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How Chimpanzees Parent Their Babies

Chimpanzee trekking safaris Uganda are one of the most popular activities done by tourists on safaris in Uganda. Tourists that safari Uganda for chimpanzee trekking safaris Uganda and chimpanzee habituation in Uganda have chance to encounter with man’s closest relatives (chimpanzees) as they enjoy their stay in the wild. Uganda is a proud home of the “Primate capital of the world”; Kibale National Park hence a Uganda safari to this park guarantees you a chance to see these primates. Kibale Forest National Park is habits over 11 primates hence you will enjoy your stay in the primate capital during your short Uganda wildlife safari tour.

Chimpanzees are omnivores. They heavily rely on a wide variety fruit and leaves. However, they also eat insects, eggs, nuts. They also hunt down monkeys and other small animals for meat. Have you seen chimpanzees feed? Take a chimpanzee trekking safari Uganda and witness an amazing time yourself.

Chimpanzees During Their Early Stages

A female chimpanzee’s pregnancy can last about 230 days. This is close to about 8.5 months and this is close to that of a human being. Once born, a baby chimpanzee clings to the breast of its mother, just like a human baby. The baby chimp develops slowly at the rate of a human. An infant chimp can sit up at five months and stand with support when it turns six months.

Basically, when a chimp is born, it is very helpless and has very little grasping abilities. Parental care from the mother is very crucial at this point since it is one way of protecting them.

A baby chimpanzee is born with a cute pink face and a white hair tuft on its backside. However, this hair disappears with age. A baby chimpanzee does not have a full coat of fur because their fur grows in and thickens as it matures.

Chimpanzees During Their Growing Stages

The baby chimp is carried by its mother on her front side for a period of between three and six months. As the baby chimp grows, they begin to ride around their mother’s back. When the baby turns three years old, it starts to venture from their mother and explore independently. However, they never move beyond 16 feet from their mothers. Also, at about three years old, they begin to expand their exploratory area and move further away from their mother. Visitors who do Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris, witness the life of the mother and baby.

Chimpanzees During Their Weaning Stages

Baby chimps are weaned when they are between 3-4 years old. At this point, the mother no longer provides her own milk to the young chimpanzee. The chimp begins to eat the same food the older animals eat.

At the age of four to five years, baby chimpanzees start sleeping on their own as well as making their own nests. Young chimpanzees typically travel all the time with their mother until they reach puberty.

The only way you can witness all stages is by taking a Uganda chimpanzee trekking tour to Kibale National Park Uganda on your Africa safari or Uganda wildlife safari.

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