are the:

a. Recommended Luxury Safari Lodges

  1. Leopard Hills
  2. Malewane Lodge
  3. Singita
  4. Londolozi

b. Best Midrange Lodges

  1. Jock Safari Lodge
  2. Arathusa Safari Lodge
  3. Letsatsi Game Lodge

c. Ideal Budget Safari Lodges 

  1. Phinda Forest Lodge
  2. Lion Sands River Lodge
  3. Laguna Lodge
  4. Crocodile Sands River Lodge

Note: Some of these facilities have flashing toilets but others have squat toilets

Best Time to Visit South Africa- What Time of Year Is Best for Safari in South Africa?

What is the best time of year to go on safari in South Africa? South African safaris can be done all year round!

However, the best time for game viewing safaris in Kruger National Park is the dry months in May-September. Daytime temperatures can range between 120C in the mornings and 290C in the afternoons.

In these months, game watching is at its best as animals tend to gather around waterholes.

Please note that Cape Town dry and wet seasons differ from those of Kruger National Park. So, the best time to visit Cape Town is in November-March.

Traveling to South Africa- How to Travel to South Africa?

Johannesburg International Airport (JNB) in Johannesburg City is the transport hub for most visitors traveling to this country

Due to the excellent roads in the country, most travels are by car and some people choose a self-drive option. However, travelers are normally picked up from the airport by their local tour operators to further destinations and it’s always part of a tour package.

Other International airports are in Cape Town and Durban but, few flights from America or Europe fly directly here.

Chartered domestic flights are possible.

South Africa Travel Guide- What Documents Are Needed to Travel to South Africa?

Just like other African safari destinations, also there’re entry travel requirements for South Africa.

Below are the South Africa travel documents needed:

  1. A passport: This should be valid for 6 months from your arrival date.
  2. A visa: Only issued online.
  3. Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, if from a yellow fever belt of Africa or South America.
  4. A round-trip ticket

Is South Africa Worth Visiting? | Is South Africa A Good Place for Tourists?

Is South Africa the best for safari? Absolutely yes! South Africa is one of the most spectacular countries on Africa’s continent ideal for adventurous travelers.

Here are the top reasons why you should visit South Africa or undertake South Africa tours:

  1. It Offers the Best Sightings of the Big Five in Africa

South Africa tours are among the few safaris on earth where travelers can spot all the African safari Big Five (Buffalos, Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards, and Lions) just in a day.

  1. It Boasts Numerous Amazing Tourist Activities

On Africa’s continent, South Africa’s tourist activities are 2nd to none!  Among these include a hike to the top of Table Mountain (a dazzling mountain within the mighty city). Others include horse riding in the Drakensberg, watching whales in Hermanus, etc.

  1. It Holds Some of the World’s Finest Beaches

If you’re looking for the best place to have a beach holiday, South Africa tours await you!

  1. It’s An Affordable Safari Destination

While looking for a cheap safari destination to travel to for your African safari, consider visiting this beloved country. This republic holds a range of accommodations including luxury, mid-range, and budget facilities countrywide.

  1. A Safari to South Africa Can Easily Be Combined Other Safari destinations such as-:
  2. Botswana safaris: In this country expect to explore Okavango Delta and the great Chobe National Park. In Chobe National Park, you’ll undertake tranquil Chobe River cruises. Chobe National Park is one of the prominent national parks in Botswana!
  3. Victoria Falls tour on Zambezi River: Note that Victoria Falls on Zambezi River are the largest falls in the world. These picturesque falls (Victoria Falls is one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world.
  4. Kenya and Tanzania safaris: Expect to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration!

Best South African Souvenirs- What to Buy in South Africa?

For a memorable experience on your South Afric tour, it’s idyllic you buy yourself a souvenir at the end of your vacation.

Here are the best souvenirs you can take home from a safari in South Africa:

  1. Zulu ceremonial spoons
  2. Local leather backs
  3. Lovely woven bowls, bags, and baskets
  4. Amazing Zulu jewelry
  5. Amazing old wine
  6. Wooden mask carvings
  7. Beautiful Zulu traditional fabrics

South Africa Outfit- What to Wear on a Safari in South Africa?

