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The Endangered Red Colobus Monkey Lives In The Primate Capital Of The World

Kibale National Park is the most magnificent of Uganda’s tropical rain forests and one of the most rewarding areas to explore on your Africa safari holiday. Gazzetted as the “Primate capital of the World”, Kibale National Park Uganda boats of 13 species of primates including the localized Red Colobus, L’Hoest’s monkeys and the endemic Uganda Manbabay.

Kibale Forest National Park’s major attraction are the chimpanzees that attract tourists on Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris. These delightful apes, are the closest to humans compared to any other living creature. While you enjoy your Uganda safaris or Uganda safari in this sunny side of nature, you have a life time opportunity to sight over 300 bird species in this park.

About The Endangered Red Colobus Monkey

As part of your adventure in Kibale Forest National Park Uganda, the Ugandan red colobus has a rust-red cap with a dark grey to black face however infants are born with completely black faces. Its body coat colour ranges from black to dark grey through to a reddish brown. The sides of the body, the arms and legs are light grey and has a very long dark to light brown tail which it relies on for balancing when climbing and leaping through the forest canopies.

The hands and feet are dark grey to black and feet are very long which helps them leap through large distances. Like Black and White Colobus monkey, Red colobus thumbs are so reduced and absent hence endangered species.

The male and female may look to be of the same size but they actually don’t weigh same. An adult male is close to 10 kilograms (22pounds) while a female weighs approximately 7kilograms (15 pounds).

How Do They Live?

You will at many times see troops/crowds of these monkeys because they do associate in a few groups but with many of them in there. A crowd can at most have more than 80animals and at least when few, the number covers 20 to 40 animals.

Troops consists of both males and females. Females tend to disperse to any other groups so easily and are attracted to groups which contain a higher number of males. Males protect the troops and have a wide range of specialized sounds they use to communicate different messages with different meanings, for example; calls for mating, warning members of any possible dangers. Grooming is a social behavior amongst the individuals of the troops.

They are arboreal and diurnal, that is to say; they are tree dwelling and very active during day time. These monkeys have a Lifespan of 20years.

The diet of Red Colobus includes; leaves, shoots, flowers and unripe fruits.

In Uganda the Red Colobus monkeys are seen in Kibale Forest National Park and Semuliki National Park Uganda.

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Want to visit Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda's best chimpanzee trekking destination?