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The Chimpanzees Of Kyambura Gorge

Wildlife lovers and Uganda Safari Travelers are always able to track our closest living relatives – the chimpanzee – from the different national parks, one of them being Kyambura Gorge Lodge.

Sitting in the middle of Kyambura Gorge and Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda, Kyambura Gorge Lodge is a favorable spot for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda. A day’s trek is rewarded with scenes of chimps swinging from tree to tree, and playing and interacting with each other much like human children.

There are presently just 21 chimps in the Kyambura Gorge area; (including Enyanja, an infant, that was born as of late). These Chimpanzees Are Caught between predator-ridden Savannahs on either side, meaning they have always devised means of figuring out how to forge and get by in their own world – a world cut off from whatever is left of the other wilderness.

Along the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda Safari visitors can always look out for elephants, wild ox and lions in Ishaha, the southern sector of the National park, which is famously known as home to the tree climbing lions.

After a long day on a Uganda safari tour, visitors can close the day up by the salt-water pool and look out at the neighboring verdant and grassy fields. Enormous views from each of the four rooms of the Kyambura Gorge Lodge extend over the savannah with the excellent views of Rwenzori Mountains – the UNESCO World Heritage site.

As the lodge was originally itself a coffee store, it can likewise arrange/ organize guided nature walks to the nearby Coffee Processing Plant.

According to the itinerary provided by the tour operator – most preferable Prime Uganda Safaris, a stay at Kyambura Gorge Lodge can be combined with a visit to Kibale Forest national park, commonly known as the Primate Capital of the World, for its great counts of Primates.

It normally takes a six-day guided trek, that commonly begins in Kibale. Here, guests on a tour to Uganda will have a chance to visit the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, where they will encounter the Red Colobus monkeys and Sitatunga antelope.

For travelers on birding Safaris to Uganda, they will be eager to discover that the Great Blue Turaco and uncommon Papyrus Gonolek likewise make their home here plus the Game drives through the Mweya Peninsula will give the chance to spot the Ugandan Leopard.

The highlight of the Africa safari tour to Uganda comes towards the end of safari, when guests get a memorable chance to track chimpanzee in the Kyambura Gorge and afterwards do a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, a home to hippopotamus, and where most of the wild game of the park comes to drink.

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Want to visit Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda's best chimpanzee trekking destination?