While on your safari South Africa tour, it’s ideal that you put on eco-friendly clothes that can dwell well with your surroundings. For example, while in Kruger Park safari clothes with colors such as brown, khaki, grey, and green are recommended.

Note that:

  1. Clothes with bright colors aren’t idyllic. These absorb dust easily.
  2. Black clothes absorb heat.
  3. Blue wears attract Tsetse flies.
  4. While on a village tour, knee-covering clothes are recommended especially for ladies! According to African culture, thy revealing clothes are for harlots.

Is South Africa Safe to Visit? | Is it Safe to Travel to South Africa?

Is South Africa safe for white tourists? Yes, South Africa is safe for white tourists!

Note that, 100% of travelers who visit this nation, 99% end their trips successfully.

The above fact doesn’t mean that there’re no crimes in this state! Pickpocketing, rape, sexual assault, robbery, and scams, have been reported mostly after dark.

Therefore, you should always be vigilant!

Below are the safety measures to follow on your South Africa safari:

  1. Avoid walking at night along lonely streets. If possible, just avoid walking at night!
  2. Don’t leave your valuables unattended. You don’t know people in the surrounding area.
  3. Avoid moving with luxury gadgets and jewelry on busy roads in major towns.
  4. Flashing money is not wise! You never know the intentions of people in the surrounding area.
  5. You’re advised to purchase travel insurance for your holiday. Travel insurance helps to cover in case of any mishap.

How Expensive Is South Africa for A Vacation | Are South African Safaris Expensive?

Some travelers inquire whether is South Africa safari expensive and others are like, is South Africa expensive to vacation? This country is one of the cheap safari destinations on Africa’s continent and probably in the world!

For instance, South Africa’s restaurants are relatively cheaper compared to those in Britain.

On your vacation, you can find a meal at around R100 however, luxury meals usually start at R200.

The above answers this query of whether is it cheap to vacation in South Africa!

How Much Does South Africa Safari Cost | How Much Does a Safari Cost in South Africa?

How much does it cost to go on safari in South Africa? Please note that there’s no fixed price for a trip to South Africa as it’s determined by several factors.

Here are the determinants of the cost of safari in South Africa:

  1. The number of days you’ll spend on a South Africa tour holiday.
  2. Activities you’ll undertake on your South Africa tour
  3. The number of people on your South Africa trip.
  4. Accommodation class you’ll use
  5. The kind of vehicle you decide to use on your trip.

How Many Days Are Enough for South Africa Trip? | How Many Days Are Enough for South Africa?

There’re no fixed days for a tour in Cape Town however, this duration is determined by your travel budget and interests.

Your tour operator will be available to advise you!

Top Tour Operators in South Africa to Travel with for your Vacation

For a rewarding experience, always ensure you book your South Africa tour with a reputable travel company. Always check on its South Africa tour reviews on Tripadvisor!

Some of the best tour operators to book your trip with include:

  1. Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Africa Safaris Tours

Best Vacation Packages to South Africa

Here are some of the top South Africa vacation packages:

  • 5 days Kruger Park safari

Allows you fully explore the mighty Kruger NP.

  • 6 Days South African Safari Tour

Gives you a chance to explore South Africa’s most prominent attractions and activities. For example, Cape Town, Hermanus, Penguin, and Whale watching. Cave diving in Cango Caves, as well as game watching, awaits you.

  • 7 Days South African safari trip

Also, this safari allows you to explore most of the attractions in South Africa. And among these include Kruger NP, Cape Town, Robben Islands, Table Mountain, as well as Cape Winelands.

  • 14 days South Africa Tour

This is a prominent trip offering you the best of South Africa counting game viewing trips, cage diving, etc.

For a memorable vacation in Africa, don’t miss visiting South Africa. It’s an affordable paradise that provide travelers with a range of amazing safaris every person can have in Africa! Also, note that trips to this country can easily be combined with Botswana trips as well as a tour to the scenic Victoria Falls.

For any inquiries about your South Africa tours, email our responsive team!