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Best Time To Visit Uganda – When is The Best Time To Visit Uganda?

Several travelers intending to undertake African safaris in Uganda are always inquisitive about the best time to visit Uganda.

Well, if you have been wondering about the best time of the year to visit Uganda, this is an ideal article for you!

The Pearl of Africa- Uganda can be visited at all times of the year due to its pleasant warm climatic conditions.

However, travelers intending to visit Uganda should note, the best time of year to visit Uganda is during the dry months of December-August and June-August.

During these dry months in Uganda months, minimum rainfall is expected in most tourism destinations of Uganda.

And therefore, there’s a conducive environment for Chimpanzee and gorilla trekking as well as mountain climbing and game watching in most parks of Uganda.  More so, during these dry months, the roads tend to be in good condition and free from mud.

Please note that, since Uganda sits in the tropics (in actuality, it’s crossed by the Equator), it experiences warm conditions all year round. Uganda’s average annual temperature ranges between 20-250C.

Uganda Weather By Month – Best Time To Visit Uganda

Though Uganda can be visited all time of the year, it’s ideal that you know about Uganda’s weather month by month.

This will help you get to know the best time to travel to Uganda and also prepare accordingly for a memorable experience:

Below is the weather of Uganda in:

  • Uganda Weather In December-February – Best Time To Visit Uganda

Usually, December- February is considered a dry season in Uganda thus, one of the best time to visit Uganda.

February is the hottest month in Uganda with an average high temperature of over 28.30C. Normally, the average low temperature is always around 17.7°C

Please note that, though these months are considered dry, little rainfall can be received on some days.

These months are ideal for Uganda wildlife safaris as there’s always less vegetation to limit your views. You’ll spot a range of animals in Uganda’s national parks, especially around water holes.

It’s also the best time to visit gorillas in Uganda as the trails are drier and less rainfall is expected in the misty rainforest of Bwindi.

For travelers interested in birdwatching in Uganda, this can be the ultimate time to spot migratory birds.

  • Weather For Uganda In March-May – Best Time To Visit Uganda

March-May is the long Uganda rainy season– (Uganda’s tourism low season).

During these months, much rainfall is experienced in most parts of Uganda. However, temperatures normally remain high, rising to 280C in the daytime and cooling to 180C at night. The average precipitation can be over 130mm in most areas of Uganda.

During this season, there’re many newborn animals in Uganda, and the scenery of savannah parks is greener (making game viewing a bit challenging).

Often, several road points get slippery and muddy though remain passable!

Furthermore, forest parks like Kibale NP and Bwindi Impenetrable NP get moister and their trails become more challenging to hike as some points get slippery.

However, for gorilla lovers, this can be the best time to visit Uganda. This is because, during this time,  there’s always plenty of food on the lower slopes of the forest. Therefore, Mountain Gorillas rarely move to higher altitudes in search of food.

As a result, they’re easily spotted in lower slopes without hectic hikes as the case in dry months but, you should get ready for a soppy hike!

For bird lovers on Uganda tours, you’ll have a chance of spotting migratory birds.

Please note that even in these rainy months the skies can open up to bright sunshine. Remember Uganda is a Peal of Africa!

  • Uganda Weather In June-August

June-August is another best time to visit Uganda as they are dry months in most regions of Uganda. Usually, temperatures rise to 270C in the afternoon however, mornings are always cool at 180C temperature.

Although these months are considered dry, some little rainfall can be received.

Usually, during this time, vegetation in savannah parks of Uganda is dry thus great views for game viewing.

For example, game animals in Uganda parks such as Queen Elizabeth NP, Murchison Falls NP, and Kidepo Valley NP are easily spotted gathered on water points.

In forest parks like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Kibale, this time is ideal for gorilla trekking as well as chimpanzee trekking. This is so because the trails tend to be drier (mud-free) due to minimal rainfall.

  • Please note that this is the peak season for tourism in Uganda. And therefore, you should book all your chimpanzee and gorilla trekking permits as well as accommodation in advance.
  1. Weather Of Uganda In September-November

In Uganda, the months of September-November are considered similar to the months of March-May.

However, on average, there’s relatively less rainfall in these months, and are considered a short rain season in Uganda. Therefore, they can be ideal for  Uganda tours.

When To Visit Uganda? | When To Travel To Uganda?

Though travelers can visit Uganda all year round it’s ideal for you to know the best time to visit Uganda for a memorable safari in Africa.

June-August and December-February are considered as the best season to visit Uganda. In these months, the weather in Uganda is so ideal for trips in Uganda.

Rainfall in these months tends to be less in most parts of Uganda thus, minimal rainfall inconveniences on your safari. Also, most roads and trails in parks are free from mud and the season is ideal for game viewing.

