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What A Great Way To Pay Tribute To A Great Conservation Icon

What A Great Way To Pay Tribute To A Great Conservation Icon

Are you a primatologist or the just a lover of primates? This is for you, Uganda Wildlife Education Center has unveiled plans to construct a statue as a way of commemorating one of the most visited Uganda safari attraction that has lived in Uganda’s tourism history, this is none other than Zakayo.

Zakayo, the country’s oldest chimpanzee died at the age of 54 in 2018 after succumbing to chronic gastroenteritis. Speaking at the first-ever Zakayo legacy day on Friday, UWEC, Executive Director, James Musinguzi said the museum will be a token of appreciation for the role played by the chimpanzee in increasing the number of tourists in the country.

“Zakayo was an icon at UWEC and a great ambassador to wild animals out there in the field. He brought in a lot of tourists to UWEC but also Uganda at large. It is, therefore, befitting for us to recognize the efforts and contribution to Uganda’s conservation,”Musinguzi said. The UWEC boss said the tourist numbers have grown by 10% partly because of Zakayo, adding that is only prudent to put up a museum in his honor. He noted that Zakayo’s skeleton was preserved and that it would be on display alongside other items in the museum.

“We shall have conservation education messages about Zakayo, chimpanzees and other wildlife. One can come to do research about conservation and legacy of Zakayo. The museum will have a lot of knowledge about chimpanzees at large,”Musinguzi said.

According to the UWEC Executive Director, the Zakayo statue will be erected at the Entebbe children’s park. At the function, the Zakayo legacy day was inaugurated and will be celebrated annually on October 27, the birthdate for the deceased chimpanzee.

About Zakayo

Zakayo was in 1964 was rescued from Semuliki National park in Bundibugyo and was estimated to be one year old. The chimp was raised by a white man who 13 years later handed it over to UWEC in 1976 because it had turned out difficult to manage. Zakayo lived at UWEC until 2018 when he met his death aged 54 years.

Do you fancy an epic Uganda chimpanzee safari? Well, you are in the right place for you to know more about chimpanzee trekking in Uganda. Besides UWEC, Uganda has got several other places where you can have a magical encounter with the chimpanzees if you have only got a single day in Uganda but you still fancy a chimpanzee encounter, you’re more than welcome to make a 1-day chimpanzee safari to Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to over 50 chimpanzees that will ensure that you have a good time when you visit them because even though you’re separated a metal fence, these chimpanzees will definitely notice your presence and will give you a heap of laughter especially during the feeding time as they scramble for food.

Another place you will have a memorable time with the chimpanzees is Kibale Forest National Park. Commonly referred to as the primate capital of the world Kibale is indeed any primatologist haven as it comes with 13 primate species. of the 13 primates that are present, the chimpanzees are the biggest Uganda safari attractions in Kibale National Park, Kibale is home to an astronomical 5000 chimpanzees, now that’s a number that isn’t common in many other destinations out there.

Besides chimpanzees, other tourist attractions in Kibale include 12 other primates such as the vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, L’hoest monkeys. Birders should never miss out a visit to Kibale on their Uganda birding safari as Kibale is home to 350 bird species which come with birding specials such as the African green pitta  Now with all these attractions, you can expect a visit Uganda experience to Kibale National Park to be a fun fare event only related to a child’s visit to Disney land given the numerous Uganda safari activities in kibale national park you can engage in while on your Uganda wildlife safari. Some of these activities include an epic Uganda chimpanzee safari given the 5000 chimpanzees that await you on this trip to Kibale.

Other tourist activities in Kibale Park for you to engage in include a Uganda birding safari in order to give you unlimited access to magnificent sightings of several of the 350 bird species with the great blue turaco and African green breasted pitta being the highlight of a bird-watching Uganda safari trip to Kibale national park. Because Kibale is such a beautiful place to be with numerous marvellous Uganda safari tourist activities for you to engage in, you will definitely need a place to make an overnight stay in Kibale in order to give yourself a better chance to experience Kibale’s beauty and splendour to the fullest. If this is your viewpoint as well, then you should not worry a lot because there are a lot of Uganda safari lodges in Kibale national park that will definitely cater for your all your accommodation needs while here.

Many of the Uganda hotels in Kibale national park are ranked as luxury, midrange and budget hence making it easy for anyone to find a suitable lodge to stay in regardless of their budget levels. Some of the luxury lodges in Kibale include crater safari lodge, Ndali lodge, Primate lodge Kibale and Kyaninga lodge. If you are interested in midrange lodges some of the options you should think of include Crater Safari Lodge, Kibale Forest Guest House, Kibale Forest Camp and budget lodges here include Rweteera Safari Camp, Kibale Guest Cottages, and Kibale Safari Camp. Because Kibale is such a beautiful destination to visit given the various attractions and activities you can do while here, many tour operators in Uganda offer chimpanzee trekking safaris to Kibale.

If you thought that this all Uganda has got offer you when it comes to primates and other attractions, am sorry but you’re utterly wrong because a Uganda tour has still got a trump card up her sleeves. This trump card is nothing else but a thrilling encounter with the magical gorillas. Yes, an encounter with the gorillas is very much possible during your Africa safari to this Pearl of Africa and many travelers who visit Uganda, usually ensure to have an encounter with the absolutely magical gorillas hence we would wish that the next time you get a chance to visit Uganda, we recommend that you as well just like the many that have come before you, have your own gorilla story to tell after taking a really incredible Uganda gorilla safari.

Experience a magical gorilla trekking Uganda tour with a memorable gorilla trekking Uganda safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. During this gorilla safari Uganda, you are awarded with an hour to gaze and photograph these magical beings in their natural habitat as they go about their daily rounds. This gorilla trek safari Uganda experience still offers you a chance to site several of the 350 bird species in this tropical paradise. Take a memorable nature walk as you explore this pristine jungle during this Uganda gorilla tour, also don’t miss out on an epic Batwa cultural mash-up during this out of the world gorilla safari Uganda. Choose to engage in any of these activities on your gorilla tours Uganda by choosing any of our gorilla safaris Uganda


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