In general, there’s no specific time to visit Uganda however, travelers should note that the best time to visit Uganda is during the dry season.

During dry months (December-February and June-August) rainfall is always minimal in most regions of Uganda. And thus, the weather is friendly for all safari activities in Uganda.  

March-May and September-November are the wettest months in Uganda but, Uganda safari activities remain even in these months.

Please, For Any Inquiries About Your Best Time To Visit Uganda, Just Feel Free To Email Our Responsive Team!

FAQS About The Best Time To Visit Uganda

  1. When To Go To Uganda?

Visitors planning to have African safaris in Uganda should note that Uganda can be visited all year round. However, the best time to go to Uganda is during the dry season of June-August and December-February.

In these months, the weather in Uganda is pleasant for most activities on Uganda safaris. Among these include gorilla and chimp trekking, mountain climbing, and game viewing.

  1. What Are The Rainy Months In Uganda? | Which Months Are Rainy Season In Uganda?

The rainy season in Uganda runs from March-May and September-November. However, most regions of Uganda except in the North remain receiving relatively little rainfall throughout the year.

  1. What Is The Hottest Month In Uganda? | What Is The Warmest Month In Uganda?

Normally, February is the warmest month in Uganda with day temperatures rising from 240C-330C. In northern Uganda, it can reach about 400C, especially in semi-arid areas of Karamoja (northeastern Uganda)- Kidepo park region.

  1. Is October A Good Time To Visit Uganda?

The best time to visit Uganda is during the dry seasons of December- February, and June- August.

During this time, wildlife can easily be spotted in Uganda safari parks around water points and there is little rainfall to inconvenience your safari. Mountain hiking, chimpanzee, and gorilla trekking are easier also as the trails are drier.

  1. What Is The Wettest Month In Uganda?

April is the wettest month in Uganda. It receives over 266mm of rainfall with a minimum temperature of 180C and a maximum of 260C.

  1. Is June A Rainy Month In Uganda?

Yes, June is a dry month in Uganda. Uganda’s dry season runs from June-August and also from December- February but still, these months receive some moderate little rainfall.

  1. What Is The Weather Like In Uganda In August? | Is August A Rainy Month In Uganda?

August is a dry month in Uganda. In Uganda, the dry season run from JuneAugust and also from DecemberFebruary.

  1. Does It Rain In December In Uganda? | Is December A Rainy Season In Uganda?

December is a fairly dry month in Uganda. Dry months in Uganda include  June-August and also from December-February. However, note that even during these dry months, little rainfall can come.

  1. Is Uganda Hot All Year Round?

In general, Uganda experiences warm conditions all year round. This is due to its being located along the Equator line where the conditions are warm all year round.

On average, Uganda’s average temperature normally hovers about 270C in the daytime and cools down to 180C at night.

  1. What Is The Weather In Uganda In October?

October is one of the wet months in Uganda. It receives over 97mm of rainfall with an average min temperature of over 170C and 270C maximum.

  1. What Months Are Summer In Uganda?

June-August and December-February are the driest months in Uganda but, it can still rain! These are the most ideal months to undertake a Uganda holiday as the weather tends to be pleasant.

  1. What To Park While Planning To Have A Safari In Uganda?

Travelers planning to undertake safaris in Uganda are advised to have the following:

  • Camera: This is so ideal for taking photos while on your holiday in Uganda. Opt for a camera with a nice zooming lens and enough storage space.
  • Binoculars: These will help you have great views of distant features.
  • Sunglasses: Helpful to protect your eyes from strong tropical sun rays.
  • A sunhat: This will protect you from direct scorching sunshine while out on your safari for example when undertaking a nature walk.
  • Sunscreens: These help to safeguard yourself from any possibility of biting insects such as Mosquitoes. Usually, those with DEET over 50% are ideal.
  • Comfortable hiking boots: Such shoes are so ideal while undertaking adventure activities. And among these include chimpanzee and gorilla trekking as well as mountain hiking.
  • Long-sleeved shirts and trousers: These help to protect your skin from cuttings and scratches while on your safari especially in rainforest parks.
  • Environment-friendly clothes: Neutral colors such as Khaki, grey, and brown are ideal as they help you blend in with nature. They don’t stress up game animals.
  • A rain jacket (poncho): Since Uganda receives rainfall almost year-round, it’s recommended you move with a rain jacket.
  • Backpack: It will help keep all your essential properties together and safe while on a trip. And among these include cameras and other extra clothes such as a poncho.
  • Travel document: It’s ideal your inquire from your tour operator about the travel requirement to Uganda and prepare yourself accordingly.

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